Alienware’s Own Steam Machine is Now Available

Alienware’s Own Steam Machine is Now Available

After a long period of time since we last reported on the Steam Machine and its various varieties thereof, PC hardware brand Alienware have finally released their own Steam Machine (complete with the brand’s recognized alien head icon) ahead of Valve’s official Steam Machine–a little black box coined as the “Alpha” console.

Alienware’s Alpha, a living room-oriented gaming PC, will set you back $549 minimum (or your regional equivalent), with the most expensive model being $899. The price varies with the internal components of an Alpha model, but you’ll receive an Xbox 360 wireless controller regardless of which model you choose.

Each model also leverages a custom GPU that’s based off of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 860, but they all utilize different processors, storage space and memory. The $549 model, for example, only has a fourth-generation i3 CPU, with 4GBs of RAM and a 500GB HDD. The Alpha’s most expensive boasts an i7 from the same generation, along with 8GBs of RAM and a 2TB HDD.

Despite being a gaming PC in the guise of a console, no mouse and keyboard is included in the package. According to Dell’s official announcement of the Alienware Steam Machine, however, the Alpha “ effortlessly delivers over 600 Steam controller-supported games into your living room, ” and is touted to be “ the world’s first PC gaming console delivers the ease of a console, with the freedom of a complete PC.

We’ve been working hard this past year to break the mold and develop a system that finally brings hundreds of Steam games, including some really fun indie titles, to TVs. ” Said Alienware’s general manager, Frank Azor. “ The team and I are excited to finally deliver our vision for big screen gaming and give our fans a console that  delivers true next-gen performance with the flexibility to choose how, what and where they want to play.

You can read more about Alienware’s Alpha via the source links below. We’ll bring you more news on this should further information reach our ears.

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