Eight Year-Old Kills Fellow Student; Video Game Blamed

Eight Year-Old Kills Fellow Student; Video Game Blamed


It seems that the over-zealous media is giving us more crime stories being linked to video games than we can post. That said, here is another story of video game-related violence.

An eight year-old boy at a Maryland daycare facility shot another child, according to the Baltimore Sun. The death is being linked to an unspecified video game that the boy’s father had allowed him to play.

John L. Hall, Sr., the father of the child, had allowed his child to play this video game and had also taught him how to use the gun.

“The father was basically grooming the son toward having a propensity for guns,” Douglas Gansler, the Montgomery County State Attorney, stated.

The boy has made threats against the police, talked about decapitation, and outlined a plan to commit a murder which was simply, “Phase 1, get weapons. Phase 2, kill the hillbilly.” The child’s family has called the boy “troubled.”

His father has been charged with weapons offenses and is currently in jail with a $50,000 bail.

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