Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) Cheats & Cheat Codes for Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS

Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) Cheats & Cheat Codes for Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS

The Leisure Suit Larry games are games of their time. The point-and-click adventure game is almost completely unrecognizable today, but this genre dominated the industry in the 1980s and 90s. In October of 1988, Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (in Several Wrong Places) was released for the MS-DOS, Amiga, and Atari ST. The game sold well comparable to the rest of the series with over 250,000 copies. The game is one of the best sequels of all time, a perfect follow-up to its predecessor. Its story is interesting, its graphics were great for the time, and if you’re able to get your hands on it it’s still entertaining today.

©Screenshot of Larry thinking of a pretty woman. – Original / License

The Premise Of Looking For Love

This game chose to follow a more linear story progression which was a great departure from the original title. Your movements are controlled by the cursor keys, the mouse, or the joystick, and a text parser is used for everything else. The game provides fans with exactly what they came for. The protagonist Larry Laffer interacts with female NPCs and the game actively punishes Larry for flirting.

©Screenshot of a beach in Leisure Suit Larry 2 – Original / License

The Main Characters Of Looking For Love

  • Larry Laffer – Protagonist of the Leisure Suit Larry games, created by Al Lowe for Sierra On-Line. He’s constantly in search of some good loving but usually, thanks to his “charm” and “wit” fails miserably at it. Uncle of Larry Lovage.
  • Eve – Larry’s “girlfriend” from the ending of the previous game.
  • Dr. Nonookee – a mad scientist wants to retrieve a film that is in Larry’s possession.
  • Kalalau – The daughter of chief Keneewauwau.
  • Polyester Patti – A slave that was hypnotized by Dr. Nonokee

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Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love Cheat Codes

Beat The Game Code

To watch the ending type ”cheat” in the command box.

Get Any Item

Typing 555-0724 at the copy protection screen will not only skip the intro, it also unlock a cheat mode in which you can get any item. First type <get> and then the item you want in the text box.

You can get the following items with this cheat:

  • Dollar Bill
  • Lotto Ticket
  • Cruise Ticket
  • Million Dollar Bill
  • Swimsuit
  • Passport
  • Grotesque Gulp
  • Sunscreen
  • Onklunk
  • Fruit
  • Sewing Kit
  • Spinach Dip
  • Wig
  • Bikini Top
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Knife
  • Soap
  • Matches
  • Flower
  • Hair Rejuvenator
  • Suitcase
  • Airline Ticket
  • Parachute
  • Bobby Pin
  • Pamphlet
  • Airsick Bag
  • Stout Stick
  • Vine
  • Ashes
  • Sand

Skip Intro

If you want to skip the introduction of the game, submit the # 0724. This will skip to the game without the introduction.

Skip Quiz Questions

To skip quiz questions, press [Alt] + [Ctrl] + X.

Unlockable Points

In this title, players can accrue a maximum of 500 points.

Look through a knothole to see a Police Quest scene.ActionPoints

Eve’s houseEnter the garage. Move to the right until you can’t be seen. Look around. Get dollar.3/3
Go north 3 times, east twice.
Wooden fenceLook through knothole to see a Police Quest scene.1/4
Quickie MartGo east and enter Quickie Mart. Buy a lottery ticket and give any six numbers.3/7
Leave the Quickie Mart, go 3 screens west, and up the stairs.
TV studioTalk to the girl. Show her your lottery ticket. Write down the numbers she gives you and use those six numbers when she asks you your numbers.10/17
Sit down and wait.1/18
During the Dating Game, it doesn’t matter what you type, you win.20/38
You get a cruise ticket.6/44
Sit down and wait until you are told to enter the Lucky Life show. You win the lottery.12/56
You get a million-dollar bill.7/63
Leave the building, walk south, then east, and enter the store.
Clothing shopGet a swimsuit from Molto Lira off the back wall rack.5/68
Pay for the swimsuit3/71
Leave the shop, walk east twice, and enter the store.
DrugstoreGet sunscreen on the left wall and pay the shopkeeper.9/80
Leave the drugstore go north, and enter Quickie Mart.
Quickie MartGet a grotesque gulp.5/85
Pay the woman.3/88
Exit the Quickie Mart and return to Eve’s house (far southwest).
Eve’s houseLook in the trash can (twice) and get the passport.5/93
Walk east twice and enter the barber.
Exit the barber, walk west twice and north twice. Enter the music shop.
Music shopTalk to the girl and get the onklunk.7/103
ParkGo west to the park and look at the jogger in the distance. He appears after the plane has passed in the far distance)1/104
Walk east twice, south, and east.
DocksShow ticket to man.9/113

