FIFA 15 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and More

The stadium and the crowd in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and More

FIFA 15 is a stimulating football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports umbrella. The game features realistic gameplay, graphics, and numerous immersive features in the world of soccer. Read more for cheats, codes, and helpful tricks that might be available for the classic soccer game.

FIFA 15 Premise

FIFA 15 launched in September 2014 and marks an important milestone in the series as it is the last FIFA game to be available on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Vita. The game features an Ignite engine powering the PC version and delivers the same feature set on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This version of FIFA features realistic graphics in both the pitch and the crowd reactions.

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The game’s cover features football superstar Lionel Messi. FIFA 15 features full licensing by the Premier League, one of the most important soccer leagues in the world, a first in the FIFA series. Players can manage their teams in various game modes, including Career Mode, where you can act as a player or a manager. In the matches themselves, the game features lifelike player movements, ball physics, and crowd responses. The game also introduced so-called Emotional Intelligence, a feature where player attitudes change on the pitch in response to context.

Kicking the ball in FIFA 15.
Each new iteration of FIFA brings new features.

Characters in FIFA 15 

As a sports game, FIFA 15 doesn’t have a traditional story arc with key characters. However, it has real-life personalities in the form of world-famous soccer players. Included in the game are the following superstars, and many more.

  • Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
  • Neymar Jr. (FC Barcelona)
  • Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)
  • Luis Suárez (FC Barcelona)
  • Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich)
  • Andrés Iniesta (FC Barcelona)
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović (Paris Saint-Germain)
  • Gareth Bale (Real Madrid)
  • Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
Lionel Messi in FIFA 15.
Lionel Messi is the best-rated player in the game.

Games in the Series

FIFA is one of the most famous sports brands in gaming. It goes back to the early 1990s when it began with FIFA International Soccer. After its inception, EA Sports has produced dozens of FIFA games over the years, each with new features and updated rosters. 

  • FIFA International Soccer (1993)
  • FIFA Soccer 95 (1994)
  • FIFA Soccer 96 (1995)
  • FIFA 97 (1996)
  • FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (1997)
  • FIFA 99 (1998)
  • FIFA 2000 (1999)
  • FIFA 2001 (2000)
  • FIFA Football 2002 (2001)
  • FIFA Football 2003 (2002)
  • FIFA Football 2004 (2003)
  • FIFA Football 2005 (2004)
  • FIFA 06 (2005)
  • FIFA 07 (2006)
  • FIFA 08 (2007)
  • FIFA 09 (2008)
  • FIFA 10 (2009)
  • FIFA 11 (2010)
  • FIFA 12 (2011)
  • FIFA 13 (2012)
  • FIFA 14 (2013)
  • FIFA 15 (2014)
  • FIFA 16 (2015)
  • FIFA 17 (2016)
  • FIFA 18 (2017)
  • FIFA 19 (2018)
  • FIFA 20 (2019)
  • FIFA 21 (2020)
  • FIFA 22 (2021)
  • FIFA 23 (2022)
Corner kick in progress in FIFA 15.
Corner kicks are important in soccer and in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Cheats

EA Sports has decided to forgo cheats in FIFA 15, which means that there is no official way to make the game easier with codes. There are third-party offerings, like trainer programs, and even highly frowned upon software that helps with the gameplay. Those are not approved by EA Sports in a competitive environment. 

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However, we can show you how to access all the trophies and achievements in the game. There are 45 achievements total on Xbox and 46 trophies on PlayStation in the game. Here’s the entire list.

Borrowing IdeasImport a Team Sheet5 / Bronze
Check Me OutShare an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity5 / Bronze
Getting SpecificAssign Player Instructions to a player in a Team Sheet5 / Bronze
Here’s What I Think Of ThisRate an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity5 / Bronze
Just One More…Play a consecutive match in Seasons5 / Bronze
Mr. ManagerCreate a new Team Sheet5 / Bronze
TacticianChange your Tactics in Team Management during a match5 / Bronze
Thoughts?Comment on an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity5 / Bronze
Weird ScienceApply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT5 / Bronze
Window ShoppingSign a Loan Player from the EAS FC Catalogue5 / Bronze
A loyal ally is hard to findEarn a player’s loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him15 / Bronze
Big SpenderPurchase an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue Item15 / Bronze
Clubbin’Win your first Pro Club Seasons league match15 / Bronze
Controlled DefendingPerform a slide tackle and keep possession of the ball 10 times15 / Bronze
Cool Squad BroCopy a Squad from the end of an online match15 / Bronze
Double TroubleStart a Co-op Season with a Friend15 / Bronze
Extra EffortScore from the ground15 / Bronze
Fancy a Match?Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs Seasons15 / Bronze
GenerousGift an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue Item15 / Bronze
Good StartUnlock 10% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro15 / Bronze
I’m BetterBeat a Friend’s Skill Game Score15 / Bronze
I’m not afraid of youChallenge the Team of the Week in FUT15 / Bronze
Knuckle BallScore a goal with a knuckle shot15 / Bronze
Oh Sure, blame your captainChange your captain in FUT15 / Bronze
Packing BagsLeave your club on Loan or by Transfer in a Player Career15 / Bronze
Park That BusPlaying against the CPU on Legendary, avoid conceding from the 70th on with Park the Bus mentality15 / Bronze
Round the KeeperBeat the keeper 1 on 1 and score15 / Bronze
SkilledUnlock a Skill Challenge15 / Bronze
Stylin’Enable a custom Free Kick or Penalty Style for your Virtual Pro15 / Bronze
SupporterPlay a match in Match Day Live15 / Bronze
Tag Team Back AgainPlay Seasons with a Guest15 / Bronze
Toe PokeScore a goal with a toe poke15 / Bronze
Tournament TimeCreate and win a Custom Tournament with more than 16 teams15 / Bronze
Woodwork!Score off the post or crossbar in a match15 / Bronze
Friends to the EndFinish a Friendlies Season30 / Bronze
Still Bros?Win a Friendly Season in FUT30 / Silver
UnderdogsBeat a 5 Star Legendary CPU AI team with a 3-star or lower team30 / Bronze
Going All OutAgainst the CPU on Legendary, score a goal past the 80th using the All Out Attack mentality50 / Silver
Keeper’s Best FriendPrevent a goal with a sliding goal-line clearance50 / Silver
The WandererManage three different clubs in three different countries in a single Career50 / Silver
You Got That FlairScore a goal with a Flair Shot50 / Silver
On the RiseEarn Promotion in Seasons75 / Gold
On Your WayReach Level 15 or beyond in FIFA 15 in the EA SPORTS Football Club75 / Silver
Best in ShowWin a division title in FUT Seasons100 / Gold
Goin’ for a ripOpen 20 packs in FUT100 / Gold
Football LegendUnlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)Platinum


What is the highest-rated player in FIFA 15?

Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona (Spain) is the highest-rated player in this iteration of the game. He has a rating of 93, followed by Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo with a rating of 92. A total of five players have a rating of at least 90, three others include Manuel Neuer, Zlatan Ibrahimović, and Arjen Robben.

What is the best team in FIFA 15?

The highest-rated teams are FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, both with an average rating of around 81-82. Note that these ratings could slightly vary depending on player form updates. Other top teams include Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Manchester City.

Does FIFA 15 have career mode?

Absolutely, FIFA 15 does indeed have a career mode. Players can choose to take the role of a player, manager, or even a player-manager in this mode. In FIFA 15, players can both manage the team and make game-changing plays on the pitch.

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