Defense Grid: The Awakening Now Available on XBLA

Defense Grid: The Awakening Now Available on XBLA


Looking for another tower defense arcade title for $10? Hidden Path Entertainment may have just the game for you.

Today, via the Xbox LIVE Arcade, Defense Grid: The Awakening launches for 800 Microsoft points. According to Jeff Pobst, co-Founder and CEO of Hidden Path, the game was built “with the Xbox LIVE Arcade audience in mind from the very beginning.”

The title was also built on the Gamebryo engine (Oblivion, Warhammer Online, Civilization IV), so it should be graphically stunning. As you might expect, gameplay consists of strategically placing 10 different defense tower types in order to stave off waves of enemies (15 in all) trying to steal your precious power cores.

Press Release:

Bellevue, WA (September 2, 2009) – Hidden Path Entertainment, an independent developer based in Bellevue Washington, has officially released Defense Grid: The Awakening on Xbox LIVE® Arcade. This critically acclaimed tower defense game is selling at a special price of 800 MS points ($10) and provides hours and hours of intense gameplay.

“We built Defense Grid: The Awakening with the Xbox LIVE Arcade audience in mind from the very beginning. Its unique spin on tower defense gameplay is a perfect fit, as it appeals to gamers of all skill levels, but has enough challenge modes to keep those hard-core Xbox 360 users engaged for hours” said Jeff Pobst, co-founder and CEO of Hidden Path Entertainment. “

Built on Emergent’s Gamebryo engine (Oblivion, Warhammer Online, Civilization IV), Defense Grid: The Awakening’s features include edge-of-your-seat gameplay, where players need to defeat hordes of invading enemies by strategically building fortification towers around their base. Each base has a number of valuable power cores that players must defend at all costs. Enemies invade your bases in waves, intent on stealing all your cores and escaping. The player can stop them only by strategically selecting and placing defensive towers as resources allow. . This action all takes place in beautiful environments, complete with spectacular effects and a dynamic, engaging soundtrack. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay is deep – the special attacks and properties of each tower work together to provide many ways to succeed.

The Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Defense Grid: The Awakening includes:

New Borderlands mission pack, which has four new advanced levels and 12 challenge modes.

A unique combination of fixed and open maps that encourage different strategies every time you play.

24 total unique maps to strategically position your towers on and prevent alien enemies from stealing your power cores.

100 unlockable challenge modes to extend your gameplay.

10 different tower types, including Infernos, Teslas, Cannons and more. Each tower can also be upgraded twice for devastating power.

All towers with unique tradeoffs that affect ideal placement, such as line-of-sight attack or ballistic trajectory fire; a large area of effect or damage over time; and minimum and maximum ranges.

15 different types of enemies, each with unique capabilities and strategies

10 hours of story and campaign play

Custom soundtracks and loads of achievements

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