Larry’s roomTake the fruit.3/116
Go through the right door to meet Momma. Exit.
Go behind the closet and put on a swimsuit.
Enter Momma’s room, open the drawer to the nightstand, and get the sewing kit.6/122
Go back to your room. Go up two flights of stairs, to the back of the boat to the pool.
PoolUse sunscreen.3/125
Sit on the lounge chair.3/128
Get up, fall into the pool, and SWIM. Go to the middle of the pool and SAVE. DIVE, go down, get bikini top, go back up.7/135
Climb up the ladder and walk to a lounge chair. Use sunscreen.3/138
Sit on a lounge chair and do not follow the girl, if she appears, wait a few minutes and go to your cabin.
Larry’s roomGo behind the closet and put on the suit.
Go all the way upstairs to the bar
BarGet the spinach dip.2/140
Go downstairs to the main level and go left, to the barbershop
Go up the left stairs, go left. SAVE.
CaptainPull the blue lever and exit.8/151
Go up the middle stairs to the middle level and go left.
LifeboatGo to the edge and JUMP.2/153
OutsideThe lifeboats go down and you leave the ship.5/158
On the first screen: put on the wig5/163
Throw the dip.2/165
Get to the beach25/190

BeachWalk left. Walk right. Walk south.
JungleDuring any jungle screen, get a flower, it’s in the middle of the screen.3/193
RestaurantTalk to the man and sit.1/194
Get a seat at a table.1/195
Get a knife from the buffet.3/198
HotelGet matches from on top of the nightstand.2/200
Get soap from the bathroom.2/202
BeachWalk left and get the bikini bottom.4/209
Walk right, south. Exit the restaurant.
HotelGo behind the partition and put the bikini on.5/214
Put the soap (or money) in the bikini top.12/226
BarbershopSit and exit3/229
BeachWalk right and right, passing the KGB agent.12/241
Walk down the cliffs (you can’t fall). As soon as you go around the bend at the end, put on suit. SAVE.6/247

EntranceGive flowers to the men.7/254
Enter the airport. Go left, and enter the barber.
BarberLook at Rosella.3/257
Exit and go right twice.
Check-inShow passport to man.5/265
Go right. Stand near the conveyor belt and get the bag several times until you get the green bag with the bomb.5/270
The bomb explodes.15/285
SAVE. Buy a ticket.5/290
Quickly go right, show a passport, right, right. Order a blue plate special at the food counter. Get a bobby pin from the food plate.7/297
Walk over to the red machine and get insurance.3/300
Walk to the right conveyor belt.
Waiting roomGet pamphlet11/311
Show the ticket to the man.3/314

AirplaneGive a pamphlet to (Ken) sitting next to you.8/322
Take airsick bag.5/327
Stand and walk to the back of the plane. Go to the area directly behind the wing and wear a parachute.4/331
Use a bobby pin on the door.5/336
Move the red handle. SAVE. Open door.6/342
OutsideAs soon as you get the new screen, pull Ripcord. Use a knife to cut ropes.8/350

ForestGet stick.4/354
SAVE. Crawl under a bush near the middle of the screen.6/360
Go south. SAVE. Walk towards the big tree slowly. As soon as the snake starts moving, hold the stick.10/370
Go east. This screen is full of quicksand. Walk on the lightest parts and SAVE as soon as you make progress.5/375
Go east. SAVE. Walk near the river, near the rock. JUMP, JUMP, JUMP quickly to swing on the vines.6/381
Get the vine.4/385
Walk east and watch the cutscene. Larry gets engaged.10/395
Larry is brought to the foot of the volcano.25/420
ChasmWalk south and east to fire.
TribeGet ashes.6/426
Walk south and get sand.3/429
Walk north, west, north, SAVE.
ChasmWalk to the middle edge of the chasm. Throw vine.11/440
GlacierUse the ashes to melt the ice.10/450
Climb the ice.
CreviceStand near the steam. Put the airsick bag in the rejuvenator.5/455
Light airsick bag with matches.5/460
Throw a bottle in the crevice.10/470
Enter the elevator to kill Doctor Nonookee.30/500
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