Friday The 13th: The Game Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Friday The 13th: The Game Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Friday The 13th: The Game


Display objective items on map for everyone

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If you see an objective item (gas can, phone fuse, car battery, boat propeller, or keys), pick it up and drop it, even if you are not going to use it yourself. This will ensure everyone with access to a full map, or if they are close enough for the mini-map, can see that there is an objective item there. Even if you are not running a repair character, this will increase everyone’s chances of survival, as they will know where to go to get the item to complete the objective to escape.

Killing Jason

Jason is very difficult to kill, but there is a way to kill him. However, it is something that you will not be able to do every single match, but it is still an option over repairing a car. There are a few requirements before you can kill Jason. Successfully complete the following tasks to kill Jason:

    Remove Jason’s mask: To knock off Jason’s mask, you need a heavy weapon such as a baseball bat. Repeatedly hit Jason’s head (it is recommended for more than one player to do this). After enough hits, the mask will fall off. Once it falls, grab it and run away.

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    Sweater location: The sweater is located inside Jason’s shack. While some counsellors are trying to knock off Jason’s mask, the female counsellor must be looking for the shack. The female counsellor must wear the sweater.

    A counsellor must die: The next step is to have Tommy Jarvis wear the mask. To do that, you will first have to contact him. To contact Tommy, go to the cabin with the radio tower. Inside the cabin, look for the ham radio and contact him. Once you have contacted Tommy, one counsellor needs to die. They will then respawn as Tommy.

    Have Tommy Jarvis wear the mask/stun Jason: When Tommy arrives, give Jason’s mask to him. Tommy is the only one who can kill Jason. Tommy will need a machete to kill Jason. Look for a machete in the area, but be careful since Jason will be looking for you. Once you have the machete, the female counsellor will need to approach Jason and interact with him. Jason will try to kill the female counsellor, but she will talk to him and will stun him.

    Tommy kills Jason: Once he is stunned, have someone knock Jason to his knees by hitting him from behind with a weapon. Once he is on his knees, Tommy will have to approach Jason with the machete and interact with him. A cutscene will then play and Tommy will kill Jason.

Repairing a car

Repairing a car is one the main ways to exit the camp and win the game. Repairing a car is not an easy task, as you must have specific components to fix it. Each map has two cars that can be repaired in order to use them to escape. First, locate a car by looking at the map. While it is possible to repair the car alone, it is recommended to work with the other counsellors. To repair the car, you need the keys for the car, gas can, and car battery. To locate these items, explore the cabins in the area near where the car was found. You will often find the car keys in drawers, but not always. Car keys are the easiest to manage of all three items required to repair the car since they only require one slot. The gas can and car battery can be found in one of the cabins on the ground. So basically you have to go through some cabins in the area surrounding the car. Once you find either the gas can or battery, make sure to go to the car and start repairing it, which requires you to play a mini-game. Also, you will be stuck in one position while playing the mini-game. Thus, it is recommended to have other counsellors with you so they can distract Jason from killing you as you repair the car. To install the battery, go to the open hood of the car and interact with it to play the mini-game. The mini-game is essentially a circle with various bars inside. Each bar acts as an action prompt where you have to press whichever button indicator appears. Additionally, you will have to time the button prompt correctly in addition to just pressing it as each wrong move alerts Jason and depending how many mistakes you make, you might need to flee from the area after installing the part. Once you have successfully completed the mini-game and the parts are installed, get inside the car and start the car using the car keys. However, there is a delay in starting the car — so if Jason is near you, you may want to wait a bit for him to go away. Once the car starts, drive through the camp’s front gates onto the main road. Also, be careful while driving the car, as hitting an object will damage it and you will have to start the car again with the delay. Jason can also spawn in front of the car and will try to stop the car using his body; avoid Jason by driving around him, as hitting him will not damage or stun him.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Killer Franchise (Platinum): Collect all 50 trophies.
    A Ph.D. in Murder (Gold): Perform every kill in the game at least once.
    Gotta Kill Em All (Silver): Kill 1313 counselors.
    Head Counselor (Silver): Play 1000 multiplayer matches as a counselor.
    The Final Chapter (Silver): Play 1000 multiplayer matches as Jason.
    A Classic (Bronze): Perform the Sleeping Bag kill.
    Along For The Ride (Bronze): Escape in the car as a passenger 13 times.
    Aye Aye Captain (Bronze): Escape in the boat as the driver.
    Camp Counselor (Bronze): Play 500 multiplayer matches as a counselor.
    Cooking With Jason Vorhees (Bronze): Perform the fireplace kill.
    Crystal Lake Five-O (Bronze): Escape to the police 13 times.
    Disc Jockey (Bronze): Call Tommy Jarvis 13 times.
    Eenie Meenie Miney Mo (Bronze): Successfully trap a counselor 13 times.
    Evil Lurks (Bronze): Kill 666 counselors.
    First Blood (Bronze): Kill 1 counselor.
    Flaring Up (Bronze): Hit Jason with a flare 13 times.
    Friday Driver (Bronze): Escape in the car as the driver.
    Get Out Of Jail Free (Bronze): Break free from a grab with a pocket knife 13 times.
    Grease Monkey (Bronze): Succesfully perform 100 car repairs.
    Heeeeere’s Tommy! (Bronze): Play as Tommy Jarvis 13 times.
    I Need A Medic! (Bronze): Use a first aid spray 100 times.
    I’m On A Boat (Bronze): Escape in the boat as a passenger 13 times.
    I’ve Seen Every Movie (Bronze): Play a multiplayer match as each one of the Jasons.
    It’s A Trap! (Bronze): Trap Jason with a bear trap 13 times.
    It’s Friday the 13th (Bronze): Play 1 multiplayer match as Jason.
    Let’s Split Up (Bronze): Perform the machete dismemberment kill.
    My Lucky Number (Bronze): Kill 13 counselors.
    No Happy Endings (Bronze): Kill all 7 counselors in a single match.
    One For Good Measure (Bronze): Kill all 7 counselors and Tommy Jarvis in a single match.
    Operator (Bronze): Call the police 13 times.
    Shipwright (Bronze): Succesfully perform 100 boat repairs.
    Shock Jockey (Bronze): Succesfully perform 100 electrical and phone box repairs.
    Slam Jam (Bronze): Stop the car 13 times as Jason.
    Smash Bros (Bronze): Hit Jason with a baseball bat 100 times.
    Snap, Crackle, Boom (Bronze): Stun Jason with the firecrackers 13 times.
    Summercamp (Bronze): Play 1 multiplayer match as a counselor.
    Super Fan (Bronze): Play a multiplayer match as each one of the counselors.
    The Sequel (Bronze): Play 500 multiplayer matches as Jason.
    This Door Won’t Close (Bronze): Perform the Door Smash kill.
    This Door Won’t Open (Bronze): Break down 100 doors.
    This Is My Boomstick! (Bronze): Shoot Jason with the shotgun 13 times.
    Voodoo Doll (Bronze): Hit counselors with throwing knives 13 times.
    Windows 99 (Bronze): Jump through 99 closed windows.
    You Died (Bronze): Get killed by Jason.
    You Died Alot (Bronze): Get killed by Jason 100 times.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

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    Roll Credits (Gold): Kill Jason.
    Chad Is A Dick (Silver): Escape in the car or the boat by yourself while another counselor is still alive.
    Face Off (Silver): Remove Jason’s mask 13 times.
    That’s A Good Boy (Silver): Stun Jason with Pamela’s sweater 13 times.
    Goalie (Bronze): Pick up Jason’s mask.
    New Threads (Bronze): Put on Pamela’s sweater.
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