Alienware Concept UFO Could Make Windows 10 Games Mobile

A popular PC creator has been inspired by the Nintendo Switch. At CES 2020, Alienware revealed its latest prototype, the Concept UFO. This would basically be a Windows 10 sort of mobile device that would work and act like Nintendo’s latest console. You’d have the Windows 10 tablet in the center, a controller divided in half, and different docking modes.

The Concept UFO would be a means of playing PC games on the go. At CES 2020, Mortal Kombat 11, Rocket League, and World War Z were all playable on the prototype. (Of those three, only World War Z is not on the actual Nintendo Switch.) It would have a 10th generation Intel Core processor inside too, to help get things running on this 8” screen. It would also have a 1900×1200 resolution, getting it close to 2K.

As for the Nintendo Switch comparisons, it is rather apt. It would have a handheld mode, wherein the Concept UFO tablet is between the two parts of the controllers and used like a portable gaming system. In tablet mode, you pop out the tablet and have it support itself with its kickstand. You then take the two controller halves and combine them with a controller dock to make one larger controller. Finally, the docked mode has you use its USB-C port and a cord to display the games on a larger screen and play with the combined controllers in their dock.

As the Alienware Concept UFO is only a prototype, it may never be released publicly. Perhaps its CES 2020 showing will lead to something more.

Source: Dell

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