Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition Hidden soundboard

From the Snowflake Factory, go up the hill to the Adventure’s Path and follow it to Goatshire. Find the path behind the cottages in the town that travels up a hill next to a waterfall. Follow it to the top of the falls to find a blue bouncy mushroom. In this area is large tree in the dead end corner, with a woman in a blue dress nearby. Move around the tree to find a small rabbit hole. Drop inside to find the hidden soundboard room.

Diablo series reference

Travel down the coast and start the “Infiltration” quest. Find the man with a catapult. Ride the catapult into Twistram, then travel up the hill to Twistram Cathedral and enter. Headbutt the altar to move it out of the way. Follow the secret passage that is revealed to enter the church basement. Enter the swirling purple portal at the end of the hall to teleport to the “Not So Secret Cow Farm”, where laser eye cows are walking on two legs. You can also find the Cow King in this area. The cow level and the reference to “Tristram” are both related to the Diablo series.

Easy “Big In Japan” achievement

Find the Whiplash obstacle course. Get to the top of the ladder with the “Start” banner. A message stating that whiplash has started will appear. Go through the obstacles without falling in the water. You can restart if you fall by going to the “Start” point again. Consider using Sky Goat, Angel Goat, or a similar mutator that allows you to glide in the air to avoid falling. Avoid the following hidden traps:

    Do not stand in the center of the top of the white pillar with the red “pillows”. There is a trapdoor directly underneath that will throw you into the water.

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    The second orange wall block is a trapdoor that will try to throw you to the left.

    The red floor block just before the spinning bar will hit you into the air above the spinning bar. However, be careful with the last orange wall block at the top. If you reach it, it is a trap-door. It has no effect if you are gliding.

    The third pillar right after the orange wall will bump you into the air as soon as you step on it.

Easy “Boat Ride” achievement

Travel to “Twistram”, then jump into the boat found at the northeastern part of the town to get the “Boat Ride” achievement.

Easy “Butthurt” achievement

While playing as the Tank class, get close to a medium to large sized group of enemies and repeatedly press [Action].

Easy “Don’t Starve” achievement

Start at the mall. Eat the apples at the store, then go to the bathrooms and eat the steaks from the men’s room. On the right side of the mall is a container with bananas and some fruits. Next, go to the barn behind the mall and eat the pumpkins to the left of the Goat SimSim. Go to the field to find some vegetables behind the barn. Finally, you can find two shops at the beach with some food.

Easy “Elfstreet Boys” achievement

Travel to the elf village, then go to the house to the right to find a group of elves singing badly. Stand near them and press [Baa] to get the “Elfstreet Boys” achievement.

Easy “ExcaliGoat” achievement

Travel to “Alvesta”, and go towards the quest giver for the “Trees aren’t gonna hug themselves” quest. To the north is a large tree, with a sword in a stone under it. Lick the sword and walk away as far as possible. The sword will eventually dislodge itself from the stone, and you will get the “ExcaliGoat” achievement.

Easy “Goat From Above” achievement

Select the Prototype Goat from the Mutator selection menu before starting a game. Play the “Outbreak” map, and go to the mall due to the large number of zombies. Wait for at least five zombies to group around you, then jump and activate your special attack while in mid-air to get the “Goat From Above” achievement.

Easy “Hang Tight” achievement

It is recommended to do this in Pre-Outbreak because of hunger. Also, get the Anti-Gravity Goat mutator and the Sky Goat mutator. Begin the game, then jump and fly directly upwards with a parachute. Perform a forward or backward flip to get rid of the parachute, then continue going up. Activate the parachute again, and turn off anti-gravity. Wait one minute in the air until you get the “Hang Tight” achievement.

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Easy “I Am Goat” achievement

Select Pre-Outbreak mode to avoid dying due to the amount of time required. Starting from the church, travel down the hill and go directly towards the barns to your left. You should find a pen with goats. Jump inside. You are in the correct area if you cannot jump, are slow, and defecate in rapid succession. Remain there for five minutes to get the “I Am Goat” achievement.

