It Takes Two Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

It Takes Two Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

It Takes Two is a unique game that, as the name implies, requires more than one player unlike most single-player titles. This is an exclusively multiplayer game, and in this guide we will provide cheat codes and advice to best succeed in this collaborative title.

An important thing that the game requires is another player, either online or locally, to play with whoever owns the game. This is a cooperative co-op adventure that needs two people in the game at all times. Players will have to work together in exploring, solving puzzles, and traversing the complex fantasy-inspired locations scattered across the different stages, levels and chapters in the game. At the moment, there is no option for AI-controlled companions in order to play the game. The owner of the game will need an additional player either locally or online via the Friend’s Pass.

The game is relatively user friendly, since there is no XP, skill system, collectibles, inventory management and other miscellaneous things that are common in games belonging to the adventure genre.


Chapter abilities can be accessed by holding either the right or left bumpers in the back of the controller. To Rope Grapple, simply press R1. Most of the controllers are not associated with the D-pad, instead dash is linked to the square button. Interact is triangle. To cancel a movement, interaction or animation press O to cancel. Like with most adventure games, X is used to jump. The camera can be moved with the right joystick, while movement can be changed with the left joystick. To spirnt, hold down the left joystick and press lightly

First, let’s explore an important question: what is “It Takes Two”? In short, It Takes Two is an action-adventure game that brings elements from platformers and other genres into a multiplayer format. That’s right,t here is no single-player mode in this game. Instead, locally, it has to be played by two players. Either online or locally works, and it makes sense since the plot of this game centers around a mrried couple that is trying to get divorced from one another. Whether they succeed or not–that’s up to players to find out!

First of all, communication is what enables players to cooperate effectively in this game. We recommend using a platform that has voice chat as a feature, such as Discord, to play with close friends. There are some rare cases of folks who can cooperate without comunicating, but it is not a standard that many follow.

Make sure to take advantage of a coordinated attack in order to overcome the vacuum. Boss battles are bound to test the cooperation between both parties, for example, the first boss of It Takes Two is in the Vacuum. If you are in this boss battle, you are going to have to avoid the explosive mines. Continue to avoid them until you can see a platform rising from the ground, at which one one of the players is going to have to need to use the bottom hose on the mechanism in order to in order to suck up the explosive mines. This process has to be repeated numerous times in order to be efficient, but eventually it will be slowed down by the introduction of more complications. Then, eventually, there is going to come a point where the Vacuum’s arms fall off from its body, thus enabling both of the two players to kill it by using its own arms to suck out their eyeballs.

Always keep an eye out and look for two things, not just one, when working on a puzzle in It Takes Two. Whenever individuals who are interested come upon a puzzle, it is key that they start looking for more than one things that they can interact with. Because of how the levels in It Takes Two are designed, this is not difficult to do. So keep a watchful eye out for yellow, because that is how the user interface highlights an item that is important.

Listen for the tambourine in this game. It’s not just an instrument, there are mini-games in It Takes Two. If individuals are interested in unlocking and getting everything, then they are going to need to interact with every single one of these short mini games that the game presents players with. A convenient feature of this is that the taps of a tambourine are going to start making a sound when a mini game is in close proximity to the player’s vicinity. This informs any of the two individuals that are interested when the option of the side quest emerges.

That is all the information we have on this game, we hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for any updates should they appear. For more content, follow us clicking on this link.

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