Counter-Strike Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Terrorist pointing pistols in Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Counter-Strike is an iconic tactical first-person shooter game. Built initially as a modification for Half-Life in 1999, Counter-Strike quickly climbed the ranks to become a popular independent game. Valve, the developer behind Half-Life, recognized the game’s potential, bought it, and released the first official version for Windows in 2000. 

Decades later, newer versions of Counter-Strike are some of the most popular online video games available. Professional esports athletes compete in Counter-Strike tournaments globally for fame and prize pools in the millions.

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Counter-Strike Premise

Counter-Strike drops players into scenarios that test their strategy, reflexes, and teamwork. Players join one of the two sides, either the counter-terrorists or the terrorists. Regardless of the side, the goal is clear: complete the mission objectives or kill all members of the opposing team. Each round starts with one life. Weapons can be bought with money received from enemy team members or completing the mission’s objectives.

The game features various map types, each with a unique challenge. These range from bomb defusing and hostage rescue missions to assassination attempts where players protect a VIP team member. Before each round begins, players have a freeze period to prepare and buy equipment. Succeed, and you’ll get better weapons, or fail and have to save for a round or two. The game requires team play, tactics, and good aim for hitting the shots.

A counter-terrorist is aiming at a terrorist in Counter-Strike.
In Counter-Strike, the counter-terrorists fight the terrorists.

Counter-Strike Games in the Series

The game began as a hobby project by the community of Half-Life. As the modification quickly became successful among Half-Life gamers looking for team-based multiplayer modes, it caught the attention of Valve. The developer of Half-Life, known now for the gaming platform Steam, bought the rights to the mod and made it into a standalone game. That’s where the all started, and over 20 years later the series is more popular than ever with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the new Counter-Strike 2.

During its over 20-year reign, Valve has also developed several less successful spinoffs to the core series. These include the odd MMOFPS with zombies, Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, the Japanese arcade version of the game, Counter-Strike Neo, and the second Counter-Strike game, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero with development troubles.

  • Counter-Strike (2000)
  • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (2004)
  • Counter-Strike: Source (2004)
  • Counter-Strike Neo (2004)
  • Counter-Strike Online (2008)
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012)
  • Counter-Strike Online 2 (2013)
  • Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies (2014)
  • Counter-Strike 2 (2023)
A Terrorist from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently one of the world’s premier tactical shooters.

Counter-Strike Cheats

The cheats in Counter-Strike are enabled with the console command sv_cheats 1. However, not everyone can access this server command. Those who don’t have access to the server setting have no way of using the cheats unless an administrator enables them. Those who run their own servers can also change the setting in a config file, which enables cheats each time the server is started. After the cheats are turned on, players can use the console to enter the following cheat commands. The console is opened with the tilde key (~) in the game.

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Loading an M4 rifle in Counter-Strike.
Counter-Strike has various weapons from rifles to submachine guns and pistols.

Weapon cheats:

  • give weapon_awp: Gives Magnum Sniper Rifle (AWP)
  • give weapon_ak47: Gives CV-47 (AK-47)
  • give weapon_defuser: Gives Bomb Defuser
  • give weapon_m4a1: Gives Maverick M4A1 Carbine (M4)
  • give weapon_sg552: Gives Krieg 552 (SG 552)
  • give weapon_deagle: Gives Night Hawk .50c (Desert Eagle)
  • give weapon_elite: Gives 40 Dual Elites (Dual Berettas)
  • give weapon_flashbang: Gives Flashbang
  • give weapon_glock18: Gives 9×19mm Sidearm (Glock 18)
  • give weapon_g3sg1: Gives D3/AU-1 (G3SG1)
  • give weapon_hegrenade: Gives HE Grenade
  • give weapon_kevlar: Gives Kevlar Vest
  • give weapon_mac 10: Gives Ingram MAC-10
  • give weapon_m3: Gives Leone 12 Gauge Super (M3)
  • give weapon_mp5navy: Gives K&M Sub-Machine Gun (MP5)
  • give weapon_nightvision: Gives Nightvision goggles
  • give weapon_m249: Gives M249 (ES M249 Para)
  • give weapon_p288: Gives 228 Compact P228
  • give weapon_scout: Gives Schmidt Scout
  • give weapon_sig550: Gives Krieg 550 Commando (SIG 550)
  • give weapon_smokegrenade: Gives Smoke grenade
  • give weapon_aug: Gives Bullpup (AUG)
  • give weapon_ump45: Gives KM UMP45
  • give weapon_usp: Gives K&M .45 Tactical (USP)
  • give weapon_xm1014: Gives Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun (XM1014)
  • give weapon_p90: Gives ES C90 (P90)

Other cheats: 

