Dead Cells Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Dead Cells Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

There has been a comeback of the simple side-scrolling Metroid-style 2D platformer in recent years. Dead Cells is no exception to this rule. This beautiful and dark platformer was developed by Motion Twin and later released in 2018. Dead Cells is turning people back to the 2D gameplay of yesteryear. Originally it was only on mobile but the hype around the game pushed the developer team to port it to consoles.

Dead Cells Premise

Screenshot of Dead Cells gameplay
Screenshot of Dead Cells gameplay

Played from the 2D, side-scrolling perspective Dead Cells follows the tale of an unnamed protagonist named the Prisoner. Waking up with total amnesia the Prisoner discovers they can not die. Every time the Prisoner dies, they are sent back to the depths of the prison and must try again. Through trial and error, the Prisoner learns more about themselves, the prison, and most importantly how to escape.

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Dead Cells Main Characters

The Prisoner – Protagonist of Dead Cells. Jelly creature with a single eye and is missing its head.

The Collector – NPC the player can buy and trade things with. Carries a glowing blue tank.

The Tailor – NPC the player can change their clothes at.

The Blacksmith – NPC the player upgrades their gear at.

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The King – The king of the island and responsible for the Prisoner’s sentence.

Other Dead Cells Titles in the Series

Active Dead Cells gameplay
Active Dead Cells gameplay

Sadly, Dead Cells is a standalone indie title. It is getting a remaster for the PS5 in late 2023 but for now, players will just have to replay the game.

Dead Cells Achievements Guide


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

  • Love the serenity… (10 points): Reach the Promenade of the Condemned for the first time.
  • A room with a view! (10 points): Reach the Ramparts for the first time.
  • Finally, a moment of rest… (10 points): Reach the Black Bridge for the first time.
  • Smells like burned flesh (10 points): Reach the Ossuary for the first time.
  • What’s that funky smell? (10 points): Reach the Toxic Sewers for the first time.
  • Who needs an Italian plumber? (10 points): Reach the Ancient Sewers for the first time.
  • “My only wish, to catch a fish…” (10 points): Reach the Stilt Village for the first time.
  • The dead center of the island… (10 points): Reach the Graveyard for the first time.
  • It rubs the lotion on its skin! (10 points): Reach the Prison Depths for the first time.
  • Quit tickling! (20 points): Absorb the Vine Rune.
  • What are you rubbing at anyway? (20 points): Absorb the Teleportation rune.
  • Going down! (20 points): Kill an enemy with an elevator.
  • YOLO! Or not? (20 points): Cheat Death…
  • Ohhhhhh! That hurt! (10 points): Die while carrying at least 100 cells. Burn.
  • The Fat and The Furious (20 points): You beat “The Concierge”!
  • Is there something in your eye? (20 points): You beat “Conjunctivius”!
  • Not so tough (10 points): You slayed 100 elites. Badman.
  • Slash! Slash! Roll! (10 points): Unlock 10 weapons.
  • Pimp my ride. (10 points): Unlock 10 skills.
  • Afraid of the dark? (10 points): Reach the Forgotten Sepulcher for the first time!
  • Absolution (10 points): Be cursed… Survive.
  • ¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale! (10 points): Open your first timed door.
  • See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? (10 points): Successfully complete a Challenge Rift.
  • Shrewd sleuth (10 points): Find your first secret zone.
  • Blade Master (20 points): You have beaten the “Time Keeper”!
  • Tic… Toc… (10 points): Reach the Clock Tower for the first time!
  • High drama (10 points): Reach the Clock Room for the first time!
  • Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and Glory… (10 points): Reach the Slumbering Sanctuary for the first time!
  • Incy Wincy… (20 points): Absorb the Spider’s Rune!
  • La Brute (20 points): Absorb the Ram’s Rune.
  • Harder Better Faster Stronger (40 points): Finish the game with three Boss Stem Cells active
  • The last rampart falls… (60 points): Beat the Hand of the King.
  • Please leave your shoes at the entrance. (10 points): Reach the Castle for the first time.
  • Bend the knee? I think not… (10 points): Reach the Guardian’s Haven for the first time.
  • Even the rats avoid the place… (10 points): Reach the Insufferable Crypt for the first time.
  • Here comes a new challenger! (10 points): Absorb the Challenger Rune!
  • Faster than light! (10 points): You finished a daily challenge. Well done!

Additionally, there are 16 secret achievements:

  • They came from behind! (20 points): Suicide by elevator.
  • Steam rolled. (50 points): You beat “The Concierge” without taking a single hit!
  • Flawless victory. (50 points): You beat “Conjunctivius” without taking a single hit!
  • We’ve all been there before… (10 points): A downward smash attack… right into some deadly spikes!
  • What? There’s nothing wrong with these… (30 points): Finish the game with the starter sword, bow, or shield.
  • The Dance (50 points): You beat the “Time Keeper” without taking a single hit.
  • Never fallen (30 points): Finish the game with “Ygdar Orus Li Ox” in your possession!
  • I like to live dangerously… (30 points): Against all odds, you finished the game with the Cursed Sword!
  • Surgical extraction (10 points): Absorb your first Boss Stem Cell.
  • Masterful extraction (10 points): Absorb your second Boss Stem Cell.
  • Artful extraction (10 points): Absorb your third Boss Stem Cell.
  • Up, Guards, and at them again! (20 points): Finish the game with a Boss Stem Cell active.
  • Finished, without fear. (30 points): Finish the game with two Boss Stem Cells active.
  • Do you need… A hand?? Bahaha! (50 points): Beat the Hand of the King without taking a single hit.
  • Deft extraction (10 points): Absorb your fourth Boss Stem Cell.
  • Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty… (50 points): Finish the game with four Boss Stem Cells active.

Dead Cells FAQ

What is the code for Dead Cells?

Amazing if you are playing with a controller or gamepad you can use the Konami Code in Dead Cells. For reference, it’s UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A. Note: not every controller is going to have B or A so it might take some trial and error to find the right ones.

What is the best mutation in Dead Cells?

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  1. Gastronomy.
  2. Disengagement.
  3. Tranquillity.
  4. Crow’s Foot.
  5. Ygar Orus Li Ox.
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