Gunheart, Mercenary Mech VR Title, Gets New Updates

Gunheart, Mercenary Mech VR Title, Gets New Updates

Gunheart is a virtual reality game currently available on Early Access for HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets. It originally released in July of 2017, but now it’s getting a huge 2018 update with all kinds of new content and new ways to play.

For those who aren’t familiar with the title, Gunheart takes place in a distant future when human-kind has learned how to really participate in space travel. Teleportation is now a common means of transportation, and humans the world over are heading into space to seek new adventures. The player characters in Gunheart are mercenary mech pilots who strive to protect these humans from any would-be alien murderers.

As far as the new content for Gunheart , there are simple things like new social tool item, or the ability to claim other players money/ammo/loot kegs (thus stealing their rewards). Some bigger additions include the integration of weapon progression. As you use your weapons, you’ll now be able to unlock new abilities for them. Weapons with a free modification slot will now also have one special to them immediately. This of course allows you to have more options with your weapons from the get-go, and when you unlock further mod slots.

Bonus challenges have also been added to Gunheart . Now while you’re completely missions you’ll be able to get some extra loot for completing further challenges. Gunheart ‘s survival mode has been reevaluated and changed in order to give players more complex gameplay.

Additional small changes to Gunheart include an experimental update in order to help better optimize CPU performance. The chances of finding ammo during missions is greater, and the amount of ammo you use while fighting has been lowered, to give players the ability to use their combo weapons more often. Finally, many combat animations within the game have been re-imagined to give players a more realistic experience. Enemies will have improved animations for when they are hit with a weapon, and also when they die.

That’s quite a lot of new stuff added to Gunheart ! Those who have already been playing will want to hop back in to see in person what’s changed. And new players should expect an even better experience than before. If you’re interested, you can find Gunheart on Steam in Early Access.

Source: Press Release

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