Dyack Says One Console Future Inevitable

Dyack Says One Console Future Inevitable


Recently, an EA exec discussed the possibility and advantages of a one console future .  In response to his statements, Dennis Dyack, founder of company Silicon Knights, has stated that the one console future is inevitable.

In an Official Xbox Magazine article, Dyack said, “Imagine a unified platform — one console for all gamers — that would bring a massive paradigm shift to the games industry, where games would become better in quality, cheaper, and more widely available. Sound good? It can happen. Better yet, it’s inevitable. It will happen.”

Dyack continued, “The market is also split in an unhealthy way between the major manufacturers. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all may have equal marketshare this generation, making it extremely difficult for third-party publishers to choose what platform to focus on.

“Not that it’s easy for first-party manufacturers, either. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have put tremendous resources into trying to make the best hardware, including spending significant amounts of money trying to get exclusive mega-titles like Grand Theft Auto on their system first.”

In the statement that inspired Dyack’s opinions, Gerhard Florin estimated that a one console future is still at least fifteen years away.

“A one-console future is a future I think we can’t avoid – and thankfully, it’s a future where everyone would win”, Dyack said.

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