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Dead Cells


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Love the serenity… (10 points): Reach the Promenade of the Condemned for the first time.
    A room with a view! (10 points): Reach the Ramparts for the first time.
    Finally, a moment of rest… (10 points): Reach the Black Bridge for the first time.
    Smells like burned flesh (10 points): Reach the Ossuary for the first time.
    What’s that funky smell? (10 points): Reach the Toxic Sewers for the first time.
    Who needs an Italian plumber? (10 points): Reach the Ancient Sewers for the first time.
    “My only wish, to catch a fish…” (10 points): Reach the Stilt Village for the first time.
    The dead center of the island… (10 points): Reach the Graveyard for the first time.
    It rubs the lotion on its skin! (10 points): Reach the Prison Depths for the first time.
    Quit tickling! (20 points): Absorb the Vine Rune.
    What are you rubbing at anyway? (20 points): Absorb the Teleportation rune.
    Going down! (20 points): Kill an enemy with an elevator.
    YOLO! Or not? (20 points): Cheat Death…
    Ohhhhhh! That hurt! (10 points): Die while carrying at least 100 cells. Burn.
    The Fat and The Furious (20 points): You beat “The Concierge”!
    Is there something in your eye? (20 points): You beat “Conjunctivius”!
    Not so tough (10 points): You slayed 100 elites. Badman.
    Slash! Slash! Roll! (10 points): Unlock 10 weapons.
    Pimp my ride. (10 points): Unlock 10 skills.
    Afraid of the dark? (10 points): Reach the Forgotten Sepulcher for the first time!
    Absolution (10 points): Be cursed… Survive.
    ¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale! (10 points): Open your first timed door.
    See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? (10 points): Successfully complete a Challenge Rift.
    Shrewd sleuth (10 points): Find your first secret zone.
    Blade Master (20 points): You have beaten the “Time Keeper”!
    Tic… Toc… (10 points): Reach the Clock Tower for the first time!
    High drama (10 points): Reach the Clock Room for the first time!
    Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and Glory… (10 points): Reach the Slumbering Sanctuary for the first time!
    Incy Wincy… (20 points): Absorb the Spider’s Rune!
    La Brute (20 points): Absorb the Ram’s Rune.
    Harder Better Faster Stronger (40 points): Finish the game with three Boss Stem Cells active
    The last rampart falls… (60 points): Beat the Hand of the King.
    Please leave your shoes at the entrance. (10 points): Reach the Castle for the first time.
    Bend the knee? I think not… (10 points): Reach the Guardian’s Haven for the first time.
    Even the rats avoid the place… (10 points): Reach the Insufferable Crypt for the first time.
    Here comes a new challenger! (10 points): Absorb the Challenger Rune!
    Faster than light! (10 points): You finished a daily challenge. Well done!

Additionally, there are 16 secret achievements:

    They came from behind! (20 points): Suicide by elevator.
    Steam rolled. (50 points): You beat “The Concierge” without taking a single hit!
    Flawless victory. (50 points): You beat “Conjunctivius” without taking a single hit!
    We’ve all been there before… (10 points): A downward smash attack… right into some deadly spikes!
    What? There’s nothing wrong with these… (30 points): Finish the game with the starter sword, bow or shield.
    The Dance (50 points): You beat the “Time Keeper” without taking a single hit.
    Never fallen (30 points): Finish the game with “Ygdar Orus Li Ox” in your possesion!
    I like to live dangerously… (30 points): Against all odds, you finished the game with the Cursed Sword!
    Surgical extraction (10 points): Absorb your first Boss Stem Cell.
    Masterful extraction (10 points): Absorb your second Boss Stem Cell.
    Artful extraction (10 points): Absorb your third Boss Stem Cell.
    Up, Guards, and at them again! (20 points): Finish the game with a Boss Stem Cell active.
    Finished, without fear. (30 points): Finish the game with two Boss Stem Cells active.
    Do you need… A hand?? Bahaha! (50 points): Beat the Hand of the King without taking a single hit.
    Deft extraction (10 points): Absorb your fourth Boss Stem Cell.
    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty… (50 points): Finish the game with four Boss Stem Cells active.
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