Champions Of Norrath: Realms Of EverQuest Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Champions Of Norrath: Realms Of EverQuest Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Champions Of Norrath: Realms Of EverQuest

Free Gate Scroll

Make sure you have at least twenty Gate Scrolls before trying this in a non-online game. Hold Square, then press Select to gate as if you used a Gate Scroll, without using a scroll.

Level 20 character

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While playing the game, hold L1 + R2 + Triangle + R3 to increase a low level character to level 20 with 999 attack points. Note: Your character must be at level 1 when the code is activated. Also, this only works in the North American version of the game.

Instantly go from level 1 to level 20

Once you get to the Cloud Giant King in the Tower of Clouds, attack him as usual, but stop just when he has a sliver of life remaining. Once you have his life down to whatever you consider almost dead, run back to the save point that you found just before you got to the Cloud Giant King. It is very important that you make sure he does not follow you back up the path, because the game engine does not let you save if it thinks that you are still fighting anything.. Once you get back to the save point, use a Gate scroll. Go to the shopkeeper and buy about 20 or 30 Exploding potions and Gate scroll back. Once you are back, drop the potions on the ground. Then, save your game, but make sure you save it as a new file so that it does not affect your current character’s save file — do not ever save over this file. Next, create the character you want to get to level 20. It is very important that you start from the character creation screen and do not use a character you have already played. This glitch will only work with a level 1 (0 experience point) character. Once you have your new character made, as soon as you gain control of your avatar go directly to the save point and make sure not to kill any Orcs. Save your new level 1 character over any save file except for the file that is your Tower Of Clouds save. After you have successfully saved your new character, re-load the Tower Of Clouds save file. Once back in that game, load in your new level 1 charter into the Tower Of Clouds save file, replacing your higher level character. With your level 1 character, go around and pick up all (or as many as you can) of the Explosion potions that you previously dropped and run down towards the Cloud Giant King. Kill the Cloud Giant King with the potions and you will instantly become level 20, with plenty of skill points to distribute.

Instantly go from level 1 to level 42

Note: You must already be able to play at Champion level. Take your Champion level character and fight your way through Kelethin, then through the alleyway of Lesser Faydark leaving nothing but the Goblin Boss guarding the dungeon beyond the two trees. Make sure to kill the two Dire Badgers as well. Save the game. Then, start an Adventurous level game with a new character that you wish to jump 41 levels. Do not kill anything with this new character. Bring him or her to the shop, then import the Champion and give your new character the best first level items available, and have them sell everything for gold. Make sure to import a character with Stones that can give weapons extra damage, and if you buy a bow get one with as many open holes as possible. Provide the new character with plenty of projectiles. If it is a class that cannot use a bow, then give him or her lots of mana. Export the Champion, then save the game in another slot. Load the Champion level game, then import the new character replacing the Champion. Remember to illuminate all foes with the exception of the Goblin Boss, who guards the dungeon beyond the two trees. Approach him with caution. As you do you will see a small semi-enclosed space off to the right. There is a fire burning and a way in on ether side of it. Get the Boss’ attention, then immediately flee to that same enclosed area. You can fit, but he cannot. From there, shoot at him until he has been killed. Your character will go from level 1 to 42, without suffering any loss to currency, and will have all the points he or she would have received if the game was played through normally. Note: If you run out of arrows or mana, gate back and pick up some more. The Goblin Boss will be in the same place and same condition.

High level character

Use the following trick to get a character from level 1 to 19 instantly. Have an old save game from the Cloud Giant King (before you defeat him) at the Tower of Clouds. Start a new game as your desired character and save. Almost defeat the Cloud Giant King with your normal character then import your level 1 character to finish him off. Your level 1 character will instantly jump to level 19.

Duplicate items and easy money

Start a game with two controllers. Press Start and select “Add/Remove Player”. Select the slot for player two at the import screen then import the current character you are playing into the player two slot. Select “Finish” and player two will now be a duplicate of your original character, with the same armor, weapons, and items. Sell the duplicated inventory items for money, then repeat.

