Digimon World: Next Order Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Digimon World: Next Order Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Digimon World: Next Order

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Hard mode

Successfully complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty to unlock the Hard difficulty.

Easy bits

First, get both upgrades for more bits in the trainer menu to get more bits using this trick. Go to the Bony Drive area, then go up to the Celeb Red Room. When you enter the Celeb Red Room, a Wizardmon will attack you. Defeat him to get 3,000 bits. Leave the room and re-enter to fight him again for another 3,000 bits. Repeat this until you run out of stamina. You will probably run out of stamina before you actually run out of time in-game for your day. You can also rest in the tent to help restore stamina and cook there when your Digimon are hungry. This area contains a vending machine that sells milk for 200 bits each. Buy a bunch of milks so you can make milksahkes when you cook in your tent. These give good stamina restoration and are not too filling. When you leave the Red Room, there are a bunch of Clear Augumon that will try to fight you. They drop a lot of fruit — so you can farm them if you need fruit. If you do not need the fruit, turn around before they attack you and re-enter the room quickly to just fight the Wizardmon for 3,000 bits. The Augumon normally give 900 bits and 3 fruit, but the Wizardmon is worth more due to stamina issues.

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Digimon losing and gaining weight

As you progress through the game, you will unlock requirements to Digivolve your Digimon. These can be related to specific stats, Tamer Fails, and other requirements — one of which involves weight. There are multiple ways to make your Digimon lose or gain weight, but the easiest is through cooking. Progress through the main story until you are able to recruit Greymon to join your city. Once he joins, you can get a free tent from him. When you enter the caring screen (Square) while in the world, you can choose to camp. You can then cook a number of recipes, many of which decrease or increase weight by a lot using easy to obtain ingredients. For example, the Boiled Scratchy Grass recipe (requires 1x Scratchy Grass) decreases weight by two and Wild Salad recipe (requires 1x Ginseng and 2x Scratchy Grass) decreases weight by three. The Baby Strawberry Jam recipe (requires 1x Baby Strawberry) increases weight by five. Note: You must upgrade your cooking Tamer skill to unlock some recipes.

Meteormon puzzle solution

To start the puzzle, speak with Meteormon 0, who is standing away from the pack further into the area. He will ask you to find the answer to a puzzle involving the other Meteormon in the area. The answer is No. 4 is lying and No.2 is the Gatsumon.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Digimon World Conqueror! (Platinum): Acquired all trophies.
    Card Master! (Silver): Completed DigiCards.
    First DNA! (Silver): First DNA Digivolution.
    First-Class Creator! (Silver): Maxed out grades on all facilities as builder.
    Heavy Attacker! (Silver): Inflicted 9,999 damage in one attack.
    King of the Colosseum! (Silver): Won all Colosseum competitions.
    Master of Rebirth! (Silver): Partner reborn as DigiEgg 20 times.
    Unconstrained! (Silver): All skills for Partner Digimon at 1,000.
    Best Friend! (Bronze): Maximum value for Bond.
    Capable Tamer (Bronze): First Digivolution to Champion.
    Digmon Fan! (Bronze): Raised 50 types of Digimon.
    Figured It Out! (Bronze): Finished a battle with no damage.
    First Acquisition (Bronze): First materials acquired.
    First Camp! (Bronze): First camp.
    First Contribution! (Bronze): Prosperity at level 1.
    First Ingredient! (Bronze): First food ingredient item picked up.
    First-Class Tamer (Bronze): First Digivolution to Ultimate.
    Hang in There… (Bronze): First training mistake.
    Hardcore Attacker! (Bronze): Inflicted 1,000 damage in one attack.
    Hunter King! (Bronze): First king-sized foe defeated.
    Legendary Tamer (Bronze): First Digivolution to Mega.
    Moneybags! (Bronze): Acquired over 100,000 bits.
    Old-Timer! (Bronze): Partner reached age 20.
    Rebirth! (Bronze): First Partner Digimon reborn as DigiEgg.
    Rookie Tamer! (Bronze): First Digivolution to Rookie.
    Rookie with Promise! (Bronze): First Colosseum victory.
    Signs of Improvement! (Bronze): First Tamer level.
    Started Fishing (Bronze): First fish caught.
    Strategic Retreat! (Bronze): First time fleeing from a fight.
    Town Expanded! (Bronze): Prosperity at level 100.
    Town Revitalized! (Bronze): Prosperity at level 50.
    Trainer Debut! (Bronze): First training.
    Zillionaire! (Bronze): Acquired over 1,000,000 bits.

Additionally, there are 12 secret trophies:

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    Professor of Digimon (Gold): Raised 200 types of Digimon.
    Revivalist! (Gold): Maxed out city’s Prosperity.
    Supreme Tamer (Gold): Maxed out Tamer level.
    Battle Maniac! (Silver): Won 300 battles.
    Chapter Four Cleared! (Silver): Cleared Chapter Four.
    Digimon Researcher! (Silver): Raised 100 types of Digimon.
    Ruler of Other Worlds! (Silver): Cleared all extra dungeons.
    Armageddemon Defeated! (Bronze): Defeated Armageddemon.
    Chapter One Cleared! (Bronze): Cleared Chapter One.
    Chapter Three Cleared! (Bronze): Cleared Chapter Three.
    Chapter Two Cleared! (Bronze): Cleared Chapter Two.
    Good Friend! (Bronze): Maximum value for DigiFriend.
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