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Command And Conquer: Generals

Easily selecting units

When you have many units of soldiers or vehicles, first select all the units. Then, press [Ctrl] and a number (0 to 9) to find the selected unit.

Prevent enemy from passing with Americans

When playing as the Americans, put six Rocket Soldiers and four Snipers inside a building. They will stop any enemy movement nearby, even the helicopter combat drop. The Rockets Soldiers will tear any vehicle and airship, while snipers take out Soldiers. You can use this to defend your base or specific places.

Helicopter pilots always eject with Americans

If you are playing as the Americans and a ranked (veteran, elite, or heroic) helicopter gets shot down, you can force the pilot to eject. Quickly use the green drag-box to attempt to select the helicopter as it is falling out of the sky. You will not actually select the crashing aircraft, but the pilot should eject every time.

Two armies for the price of one with GLA

Use Jarrem Kell to kill the driver of an USA or China Construction Dozer. Then, send a soldier or Jarrem inside the dozer. You will be able to construct all the installations of that army.

Allied artillery

Use the Strategy Center’s Bombardment. It will be same as the Artillery. Note: If you shoot very close to the Strategy Center, it cannot fire.

Flying man

Destroy one of the GLA’s assault trucks (Technicals) and the rebel in the back will go flying. Note: Sometimes the rebel can get hit when falling if there area lot of Technicals, however this is rare.


Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “skirmishstats.ini” file in the “command and conquer generals data” folder. It can be found in “c:my documents” or “”c:documents and settingsadministrator”” in Windows XP. Change the Honors line to “”Honors = 999999999999999″”. If you do not have the Honors line

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