FIFA 07 Review / Preview for the Nintendo DS (NDS)

FIFA 07 Review / Preview for the Nintendo DS (NDS)

FIFA 07 is an improvement over the 06 version but it’s more like an expansion pack than a totally redesigned game.

FIFA 07 screenshot

If you’re a soccer fanatic you’re going to want to get your hands on FIFA Soccer 07. The improvements that I perceive as modest may be monumental to you. But you’re still going to be disappointed with the fact that there is no online multi-player mode nor will you able to “Card share” a game with friends this year. That’s right – every player will need his or her own copy of the game.

How EA has evolved the DS version of FIFA Soccer 07 is impressive, albeit not at an impressive pace. There’s nothing here that couldn’t or shouldn’t have been included in last year’s game. You can’t directly compare this game to any of the console versions and EA was only too aware that they needed to exploit the DS’s capabilities, to which end they created an entirely new version specifically for the dual screen handheld. The touch controls and dual screen are put to good use with the action taking place on the top screen and the bottom screen facilitating the touch controls for moves and menus. There is a circular display that works like a radar system to give you a larger field of vision and thusly a better perspective of where everyone is in relation to the ball and field. Using the stylus you can outline a path for each player to run. It’s a very accurate system and really comes in handy when you want a player to make some sharp turns.

FIFA 07 screenshotFIFA 07 screenshot

You can play a very tight offensive or defensive game, shifting between commands on the fly. The menus, and submenus, are easy to navigate despite the faster pace of the gameplay. The AI does a commendable job of holding down the fort, so to speak. Your teammates play a fair game as do the opponents, also controlled by the CPU. They will work with you during passes, following your lead. You can actually count on them. If anything, the opposing teams might be a little weak. Even on the highest difficulty setting you can virtually be assured a win as long as you have a good grasp of the controls which can take a few hours or days depending on your aptitude.

Pick your favorite team or create your own. There are more than 500 teams encompassing 27 different leagues. You can’t trade, buy or sell players. You’re basically stuck with the pre-transfer roster which can’t be updated. If that bothers you, just make up your own team and bring them into the Career mode. There is an art editor that will let you design and tweak the new team’s logo to add a personal touch. You’ll manage the team for five years but like the roster, there’s not much that you can do in the way of buying, selling or trading to improve the team other than get them involved in some training exercises. To make things even more complex, you’ll have to maintain a certain standing or ranking to keep moving up the ladder. In the Tournament mode there are some 20 different cups and tournaments that you can partake in. The Challenge mode gives you a variety of mission-based games to complete, almost like you’re jumping in the middle of a match where you have to overcome some crazy handicap. There is a multi-player mode but it’s not online and it requires that the other players all have their own copy of the game. Not a great selling feature.

Exclusive to the DS is the ability to create and play back your own team chant. Just chant some trash into the mic and it will be stored for immediate playback at the press of a button. I can already imagine at least two words you’re going to want to use in the chant. There are numerous things to unlock including mini-games, tournaments, players and cups but these don’t really qualify as new content. The game overall looks better, feels better, sounds better, and plays better but these are all just marginal upgrades to what was already a darn good game. There is more dialog than ever and when mixed in with some less specific calls that can be reused somewhat generically, there seems to be less repetition. The camera pans and zooms like a real televised broadcast. Although the more it zooms in the uglier the textures look. Due to the limited processing powers, there are only a handful of arenas available and even though they are all generic they are definitely passable with a good amount of detail. Even at that the crowds do tend to come alive and root convincingly for the home team.

FIFA 07 screenshotFIFA 07 screenshot

There is definitely a lot to do in FIFA 07, considering the various modes and unlockables in addition to the exclusive DS features such as the draw-a-running-path, touch navigated menus and record-a-chant. Hopefully the next version will have an online mode and some major gameplay upgrades. Until then FIFa 07 will get you by, but you might find yourself reaching for FIFA 06 just for the convenience of playing with friends with just one copy of the game.


  • Take Complete Control: Own the pitch with improved controls for dribbling and passing and an Optimized Shot Meter that improves shooting UI.
  • The Beautiful Game in Full Detail: The broadcast-quality scoreboard and clock, a textured field, improved Shot Meter, and more player animations deliver a deep, vivid, and realistic soccer experience.
  • Absolute Authenticity: Play as or against some of the world’s top international teams from real FIFA leagues.
  • Intelligent Soccer: New and improved attack formations and strategies make teamwork a key weapon in your fight for pitch supremacy.
  • Immersive Game Modes: Show off your skills in Friendly, Tournament, Season Scenario, and Shoot-Out modes.
  • Feel the Tension of World Class Soccer: Listen to voiceover commentary and riveting sound effects, and feel the vibration of shots ricocheting off the goal post.
  • Record your own team chant and play it back anytime

    Rating out of 5 Rating Description


    Good, smooth animation with some nice detail. The camera makes the game look like a televised broadcast.


    Easy access to menus and control. Good use of the dual and touch screen.


    Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
    Crowd reactions are realistic. You can record your own chant. The commentary sounds less repetitive.


    Play Value
    Lack of an online mode and mulitple-copies needed for multiplayer cripples the longevity.


    Overall Rating Good
    Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.
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