Easy “Look At It Go!” achievement

Select the Voodoo mutator and play in Post-Outbreak mode. Go to the mall to find some zombies. Activate your special power, then touch four zombies at the same time to get the “Look At It Go!” achievement.

Easy “Masterchef” achievement

Locate Voodoo Island in Pre-Outbreak mode. To do this, drop into the large black hole in the ground next to the barn, where the alien and some protesters are found. You will reappear on the wooden platform slightly to the left from the way up there. Jump to the adjacent platform and then to the flat rocks to go up from there. Look for the island with a head on it, then travel there. Once on the island, go up to find a giant cauldron with green bubbles. Drag one of the island’s inhabitants into that cauldron to get the “Masterchef” achievement.

Easy “Music Non Stop” achievement

Go where the river starts, to the west of the “Snowflake Factory” and to the south of “Goatshire”. Locate an NPC named Alice lying down in front of a tree. On the opposite side of that tree is a hole. Fall down into the hole to get the “Music Non Stop” achievement.

Easy “Old Goat” achievement

Travel to the northwest of the map through the beach, then go up the Old Goat Pass and onto Old Goat Mountain. Find the door to the east with a horse running in front of it. Enter the door and get past the traps to find Old Goat and get the “Old Goat” achievement.

Easy “Shattered Dreams” achievement

Select Post-Outbreak mode. Begin by getting the Crystallization ability. From the barn area with goats and sheep, travel towards Voodoo Island to find an RV near the cliff. Approach it to be instructed to find three barrels. They are located at the following locations:

    Barrel 1: Directly next to the RV.
    Barrel 2: On the mall roof at the party.
    Barrel 3: At the barn, up the ramp near the goats and sheep.

Take all three barrels to the RV, and place them their their slots on the left side. The door will blow off, allowing you to enter. Lick the crystal meth to get the power-up. Because it does not last that long, you must either drag zombies here or wait for them to spawn. After some time, three zombies will spawn in front of the RV. Afterwards, two more will spawn at the water with the two planks near the barn, which is close to the limit of your movement while under the power-up. Goats and elephants also count as kills. Keep eating so you do not die. You can find food on the table around the RV, as well as inside. You can also eat the pumpkins outside the path near the street. The whiplash area also has a dining area with a large amount of food. Alternately, do it before the outbreak and infect five people to start it. Crystal meth will remain on the map. It will appear not only inside of the RV and behind the barn, but also next to the black hole in the ground close to the other side of the barn, in front of the base entrance, behind the orange car parked close to Studio 2, and a few other locations on the map. Run around, lick it there, and kill all nearby zombies.

Easy “Steal The Show” achievement

While playing as the Magician class, go to the city of “Goatwind”. Its entrance is just above the Jousting Tournament. There should be a magician performing near the center of the city. Approach him and press [Action] to release a stack of playing cards and get the “Steal The Show” achievement.

Easy “Steve’s Quest” achievement

Start at “Snowflake Co”, then travel to the “Gold Farm”. You should see an NPC named Steve Works. Run into the golden ring around him to start the quest. There should be a large amount of apples on the ground. Lick them to collect them, then press [Action] to add them to your inventory. Do this five times to complete the quest. Walk into the golden ring near Steve to turn it in and get the “Steve’s Quest” achievement.

Easy “The Goa’th Amendment” achievement

Crafting can only be done in Post-Outbreak mode. The Anti-Gravity Goat mutator will be useful. There are five weapons that must be crafted at the safehouse crafting area. Obtain the indicated ingredients to create the corresponding weapon:


    Gumball Machine: Already available in the garage.
    Beer Bong: In the bar area on a table, or on top of the mall.


    Wedding Cake: At the Tea Stain Shop, or from the wedding near the coast.
    Twig Man: In the bar area, at the corner closest to the safehouse.


    Vial of Goo: In the bar area, inside the bartender zone.
    Broken Minifun: Inside the garage at the crafting area.


