Dragon Age: Inquisition Cheats & Secrets for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon battle

Dragon Age: Inquisition Cheats & Secrets for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Dragon Age: Inquisition Summary

BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third high-fantasy RPG in the Dragon Age series and a return to form. The original game, Dragon Age: Origins, is a deeply complex RPG in traditional BioWare fashion. However, for the sequel (Dragon Age II), the gameplay shifted toward a more action-oriented ARPG model. This change was met with mixed reception from fans, causing BioWare to develop Inquisition as a true follow-up to Origins.

Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s release in 2014 led to widespread critical acclaim for the title, with praise centered around the game’s combat, story, and deep RPG customization. Along with the Mass Effect titles, it is also one of the highest-selling BioWare games. Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s long development brought it to release on two separate console generations, with the title being BioWare’s first cross-gen game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition in-game cutscene

As a callback to the series’ origins, Inquisition can be played in two different styles. Players have the option of third-person direct control or paused, tactical combat. Further, this tactical combat changes the camera perspective to the common CRPG “top-down” view. Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s success among fans and critics led to it winning several Game of the Year awards. A sequel to Inquisition is currently in development from BioWare titled Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Premise

Dragon Age: Inquisition combat

Similar to its predecessors in the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition is an action role-playing game. Players begin the game by creating their characters and selecting from one of four races. The world of Thedas in Dragon Age is populated with Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Qunari. Interestingly, the chosen race of the player character has an impact on how other characters and NPCs perceive and interact with the player. Players will also choose from one of three classes — Warrior, Mage, or Rogue. Each of these three classes are traditional RPG archetype and have different play styles. 

After creating their characters, customizing physical appearances, and selecting classes, players begin the game’s story. The player character is the sole survivor of an event known as “The Breach,” an event where a tear in the fabric of reality enables demons and other evil entities to invade Thedas. As the sole survivor of the event where The Breach first appeared, the player character is appointed as the Inquisitor. Specifically, the titular Inquisition is an investigation into The Breach and how to stop it.

The game adopts a more open-world structure than previous Dragon Age titles. Further, players must interact with NPCs and engage in deep conversation trees to progress the story. As in other BioWare titles, the dialogue and character interactions are just as important to the gameplay as combat. Eventually, players will unlock their own base of operations at Skyhold. Here, players will strategize with their companions at the War Table and engage in side quests that bring them closer to discoveries that unravel the mystery of The Breach. 

Dragon Age: Inquistion Main Characters

Dragon Age: Inquisition cast

In addition to the player character, Dragon Age: Inquisition features several important companions and enemies. Each of the player’s allies will help them in their Inquisition, though they won’t always agree with your methods. As a result, players will need to learn their companions’ personalities and carefully judge how they interact with them. Similar to other titles in the series, the relationships between party members carry plenty of weight toward the game’s overarching narrative. Main characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition include:

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Hero and Companions

  • The Inquisitor: The Inquisitor, also known as The Herald of Andraste, is the player-created character. As the sole-survivor of the tear in the Veil known as The Breach, it is up to The Inquisitor to uncover the mystery behind its appearance and stop its spread.
  • Cassandra Pentaghast: Cassandra is a female knight who is The Right Hand of The Divine, the religious leader of Dragon Age‘s Thedas. She is also a member of the Seekers of Truth, a military arm of the church. She assists The Inquisitor on their investigation as a representative of the church.
  • Varric Tethras: Varric is a Dwarven Rogue and returning character from Dragon Age II. As the unofficial biographer of Hawke and The Inquisitor, he acts as the eyes and ears of the player for much of Dragon Age‘s story.
  • Solas: Solas is a new character to the series in Dragon Age: Inquisition and presents himself as an outlaw Elven mage. He is an expert on The Fade (the realm that The Veil separates from Thedas) and assists the Inquisitor in investigating the Breach.
  • Sera: Sera is also a new character to the Dragon Age universe that joins the player in Inquisition. She is a member of a secret society of mercenaries acting against the nobility of Thedas. A talented archer and Rogue, she is Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s version of Robin Hood.
  • Iron Bull: Iron Bull is a Qunari warrior and leader of Bull’s Chargers, a band of Qunari mercenaries. He is also secretly a spy for the Ben’Hassrath on behalf of the Qunari and assists The Inquisitor to keep tabs on the political and diplomatic comings and goings in Theads.
  • Vivienne: Vivienne is the official Enchanter to the Imperial Court of the Orlesian Empire. Cunning and magically gifted, she assists The Inquisitor as the emissary of the Orlesian Empire and is a self-styled leader among the Mage community.


