DOOM Creator Says Gaming Industry Has “Barely Scratched the Surface” of FPS Games

DOOM Creator Says Gaming Industry Has “Barely Scratched the Surface” of FPS Games

In an interview with Develop on Monday, September 8, the creator of the iconic shooter DOOM , John Romero believes the video game industry at large has “ barely scratched the surface ” when it comes to first-person shooters, saying that people need to push ideas forward and try something new, and not just make a quick clone of another game.

Shooters have so many places to go, but people just copy the same thing over and over because they’re afraid to try something new. We’ve barely scratched the surface, ” Romero told Develop.

Romero continued on to list Minecraft as an example of a game that can make an impact on the whole video game industry, coining it as the Wolfenstein of creation games. This is thanks to its success and influence; the game has generated enough revenue and registered users to rival Call of Duty , according to develop.

Look at Minecraft – it’s unbelievable that it was made by one person, right? ” Romero went on. “ And it shows there’s plenty of room for something that will innovate and change the whole industry.

If some brilliant designers take the lessons of Minecraft , take the idea of creation and playing with an environment, and try to work out what the next version of that is, and then if other people start refining that, it’ll take Minecraft to an area where it will become a real genre, the creation game genre, ” he continued.

I think we’re seeing the start of that genre – Minecraft is the Wolfenstein of creation games – but we need people to push that idea forwards, not just make clones for a quick buck. We need people to take those design elements that make Minecraft great and add to them, push them to the next level, ” he added.

You can read Develop’s full interview with John Romero via the source link below. More details arose regarding the next addition to the DOOM series during this year’s Quakecon in Dallas, Texas, suggesting that the new DOOM game will be like how the original was : fast-paced, old-school, and lots of shooting.

We’ll bring you more news on DOOM should further information reach our ears.

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