    Mousetrap: Behind the grave near the church.
    Flour: At the Tea Stain Shop.

Mind Control

    Boombox: At the Tea Stain Shop.
    Crystal Ball: Inside the ball shop next to the Tea Stain Shop.

Easy “The Icelandic Experience” achievement

Travel to the geyser found at Glarbargle Beach near the mountains. When you stand on the geyser, it will not erupt. Back up until you are far away enough for it to erupt, then sprint back to it and get hit by the geyser to get “The Icelandic Experience” achievement. Note: If you use any low gravity mutator, you can just jump high enough to trigger the geyser to erupt. Also, you can use the tank and walk away far enough for it to erupt before charging into it.

Easy “Too Much Fun” achievement

Select either the “Before Infection” or “After Infection” options, then choose “Tutorials”. You will be provided with a minigun and many zombies that spawn in a small room that provides the opportunity for multiple kills. Run in a few circles around the room without shooting while the zombies are spawning, then shoot through the middle of the mob to get the “Too Much Fun” achievement.

Easy “Warm Bath” achievement

Before attempting the slippery slide, get the Parachute mutator. You can start Pre-Outbreak using the Sky Goat. Once equipped, you will be ready for the bath. There are two slides; one of them leads off the coast and onto a bulls-eye trampoline. The other one aims towards the bar area, which has the kiddie pool. The entrance to the smaller ramp is near the coast. Once at the top, you will find two persons. There is no paragliding power-up on the ledge. Run down the slope and ragdoll. Once you have left the slide, take out your parachute. You should slowly coast to the kiddie pool. If you fall short, retry. If you are going to go past the pool, drop your parachute and land in it.

Easy “Wheel Goat” achievement

Go to “Bullgrurzh”, located southeast of “Glarblargle Beach”. When you first enter, you will see a large golden anvil. Move to your right and you will eventually find a passageway. Follow it until you enter a room with a golden wheel in the middle. Headbutt the wheel to get the mutator and the “Wheel Goat” achievement.


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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The Goa’th amendment (30 points): Craft all the weapons in one game.
    Survivalist (15 points): Craft all items in one game.
    Survive for your life (30 points): Survive 10 days.
    Masterchef (15 points): Make the stew taste as good as HUMANLY possible.
    A new challenger has appeared (15 points): Clear 25 survival quests in one game.
    Warm bath (30 points): Use the slippery slide to land in the kiddie pool.
    Too much fun (30 points): Kill 7 zombies with one minifun.
    Goat from above (30 points): Hit 5 zombies in one bullet dive.
    Look at it go! (15 points): Hit 4 at once with a voodoo bomb.
    Boat Ride (15 points): Enjoy your trip.
    Elfstreet Boys (100 points): Baa with the choir.
    Excalitgoat (15 points): Unlock the ExcaliGoat mutator.
    Jörgen (15 points): Jörgen.
    Love or Hate? (15 points): Find all the trophies on the MMO Level.
    Mermaid Goat (15 points): Unlock the mermaid mutator.
    Music Non Stop (90 points): Jump on the launchpad.
    Not Again (15 points): Get deviously trapped again.
    Old Goat (30 points): OMG IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?
    The Charter Trip (30 points): Visit all zones on the MMO level.
    Voluntary QA (30 points): Trash the server room.
    Wheel Goat (30 points): Unlock the wheel of time mutator.
    Shattered dreams (30 points): Crystallize and break 30 zombies in one game.
    Don’t starve (30 points): Eat 50 food items in one game.
    Hang tight (30 points): Paraglide in the air for 1 minute.
    Big in Japan (30 points): Beat the whiplash course without getting wet.
    Butthurt (90 points): Do a lot of hurt. With your butt.
    Gravity Goat (90 points): Unlock the gravity goat mutator.
    Steal the Show (30 points): Do a card trick at the magician.
    The Icelandic Experience (30 points): It never erupts when you want it to.
    I am Goat (30 points): Play GoatSimSim for 5 minutes.
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