Former Steam Boss Joins Oculus VR as “Head of Platform”

Former Steam Boss Joins Oculus VR as “Head of Platform”

As reported by PC Gamer on Wednesday, June 4, the former boss behind Valve’s Steam Client, Jason Holtman, has joined Oculus Rift developer Oculus VR for the position of “Head of Platform”.

As Head of Platform at the studio, Holtman will be “spearheading the business development and partnership side ” of the Oculus Rift virtual reality device, Oculus VR said.

I’m humbled to become a part of this team, ” Holtman said in a statement. ” I’m not one of the pioneering scientists or engineers in virtual reality, but I am one of the people that can’t stop grinning every time I see something new inside the headset, and I’m looking forward to helping shape the transformative experiences that inspire the next generation of developers.

Holtman is now among many who have joined Oculus VR over the past few month. According to PC Gamer, at least 17 others (excluding Holtman) have joined Oculus VR since March.

ZeniMax Media, parent company behind Bethesda Softworks, id Software and Machine Games, issued a legal threat against Oculus Rift developer Oculus VR back in May, demanding that the company would have to pay the ZeniMax an undetermined amount of money due to a former employee–John Carmack–helping to improve the device.

Despite what ZeniMax believes, Carmack claims that the Oculus Rift does not use any code that he wrote while under contract to ZeniMax, as what was stated via his official Twitter account.

However, even with Oculus VR refuting ZeniMax’s claims , the company later officially filed suit against the Oculus Rift developer .

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