  • Cullen: Cullen Rutherford is a member of the Templars and a returning character from Dragon Age: Origins. He serves as the military advisor to The Inquisition and is an invaluable ally in terms of guiding the War Table.
  • Leliana: Leliana, similar to Cullen, is also a returning character from past Dragon Age titles. She also serves as an aide to The Inquisition, but as its Imperial Spymaster. Leliana informs the player of all important events related to The Breach.
  • Josephine Montilyet: Josephine is the ambassador of the Inquisition and represents its interest to the nobility of Thedas. She is also a valuable ally in terms of rallying support for The Inquisition from Thedas’ most influential families.
  • Hawke: Hawke is the protagonist of Dragon Age II and assists The Inquisition once it’s revealed the Grey Wardens have disappeared. He hopes to stop Corypheus’ evil intentions and provides the means of escape for players from The Fade.
  • Morrigan: Morrigan is a powerful witch who returns from Dragon Age: Origins to assist the Inquisitor and reveal crucial details about Corypheus. She has an alias as The Witch of the Wilds and her age is unclear despite appearing young.


  • Corypheus: Corypheus is an ancient Darkspawn mage and the primary antagonist of Dragon Age: Inquisition. He opens The Breach and allows the Fade to cross over into Thedas in hopes of Darkspawn and demons corrupting the world.

Games in the Dragon Age Series

Since beginning in 2009, BioWare’s Dragon Age series remains the studio’s premier high-fantasy RPG series. It sits alongside Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as one of the best Western RPGs of all-time and has produced multiple sequels. To date, the games in the Dragon Age series include:

  • Dragon Age: Origins (2009)
  • Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (2010)
  • Dragon Age II (2011)
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014)
  • Dragon Age: Dreadwolf (In Development)

Dragon Age: Inquisition Cheats and Secrets

As a classic-style RPG from BioWare, some players might have a tough time in the early hours of Inquisition. Luckily, the game does feature some helpful cheats and secrets/exploits that can make your journey easier. Similar to other games on both console and PC, there are also mods and cheat trainers available for the PC version that aren’t available for console. As a result, there are more cheat options for the PC version of the game. Additionally, there are console codes for the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition, although they’re not listed here because they mainly affect graphic effects and performance.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Secrets for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Quick Complete War Table Missions

This exploit utilizes manipulating your console or PC’s clock to great effect. After accepting a mission from the War Table, going into your system’s settings and moving the clock forward an hour automatically completes the mission. Once done, you can reset your system’s clock back to normal and repeat as needed. You can use this exploit for the Gather Coin missions as well, which equates to an Infinite Gold cheat.

Item Duplication/Infinite Gold Glitch

It’s possible to duplicate any crafting material by visiting one of Inquisition‘s many merchants. Mark any crafting materials you wish to duplicate as “Valuables” and then select “Sell” and “Sell All” at the same time.

Infinite Skill Points Glitch

It’s possible to generate infinite skill points simply by refreshing a chest containing an Amulet of Power. Looting the Amulet from these chests and nothing else allows you to respawn the area with the chest still intact. The Amulet in the chest will also respawn. The earliest in-game location to accomplish this is Crestwood. Simply make sure that your Rogue has the Deft Hands skill.

Instant Max Inquisition Points Glitch

After completing the “Price of Power” mission, players gain access to Farris the Representative. By using the same Item Duplication Glitch listed above, you can purchase items from Farris that will earn you Inquisition points. The “Price of Power” mission unlocks after completing “Here Lies the Abyss”.

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Cheats

Using the WeMod software, players can download and install a trainer for Dragon Age: Inquisition that features several helpful cheats. The trainer for Dragon Age: Inquisition can be found here and includes the following cheats:

Player Cheats

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Unlimited Focus
  • Unlimited Barrier
  • No Skill Cooldowns

Enemy Cheats

  • One-Hit Kills

Navigation Cheats

  • Save Location
  • Teleport
  • Undo Teleport

Inventory Cheats

  • Unlimited Potion
  • Unlimited Weight
  • Unlimited Gold

Stat Cheats

  • Unlimited Power Points
  • Unlimited Inquisition Perks
  • Unlimited Influence
  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unlimited XP

Dragon Age: Inquisition Cheat FAQs

Does Dragon Age: Inquisition have cheats?
Yes — Inquisition has plenty of cheats, secrets, and discoverable exploits. Additionally, the title has plenty of Easter Eggs and references to other BioWare games and lore.

How do you enable cheats in Dragon Age: Inquisition?
Console commands that impact the game’s performance can be entered after pressing the tilde key (~) but all other cheats will require using in-game exploits or downloading and installing the WeMod software.

How do you get unlimited gold in Dragon Age: Inquisition?
The item duplication exploit and the quick-complete War Table missions exploits are the best ways to quickly fill coffers with gold.

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