Gyromite Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

The splash screen for Gyromite.

Gyromite Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

Gyromite is a classic NES game from 1985. While seemingly a very traditional and simple platformer with not much legacy, it offers something most games do not. What makes the game unique is its use of the innovative R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) accessory. Gyromite offers a blend of puzzle and action elements that take advantage of Nintendo’s robot add-on for the home console. In this article, we’ll explore the game’s premise, characters as well as available cheats.

Gyromite Premise

Gyromite is a game where players assist Professor Hector in navigating his laboratory to collect and defuse dynamite. The gameplay is one of a kind thanks to the integration of the R.O.B. accessory used in the game. Players use R.O.B. to move Gyros in the real world by pressing the A or B buttons on the second controller. This interaction changes the position of the blue and red pillars in the game, enabling Professor Hector to move further in the lab. 

Level in Gyromite
To complete the level, players need to avoid Smicks, collect dynamite, and move pillars.

Players cannot jump but can climb vines, use moving pillars controlled by R.O.B., or fall from platforms to navigate the world. Avoiding Smicks, the in-game enemies, is paramount to success. They can be distracted with the help of turnips, found in certain levels, which makes them temporarily harmless. The gameplay, and graphics for that matter, isn’t that different from iconic games like Super Mario

Gyromite also offers a two-player mode, where players alternate between controlling Professor Hector and Professor Vector. Additionally, there’s an endless Game B mode, which challenges players to keep a sleepwalking Professor Hector safe. The game comes with additional Test and Direct modes for setting up and interacting with R.O.B., which ensures that the robot assistant is up to the task.

Gyromite Characters

In Gyromite, the cast of characters, though small, plays a pivotal role in the gameplay and overall experience. At the heart of the game is Professor Hector, the main protagonist whose ingenuity and problem-solving skills are essential in navigating the laboratory with a maze-like design. In addition to Professor Hector, in two-player mode, the gamers are also introduced to his twin brother Vector. There is no ultimate boss in the game, instead the troublesome Smicks are in the way of Hector and Vector. 

  • Professor Hector: The main character, a scientist navigating his lab to defuse dynamite. He relies on clever movement and the use of R.O.B. to manipulate his environment.
  • Professor Vector: Available in two-player mode, taking turns with Professor Hector. He shares the same objectives and challenges in the game.
  • Smicks: These are the enemies in the game that roam the lab. They can harm the player but are temporarily neutralized by turnips.
Professor in Gyromite.
Players control Professor Hector, collecting dynamite.

Games in the Series

Gyromite is one of the two games designed for the NES that utilizes the R.O.B. accessory. Its counterpart is Stack-Up, released alongside Gyromite for the NES. Both games showcase the unique capabilities of the robotic accessory, which is one of the more innovative early examples of interactive gaming peripherals. They also have the same Professor theme, albeit the narrative might be lacking, especially in Stack-Up.

  • Gyromite (1985)
  • Stack-Up (1985)

Gyromite Cheats

Gyromite doesn’t feature traditional cheats like invincibility or level skips. Instead, the game’s unique interaction with the R.O.B. accessory offers different ways to engage with the gameplay. Players can experiment with the physical setup of R.O.B. and Gyros to potentially influence the game’s dynamics. This would likely allow some sort of cheating with real-life manipulation of the equipment, although that might break the valuable and rare gear. For those with a Game Genie, we’ve provided cheat codes available for the game.

Game Genie Cheat Codes

Cheat EffectCode
Infinite LivesSUZAAI
Slow Down TimerZEAAUS
Start With 1 LifePEUAGLIA
Start With 10 LivesZEUAGLIE
Start With 20 LivesGOUAGLIA

Gyromite Cheats FAQ

How do I control the characters in Gyromite?

Use the D-Pad to move the characters horizontally and to climb ropes. The A button picks up or drops turnips, and Start switches to Robot Transmission Mode.

What is Robot Transmission Mode in Gyromite?

This mode allows players to control the R.O.B. accessory, the Robotic Operating Buddy, using the NES controller. The D-Pad moves R.O.B.’s arms, A opens the arms, and B closes them. By placing the gyros on the accessory to correct positions, players can move the in-game pillars up and down.

Can Gyromite be played without the R.O.B. accessory?

While designed for R.O.B., Gyromite can be played without it, especially in the two-player mode where the second player manually controls the actions usually performed by R.O.B. However, the game is made special by the inclusion of the accessory, and might not provide as much excitement without it.

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