Battlepaths Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Battlepaths Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Battlepaths Easy “Conjurer” achievement

Select the “Save And Quit” option with seven summons in your inventory. Load that saved game, use the seven summons in town, then select the “Quit Without Saving” option. Load that saved game, and your summons will still be there, while the counter towards the achievement is incremented. Repeat this process until you get the “Conjurer” achievement.

Easy “Iron Man” achievement

The 35,000 points of damage is a cumulative total since the last time you died, and not meant as the amount of damage you need to survive.

Easy “Monster Kill” achievement

After reaching an appropriate level and unlocking the second or third realm, purchase a Firebomb from the Alchemist. Then, return to Babatula, and walk to the western outlands. Lure six Orks around you, while keeping yourself healed. Use the Firebomb on yourself to instantly kill the Orks and get the “Iron Man” achievement.

Easy “Swimmer’s Paradise” achievement

Obtain the passive Adventuring ability to swim. Then, swim to the island in the north-eastern part of “Northern Outlands” to find Swimmer’s Paradise and get the “Swimmer’s Paradise” achievement.

Easy “Tough Ogre Toy” achievement

Master the “Easy Challenge Hall” after unlocking the fourth realm to find the Tough Ogre action figure and get the “Tough Ogre Toy” achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    Annihilator: Killed 5000 monsters.
    Axe Adept: Specialized in axes.
    Babatula: Completed realm Babatula.
    Barbarian: Learned Power Strike and Warcry.
    Blessed: Touched 100 obelisks.
    Bludgeon Adept: Specialized in bludgeons.
    Champion: Reached character level 30.
    Chaos Overlord Toy: Found the Chaos Overlord action figure.
    Collector: Fully equipped with unique items.
    Conjurer: Summoned 35 allies.
    Crafter: Used a magic stone on an item.
    Deluminator: Blew out 100 torches.
    Did you rub my lamp?: Summoned an Efreet.
    Diligent Crafter: Crafted three masterpieces.
    Eraser: Killed 350 monsters.
    Exterminator: Killed the Scarab Uber Queen.
    Fighter: Reached character level 10.
    Greed: Accumulated 500,000 gold.
    Hunter: Killed 50 monsters.
    Invincibility: Took 250,000 points of damage without dying.
    Iron Man: Took 35,000 points of damage without dying.
    Leader: Reached character level 20.
    Loot Loot Loot !!!: Found 50 unique items.
    Marathon: Walked 42,195 tiles.
    Master Crafter: Used 175 magic stones on items.
    Melee Master: Reached level 20 in a weapon skill.
    Mine!: Found your first unique item.
    Monster Kill: Killed 6 monsters with one blow.
    Ninja: Learned Haste and Flash.
    Ogre Hero: Killed the Ogre in realm Babatula.
    Penny Pincher: Accumulated 50,000 gold.
    Piercing Weapon Adept: Specialized in piercing weapons.
    Quest Complete: Completed your first quest.
    Rowdy: Dealt 125,000 points of damage.
    Ruffian: Dealt 10,000 points of damage.
    Ruler of Chaos: Completed the Chaos Realm.
    Scarab Queen Toy: Found the Scarab Queen action figure.
    Scarabian Desert: Completed realm Scarabian Desert.
    Seasoned Crafter: Used 50 magic stones on items.
    Shiny Loot: Found 15 unique items.
    Slayer: Killed 1750 monsters.
    Summoner: Summoned your first ally.
    Surprise: Opened 5 treasure chests.
    Surprise !: Opened 50 treasure chests.
    Surprise !!!: Opened 150 treasure chests.
    Survivalist: Took 3,500 points of damage without dying.
    Swimmer’s Paradise: Found the Swimmer’s Paradise.
    Sword Adept: Specialized in swords.
    Tank: Learned Regeneration and Health Boost.
    The Coin: Found the coin of the Anti Goblin King.
    Tough Ogre Toy: Found the Tough Ogre action figure.
    Trained: Reached level 5 in a weapon skill.
    Triple Kill: Killed 3 monsters with one blow.
    Uber Rick Toy: Found the Uber Rick action figure.
    Vandal: Dealt 1,000,000 points of damage.
    Warlord: Reached character level 35.
    Youngster: Reached character level 5.
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