Improved character

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Note: This trick is slightly time consuming, but with patience you will be able to stomp and improve your character further than the others. First, get an object that enhances your character ability (for example, a Whet Stone, Storm Shard, Ghoul Flesh, or Mana Regeneration) then save the game. Next, drop the item you wish to add, Import the character you saved prior to dropping the items. Pick up the items, then save over the last saved game done before picking up the items. By doing this, you can take one item and the game multiplies it by 78.

Faster experience

First, find a Boss that gives a lot of experience points. Before fighting it, save the game. After you defeat the Boss, create another save file and save the game on that file. Load the first file that you saved, then import your character from the second saved game file. Fight the Boss again, then overwrite the second file. Repeat the process until the experience points from the Boss is not longer satisfactory. Remember to not overwrite your first save file.

Resetting a shop easily

Instead of running to the portal and warping twice to reset a shop, use the following trick to reset a shop without having to move, and only loading once each time. First, save the game. Each town has a save point near the shop, so it is not that far of a run. Once your game is saved, position yourself in front of the shopkeeper and see what he has for sale. If the shopkeeper is not selling something you desire, import your recently saved character over your current one and the game will load him/her into the game. Once your character has been imported, the shopkeeper’s stock will have reset. You can either drop the items you buy until you are ready to move on, thus saving yourself money, or you can be honest and save after each purchase. If you import and the shopkeeper still does not carry what you want, just import over your character again repeatedly until he has the desired item. While it may seem like a lot of work to import repeatedly, it is still easier than running to the portal and warping twice.

Revealing costume

Equip the Elven Patchwork Armor to a female character. Then, unequip the legging. This works best with the Elven Cleric.

Champions talk

Allow the game to idle for over one minute. Your character will say something like “Isn’t there something more important to do?”.

Defeating Bosses

When playing in single player mode, make a duplicate of yourself to distract the Boss. The boss will attack your copy and not your original character.

Defeating enemies easily in Act 1

Get the wood elves to block in the enemy then attack with bow or magic. This works well against two guards blocking the Goblin caves.

Defeating the head Goblin in Act 1

When in in the goblin cave, to defeat the head goblin kill all goblins except for him. Run around him to get him to follow you. Then, go to the center part. Run away to the outer edge. If done correctly, he should get stuck. Shoot arrows at him until he is dead.

Defeating the Giant Spider Boss in Act 1

Use the following strategy to defeat the Giant Spider as well as many other enemies who only have a straight “charge” style attack (for example, the Pig-Bears that the Goblins unleash just outside the Goblin cave). If you are able to stun them, such as with a poison, fire, or disease attack that causes them to lurch with the after-effects, then this becomes much easier. Walk alongside the creature, and hold the Analog-stick so that you are moving toward the back of the creature, but also slightly away. Swinging your weapon will turn you slightly to face your enemy; do not worry about being unable to hit. If you do this, and keep walking at an angle and swinging, even an Erudite can kill one of these creatures without getting hit. If you done correctly, the creature will keep attacking where you had been during your last swing and it will turn to keep up. Thus, it will turn in circles trying to catch you while you are casually walking in a circle taking its health out. This will require a few attempts, and if you get tag-teamed, you must alter your tactics and possibly run away to come around the other side. However, it is always possible to take on even three of these creatures at once without getting hit, since they have no area attacks.

Defeating the Queen Mammothant in Act 2

When in the ant hill, run past all Mammothants until you reach the portal opening. Leave, save the game, then go back and fight the ants that followed. Then fight the queen, but before you attack her kill all of her servants. They will get in the way. Throw poison potions at her and if you are playing a Shadow Knight, use a level 5 Disease Bolt. Slow her down and attack with a fire weapon She should die easily. To kill the Queen Mammothant very easily, when you walk in the room where you fight her, do not move from the middle. Block her attacks when she does; she has an easy to follow pattern. When she goes away, the ants still will not appear and you will be able to shoot her with arrows. After you defeat her, kill the rest of the ants by slowly moving or they will all attack you at the same time.

Defeating Innuruk in Act 5

Be a cleric and have a fairly good Hammer Of Wrath. When fighting him, have him chase you around a broken seal while your hammer kills him. Just keep your mana high and keep summoning the hammer. He will die without you getting hurt.

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