EA Sports UFC 3 Achievements for Xbox One

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EA Sports UFC 3 Achievements for Xbox One

Who doesn’t know about E.A. Sports? Well, probably nobody. One of the most popular games continues to be E.A. Sports U.F.C. 3. Developed by EA Canada and published by E.A. Sports, E.A. Sports U.F.C. 3 is a mixed martial arts game with similar gameplay mechanics to previous titles in the series. The U.F.C. inspires the game and features realistic sounds and movements. Check out the full review here to see if this game is all it’s hyped up to be.

EA Sports UFC 3 Premise

EA Sports screenshot of fight
Cool calm and collected during an ultimate fight.

Being a fighter is all well and dandy; however, there are things fighters do that do not include fighting, like advertising and signing contracts. This title now introduces a new career mode, “G.O.A.T.,” Standing for the Greatest of All Time; this mode allows players to make promo choices, gain fans, and capture the world’s attention. Fight for the championship with this hyperrealistic video game.

Main Characters in the Game

UFC 3 screenshot
Show off your prowess in EA Sports UFC 3.

The only thing more popular than the E.A. Sports U.F.C. 3 title are the main headliners on the roster. The list is full of impressive fighters. Here is a quick look at some of the runners-up.

  • Alexandra “Stitch” Albu
  • Alex “Astro Girl” Chambers
  • Joanne “JoJo” Calderwood
  • Juliana “Ju Thai” Lima
  • Kailin Curran
  • Karolina Kowalkiewicz
  • Dustin Ortiz
  • Henry “The Messinger” Cejudo
  • John “The Magician” Dodson
  • John “Chicano” Moraga
  • Joseph Benavidez
  • Jussier Formiga
  • Eddie Wineland
  • Frankie Saenz
  • Iuri “Marajó” Alcântara
  • Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera

Titles in the EA Sports UFC Series

The E.A. Sports U.F.C. titles list is undisputed in the gaming world. Below is a list of the titles in the series.

EA Sports UFC 3 Achievements

EA Sports UFC 3 screenshot of character
Find achievement shortcuts below.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

  • UFC 1: The Beginning (25 points): Complete the UFC 3 Introduction.
  • UFC 80: Rapid Fire (20 points): Land a four-hit combination. (online multiplayer only)
  • UFC 35: Throwdown (20 points): Finish the fight with a submission. (online multiplayer only)
  • UFC 101: Declaration (30 points): Trigger a health event on the opponent within 10 seconds of your taunt. (online multiplayer only)
  • UFC 46: Supernatural (30 points): Sway to avoid at least 6 strikes in 20 seconds. (online multiplayer only)
  • UFC 99: The Comeback (50 points): Survive at least two health events before winning the fight. (online multiplayer only)
  • UFC 56: Full Force (30 points): Win in the first round of an online multiplayer match.
  • UFC 64: Unstoppable (30 points): Complete all your daily objectives in UFC Ultimate Team in one day.
  • UFC 31: Locked and Loaded (30 points): Every slot on one of your UFC Ultimate Team fighters is filled.
  • UFC 73: Stacked (20 points): Acquire your first gold tier UFC Ultimate Team Item.
  • UFC 87: Seek and Destroy (45 points): Complete all Challenges in a UFC Ultimate Team Solo Challenge Group.
  • UFC 39: The Warriors Return (45 points): Complete all Sets in a single UFC Ultimate Team Program.
  • UFC 68: The Uprising (20 points): Earn your yellow belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 50)
  • UFC 45: Revolution (30 points): Earn your orange belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 100)
  • UFC 109: Relentless (50 points): Earn your green belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 150)
  • UFC 2: No Way Out (30 points): Win against a CPU controlled fighter who is set to maximum damage, with your own set to default.
  • UFC 10: The Tournament (30 points): Win four fights with the same fighter in a 16-fighter tournament.
  • UFC 65: Bad Intentions (30 points): Pass all Skill Challenges on any difficulty.

Additionally, there are 14 secret achievements:

  • UFC 3: The American Dream (20 points): Sign a Rookie Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 11: The Proving Ground (25 points): Sign a Prospect Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 88: Breakthrough (30 points): Sign a Contender Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 22: Only One Can Be Champion (40 points): Sign a Superstar Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 13: The Ultimate Force (50 points): Sign a Legend Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 44: Undisputed (75 points): Become the Greatest of All Time during your Career.
  • UFC 82: Pride of a Champion (75 points): Sign a Superstar Contract on Legendary difficulty during your Career.
  • UFC 61: Bitter Rivals (15 points): Defeat a rival during your Career.
  • UFC 12: Judgement Day (15 points): Win on the main card of a Pay-Per-View during your Career.
  • UFC 78: Validation (15 points): Successfully defend your title during your Career.
  • UFC 47: It’s On! (15 points): Respond to a social media message during your Career.
  • UFC 34: High Voltage (15 points): Start trending on social media during your Career.
  • UFC 54: Boiling Point (15 points): Get high hype for any fight during your Career.
  • UFC 74: Respect (30 points): Win a performance of the night bonus during your Career.
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