Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

Note: This game is also titled Iris No Atelier: Eternal Mana .

Bonus items

To unlock a bonus at the main menu, go to the Collectors Caravan and talk to the collector named Lector. She will talk about items that you have acquired. Then, Popo will lecutre you about the item list. When he is done, talk to Lector once again. You will now see the item mission that you have completed, or the right items you have collected. Once you have finished one of the missions, talk to Lector to unlock an introduction or picture in the bonus menu.

    Art Gallery, Art 01: Show Lector at least 150 items
    Art Gallery, Art 02: Show Lector at least 210 items
    Art Gallery, Art 03: Show Lector at least 251 items
    Character Gallery, Arlin’s Picture: PalmFish and Palm Snowbug
    Character Gallery, Beggur: Angel Sword, Dilvine, and EdenBlade
    Character Gallery, Delsus: Pretty Stained, Gogo Suit, and Silver Pants
    Character Gallery, Iris: Legendary Cane, Wisdom Cane, and Divine Cane
    Character Gallery, Klien: Klien’s Cane and Medicine
    Character Gallery, Lita: Animal Paw and Rosie Ann BunH
    Character Gallery, Marietta: Stardust, Comet Jewel, and Alluring Bikini
    Character Gallery, Mull: Silgis Breath and Sorcerer Support
    Character Gallery, Norn: Milk and Necrotreat
    Character Gallery, Pamela: Pendelock and Mini Pendelock
    Character Gallery, Popo: Dunkelhite
    Character Gallery, Zeldalia: Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, and Wedding Cake
    Image Gallery, Image 1 and 2: Red Pants, Passion Pants, and Bread Pants.
    Image Gallery, Image 3 and 4: Drum Crackers, Crazy Bull, and Imitation Sitar
    Image Gallery, Image 5: Twister Candy, Twisted Candy, and Slingshot
    Image Gallery, Image 8: Fresh Sashimi and Deviled Sashimi
    Image Gallery, Image 9: Invisible Gear and Micro Craft
    Image Gallery, Lita: Bunny Ears, Paw Gloves, and Bunny Suit
    Image Gallery, Marietta, and Image 10: Manly Fungos and ??? Bread
    Movie Gallery, Iris Gallery, Midnight Illusion, and Midnight Illusion (no Subs): War Tuxedo and Sexy Robe
    Movie Gallery, Karaoke: Show Lector over 300 items
    Music Tracks, Albion, and Horned Enigma: Crystalite and Crystaleavy
    Music Tracks, Duke Of The Heavens: Angel Quillpen, Angel Blade, and Angel Feather
    Music Tracks, Hot or Cool?, and Inferno: Bomb Armor and Fire Cane
    Music Tracks, Little Boy, and Alchemy And Popo: Wax, Flax Cloth, and Suxital
    Music Tracks, Midnight Illusion, and A Genesis: Sweet Lando, Lovely Lando and Tingleberry
    Music Tracks, Night Together, and Anchors And Fishooks: Fresh Dancing, Fresh Smoking, and Fresh Poison
    Music Tracks, Revelation Introduction, and Shopping In Kavoc: Swimsuit and Sexy Bikini
    Music Tracks, Shopping In Arcose, Moment Of Wind, and City Of Bells: Phoenix Quil and Phoenix Tail
    Music Tracks, Sleeping Truth, and Space Of Horror: Big Pumpkin, Hard Carrot, and GariGari Nuts
    Music Tracks, Tower Of Death, and Longing For Home: Groovecube and Cueparts
    Sound Gallery, Altered Destiny, and Lost Technology: Herbal Elixir, Gods Dance, and Smartini
    Sound Gallery, Barren Earth, Alchemic Blast, and Beat Of Illusion: Rock Bread, Smash Bread, and Toasted Bagel
    Sound Gallery, Cute Little Witch, and Konkon Spring: Show Lector over 400 items
    Sound Gallery, Deceitful Wings, and Walking Path: Eyescargo, The Last Supper, and Purgaroni
    Sound Gallery, Klein And His Friends, and The Laughable Pair: Dons Clothes, Virum Horn, and Ancient Mask
    Sound Gallery, Left Behind, and Eyes Of Eternity: Luna Sitar, Eidaltone, and 6 String Acoustic Guitar
    Sound Gallery, Mana Chaos, and Personal Path: Scandal Bikini, Erotic Bikini, and Blue Swimsuit
    Sound Gallery, No Mans Land, Legendary Wings, Eternal Ground, and Spirits Home: Sylphs Kiss and Vampires Kiss
    Sound Gallery, Rain Drop Waltz, Frozen Lithograph, and Poem Without a Voice: Organite and Twilight Board
    Sound Gallery, Undeveloped Region, and Silent Rhyme: Bitter Steak, Dragon Tongue, and Chubby Bunny
    Sound Gallery, Whistle: Big Bomb, Hyper Spike, and Extra Craft
    Sound Gallery, Witches Forest and Spirit Of The Forest: Love Poems, Love Ring, and Farewell Love
    Sound Gallery, Drive Into Ground, Ground Shaker, and Playground: Ebony Claw, Phantom Blade, and Devil Bow

Easy money

To easily get Coles, synthesize lots of foods at the bar and make many items at the magic shop. When you have enough, go to Lector at the Collectors Caravan. To get there you must cross the river by using a boat. Speak to Lector, and for every new item you show her, you will get 100 Coles.


Stand in front of a barrel, then press X or Circle to turn it into items, such as string, red legion, rock sugar, fest rock, etc.

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