Hunt Down the Freeman Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Hunt Down the Freeman

Hunt Down the Freeman Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Hunt Down The Freeman is a first-person shooter game developed by Royal Rudius Entertainment. The game was released in 2018 and received backlash and criticism from players. As a fangame, the title is based on the Half-Life series, with players claiming the game infringes on copyright. Players criticize the game’s bugs, glitches, story, and poor-level design.

Hunt Down The Freeman Premise

Players control Mitchell Shepard, who is deployed to the Black Mesa Research Facility to kill Gordon Freeman. Freeman is a researcher who resisted covering up the Black Mesa operation and severely injured Shepard during the attack. Soon after the failed mission, Shepard wakes up in an abandoned hospital and learns that the Combine is invading the Earth. It’s up to Shepard and his crew to put an end to the Combine and survive the apocalypse. 

Hunt Down The Freeman Main Characters 

The game features new characters unique to the title, along with some characters from the Half-Life franchise. The inclusion of iconic characters helped fuel the criticism that the game was infringing on copyright. 

  • Mitchell Shephard
  • Gordon Freeman
  • Adam
  • Nick
  • Colonel Cue
  • Larry
  • Captain Roosevelt
  • Boris
  • Sasha
Hunt Down the Freeman

Hunt Down The Freeman Video Games in the Series

Hunt Down The Freeman is a standalone title with no upcoming sequels. It is also the only game developed by Royal Rudius Entertainment. Due to the game’s backlash, it is unknown whether the studio will create another title. 

Hunt Down The Freeman Cheat Codes

Players can access cheats by pressing the tilde key (~) and typing “sv_cheats 1” in the console. These cheat codes have various effects, like adjusting gravity or enabling God Mode. 

Adjust Gravity/sv_gravity <-999 – 999999>
AI Node Information/impulse 195
AI Node Information/impulse 196
AI Node Information/impulse 197
AI Node Information/impulse 199
All Weapons and Ammo/impulse 101
Auto-reload Disabled/-reload
Auto-reload Enabled/+reload
Control on-Screen Monsters/impulse 109
Delete Monster/NPC from World/impulse 203
Developer Mode Off/developer 0
Developer Mode On/developer 1
God Mode/god
HEV Suit, Weapons, and Ammo/impulse 101
List Global Entities/impulse 104
No Clipping Mode/noclip
Return to First Person View/firstperson
See Things Brightly Without Flashlight/lambert -1.0001
Set Reload Speed 0 is fastest, 3500 is default/rate <0-3500>
Strange Colors and Wireframes/r_fullbright 9
Texture Name, While Looking at Object/impulse 107
Third Person View/thirdperson
Toggle Game Speed/host_framerate <0,1>
Toggle Light Amplifier/r_fullbright <0,1>

Hunt Down The Freeman Cheat Code FAQ

Does Hunt Down The Freeman have cheat codes?

Yes, there are cheat codes in Hunt Down The Freeman. You can access these cheats by pressing the tilde key (~) and typing “sv_cheats 1” in the console.

What are the achievements in Hunt Down The Freeman?

F*cked face.You know, they DO look like loss.
Authorized Personnel Only!Fixed so it won’t softlock your game anymore.
game SUCKSi go to bed
There was a knife?Ignored the knife, or didn’t even know it was there, in the prologue.
Get BulliedWow, you stole Ci17 AND the intro to Alyx sequence too?
Your purchase has been refunded by Steam.We’ve issued the refund to the payment provider. You should see a credit or see the original charge removed from your statement within 14 days.
CONEWarning, may contain more polygons than any character models.
DEVYTilt your head back and laugh.
Down to BusinessPick the shotgun up before venturing into Ravenholm.
BetrayalSeT cOuRsE fOr BoReAlIs
This is where you get on.Gord-ception.
The Seven Hour ChoreGod that was a mess.
Fresh Out of BasicFinished bootcamp.
You can’t get this achievement…Unless you use an achievement manager or something, but honestly, who would do that?
sv_cheats 1Not really unexpected for you to do this.
In God We Trust???
And it crashed…Programmed in one last crash, for old time’s sake. Two. One or two more crashes.
M203 MasteryShoot down the gunship in Act 1 Canals.
Pvt. DirtbagDeceased.
Death by ClaymoreAll you had to do, was follow the damn cable Mitchell.
You Should Really Stop ThatInteract with Larry 30 times.
KarenTake all the children from the factory.
You Monster!You raised them for 17 years just to do THAT!?
The Wrong WayYou went the Wrong Way.
Just To Be Sure Freeman Isn’t ThereCheck every corner of Black Mesa East.
Another Blow to the FaceThe crowbar just didn’t cut it.
Refund!Beat the game from start to finish in under 2 hours.
No RefundPlay the game for 2 hours.
Can’t Really Say I Like Him…Destroy the Dr. Breen statue.
Start the Game.You started the game, or you haven’t, or maybe you thought about it and didn’t.
Play Hunt Down the Freeman at 3AM?????NOT CLICKBAIT!!!!
This is the part where you meet Joe.He gave me the flu when I was working on the game. :c
100%I add a new achievement every time someone posts that they have all the previous achievements
Give a Little BitEven in the Quietest Moments
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