Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix

Art gallery

At the main menu of Disc 1, press Left, Right, Up(2), Down, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Select “Option”, then “Extra” to access the “Art Gallery” selection. For Disc 2, press Up(2), R1(3), Square at the main menu. For Disc 3, press L1, R2, L1, R2, L1, Square at the main menu.

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Cheat mode

Successfully complete and save the game on any difficulty setting. Start a new game from the saved game file, and wait until the starting sequence ends. After Rain leaves, you should see a small control pad on the left-hand wall immediately after the screen switches. Walk up to it and the “Use” option should appear. Press Triangle. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


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    Flash Disc puzzle (Rain)

      80th Floor Buttons: 4, 3, 2, B, D, C
      86th Floor Buttons: 4, 3, 2, B, D, A

    Room with computers (Rain)

    The right computer will turn on the left one. Once you solved the left computer, the water will drain and Hana will be able to get through.

      Right Computer

      Red Cursor (Row 1): Press 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, right switch.
      Blue Cursor (Row 2): Press 3, 1, 4, 5, 2, right switch.
      Yellow Cursor (Row 3): Press 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, right switch.

      Left Computer

      Button Presses: 2, 5, 10, 13, -1, Hit “OK”.

    Pulsating blue and yellow bars (Hana)

    This puzzle is located in a room with two workers, after escaping the rats and getting Video A. You must look at the panel on the left side of the screen for the solution. From left to right: 5 bars, 4 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars.

    Locked door code (Hana)

    View Video B, then enter as ” 92572 ” a number to gain access.

    Geometric puzzle (Rain)

    Use the D-pad to manipulate the shape:

      Shape 1: Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up
      Shape 2: Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down
      Shape 3: Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up, Up, Up
      Shape 4: Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Down
      Shape 5: Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left
      Shape 6: Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Up, Down, Up

    Escaping the rats (Hana)

    You cannot shoot the rats because there are too many of them. Instead, walk towards the door. Once they start breaking the door down, press L1 to turn 180 degrees. Quickly run towards the broken ladder, at the very beginning of the room. You can get Video A after the rats enter the hole.

Game Shark Codes

Hana Codes
Never Reload Assult Rifle 8008BB54 0063
Infinite Assult Rifle Ammo 8008BC0C 03E7
Infinite Shotgun Ammo 8008BC0E 03E7
Never Reload Shotgun 8008BB64 0063
Infinite Uzi Ammo 8008BC0A 03E7
Never Reload Uzi 8008BB44 0063
Infinite .90 Pistol Ammo 8008BC08 03E7
Never Reload .90 Pistol 8008BB3C 0031
8008BB3E 0031
Rain Codes
Infinite Shotgun Ammo 8008BF0E 03E7
Never Reload Shotgun 8008BE64 0063
Infinite Uzi Ammo 8008BF0A 03E7
Never Reload Uzi 8008BE44 0063
Infinite Assult Rifle Ammo 8008BF0C 03E7
Never Reload Assult Rifle 8008BF08 03E7
Infinite .90 Pistol Ammo 801F1DD0 0100
Never Reload .90 Pistol Ammo 8008BE3C 0031
8008BE3E 0031
Deke Codes
Infinite GL 150 Ammo 8008BE12 03E7
Never Reload GL 150 8008BD8C 0063
Infinite Shotgun Ammo 8008BE0E 03E7
Never Reload Shotgun 8008BD64 0063
Infinite Assult Rifle Ammo 8008BE0C 03E7
Never Reload Assult Rifle 8008BD54 0063
Never Reload Shot Pistol 8008BD4C 0031
8008BD4E 0031

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