Google Stadia Resolution Issues Blamed on Developers

Google Stadia Resolution Issues Blamed on Developers

People are having quite a few Google Stadia problems right now. The system launched with varying degrees of issues. One of the bigger ones is that it isn’t offering the resolutions promised by the company ahead of launch. Namely, people with Pro memberships were supposed to be seeing games in 4K, and many notable titles are missing that.

Rather than things being at 4K immediately, it is now confirmed that eventually they will be at 4K instead. Eurogamer showed Red Dead Redemption 2 is at 1440p, instead of 4K. Bungie told The Verge that Destiny 2 is running at 1080p, rather than 4K. Google has since issued a statement essentially saying it is up to developers to hit those milestones.

Here is Google’s official statement.

Stadia streams at 4K and 60 FPS – and that includes all aspects of our graphics pipeline from game to screen: GPU, encoder and Chromecast Ultra all outputting at 4k to 4k TVs, with the appropriate internet connection. Developers making Stadia games work hard to deliver the best streaming experience for every game. Like you see on all platforms, this includes a variety of techniques to achieve the best overall quality. We give developers the freedom of how to achieve the best image quality and frame rate on Stadia and we are impressed with what they have been able to achieve for day one.

We expect that many developers can, and in most cases will, continue to improve their games on Stadia. And because Stadia lives in our data centers, developers are able to innovate quickly while delivering even better experiences directly to you without the need for game patches or downloads.

This is only one of many Google Stadia launch issues. Another is that only Chromecast Ultras that came with the Google Stadia launch packages have the firmware capable of running the streaming service. Buddy Play, which would allow for multiplayer, wasn’t available at launch. Family sharing isn’t ready either.

Source: 9to5 Google

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