  • gl_zmax <0-9999>: Adjust wall and object density; default is 3600
  • sv_gravity <-999 – 999999>: Adjust gravity
  • mp_allowmonsters: Toggles single-player enemies, 1 = on, 0 = off
  • mp_flashlight <1 or 0> : Toggles flashlight, 1 =  on, 0 = off
  • sv_clipmode <1 or 0>: Toggles clipping, 1 =  on, 0 = off
  • pausable <1 or 0>: Toggles pausing, , 1 =  enabled, 0 = disabled
  • mp_autokick <1 or 0>: 1 = turns on auto kick in game, 0 = turns off
  • sv_clienttrace 999999999: All shots will hit, default is 1
  • sv_aim: Auto-aim with the sniper rifle
  • +reload: Auto-reload enabled
  • -reload: Auto-Reload disabled
  • adjust crosshair: Change the crosshair color
  • skin: Change skins
  • changelevel: Level select
  • mp_startmoney: Change your starting money in-game
  • cvarlist or cmdlist: Lists variables and console commands, press [Page Up] or [Page Down] to scroll
  • crosshair <1-5>: Disable the crosshair to enlarge when shooting. Changes the crosshair type.
  • decalfrequency 0: Enables unlimited spraying
  • gl_spriteblend <1 or 0>: Toggles blood thickening, 1 =  on, 0 = off
  • hud_fastswitch <1 or 0>: Toggles switching weapons faster, 1 =  on, 0 = off
  • god: Godmode, takes no damage
  • sv_clienttrace 0000: Hyper auto-aim disabled
  • sv_clienttrace 9999: Hyper auto-aim enabled
  • sv_airaccelerate -9999: Fast Jumping
  • cl_backspeed 999: Faster backward motion
  • cl_forwardspeed 999: Faster forward motion
  • cl_sidespeed 999: Faster side motion
  • impulse101: Gives maximum cash
  • sv_accelerate: Sets acceleration
  • sv_airaccelerate: Sets how fast you accelerate in air
  • sv_wateraccelerate 999: Allows to walk faster in water
  • sv_wateraccelerate: Sets how fast you accelerate in the water
  • sv_stopspeed: Sets how fast you stop running
  • mp_roundtime: Sets round time
  • mp_c4timer <1-100>: Set C4 timer
  • mp_c4timer: sets time on C
  • mp_freezetime: Set freeze period at the start of rounds. Set to 0 to disable, default is 6/1
  • sv_maxspeed: Set max running speed
  • mp_roundtime <3-15>: Set maximum length in minutes a round can last, default is 5
  • mp_timelimit: Set minutes between map rotations, default is 0
  • sv_waterfriction: Sets the friction in the water
  • sv_friction: Sets the friction of the game
  • coop: Sets the mode to co-op
  • deathmatch: Sets the mode to deathmatch
  • +graph and -graph: Enables and disables the information graph on the bottom right corner.
  • timerefresh: Refreshes time on the console.
  • timeleft: Reveal how much time is left on the map
  • gl_zmax 0: See and fire through walls and objects
  • lambert: See things brightly without a flashlight
  • mp_friendlyfire <1 or 0>: Toggle friendly fire, 1 =  on, 0 = off
  • bot_kill: Kills all bots in the game
  • noclip: Allows the player to fly through walls
  • bot_goto_mark: Directs bot to go to the location
  • bot_sniper_only <1 or 0>: Toggles whether bots buy only snipers, 1 =  on, 0 = off
  • bot_knife_only <1 or 0>: Toggles whether bots equip only knives, 1 =  on, 0 = off
  • bot_pistols_only <1 or 0>: Toggles whether bots buy only pistols, 1 =  on, 0 = off
  • bot_zombie <1 or 0>: Toggles no moving mode on bots, 1 = on, 0 = off
  • restart: Restarts the map


Can I still play the original Counter-Strike?

Yes, you can still play the original Counter-Strike. The game, often referred to as Counter-Strike 1.6, is available for purchase and download through Steam. The game also still has a community of players, so it is very possible that those looking for a blast of nostalgia can find an active server with players.

Why was Counter-Strike 1.6 so popular?

Counter-Strike was one of the first, good tactical shooters in the online era. It is often considered the grandfather of the modern multiplayer tactical FPS genre. In the footsteps of Counter-Strike, games like Call of Duty came to prominence. Also, Counter-Strike was an important puzzle piece in creating a vibrant esports environment.

Who made the first Counter-Strike?

The first standalone game was made by Valve, but the very original game, a modification of the game Half-Life was made by developers Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. The first version of the Counter-Strike mod was released for Half-Life in 1999. Only a year later, the mod was acquired by Valve and released as a standalone game.

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