Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice All Lorestone locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 44 Lorestones and get the “Stories From The North” trophy. The Lorestones are large stones that provide lore (story info) when activated. Use your focus (press R2) to activate them. There is a collectible tracker on the Lorestones. There are different looking glyphs and a few dots between them. Red glyphs are missing ones and white are collected ones. The dots stand for the different chapters/areas. Each unique area or story part is divided by a dot. Thus, if there are six glyphs between two dots, then the chapter has six collectible locations. Note: The Lorestones are missable if you progress too far. There is no free roam after the story and no chapter select. It is recommended to get them in chronological order and create a manual backup save game at the start of each chapter, just in case you miss one. Fortunately, your progress does carry over into the next playthrough. After completing the story, select “New Game” and it will transfer your collectibles so that you only need to find the missing ones.

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All puzzle solutions

The following video walkthrough shows all puzzle solutions and door symbol locations. The puzzles you must solve include sealed rune symbol doors, finding letters/glyphs/runes, locked gates, repairing objects, and navigating through illusions and dark labyrinths. Glyph doors/locked gates require you to scan a red symbol (glyph, rune, or letter) on the door and then find the corresponding symbol. You must line up certain objects to get the required picture. At certain points there are glass shards floating in the air. Look at them from a certain angle to repair a broken object. Sometimes you must interact with illusion gates. When you walk through them, you can see certain things changing in your surroundings. For labyrinths, this is a special “shard challenge” later in the game. You must navigate through an endless maze. All of these puzzles must be solved to progress through the story.

Defeating Fenrir

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Fenrir is the third Boss. The battle takes place in a dark cave. You will have to use your focus a lot (press R2). This makes the Boss vulnerable. Without your focus active, you will not deal him damage. The focus also slows down time, which makes it easier to dodge attacks and land more combos. Fenrir is a big wolf enemy and only uses close range attacks. He is big and slow, but powerful. Dodge all his attacks, blocking usually gets you knocked to the ground. For his AOE jump attacks, dodge away. For his other attacks, dodge sideways. It is best if you stick to heavy attacks. Land 1-2 hits, dodge, repeat. When the screen goes dark, you need to activate your focus. When you have to search for Fenrir (he hides in the dark multiple times throughout the fight), you should get ready to dodge. He always does a charge or jump attack when he comes out of the dark.

Defeating Surtr, God Of Fire

Surtr is the second Boss. At the start of the game, take the right path to fight this Boss (if you go left, you will encounter Valravn, God Of Illusion; you will eventually have to fight them both). Surtr is the easiest Boss in the game. He is very slow and does not spawn any minions. Dodge sideways and he will almost always miss you. Then, perform one or two heavy attacks and repeat. Over the course of the fight, Surtr will kneel down and be surrounded by fire. The fire does not hurt you — so rush towards him and land some heavy attacks from behind while he kneels. This will deplete his health very quickly. If he knocks you on the ground, press X quickly to get back up. When he starts burning, stop attacking and press R2 to use your vision. This will make him vulnerable and he will stop burning.

Defeating Valravn, God Of Illusion

Valravn is the first Boss. At the start of the game, take the left path to fight this Boss (if you go right, you will encounter Surtr, God Of Fire; you will eventually have to fight them both). This Boss is not too difficult. Some attacks can be parried with a well timed block (press R2). The Boss likes to throw projectiles at you from a distance. A quick way to close the gap is to press X, which makes you dodge forward. You can also dodge sideways to counter Valravn’s jump attacks, and then attack with a few heavy attacks from behind. During the fight, some smaller enemies will spawn. As soon as they spawn, use the X, Square(2), Triangle(2) combo to kill them instantly (if performed correctly, Senua dashes forward and performs a quick stab combo). You can also change the difficulty in game options at any time. If you get knocked on the ground, press X very quickly to get back up. During the last phase, you must press R2 to use your vision and make the Boss vulnerable. If you do not do that, the Boss will appear as a shadow shape and will not take damage from your attacks.

Defeating the final Boss and getting 100% completion ending

At the end of the game (before the final Boss), you need to step through a portal with all 44 glyphs around it. At 100% completion (all Lorestones found), the glyphs will turn white and you will get a slightly different cutscene before the final Boss. The last Boss is quite easy. You will have an overpowered sword that kills most enemies in one hit. Activate your focus ability (press R2 during combat when it is powered up), and perform L1 + Square combos. This is a running sword stab. Senua will jump a few meters to the enemies. The weak ones die in just one hit. You can chain together really long combos with this and kill one enemy after the other. You do not actually have to fight the Boss himself, only his mobs. During the last phase, when the boss is sitting in the middle of the arena, you must let the enemies kill you. Otherwise, they just keep spawning infinitely. When they kill you, the final ending cutscenes will begin. The fight has three phases. During the first phase, fight the mobs until they are all dead. During the second phase, fight the shadow bosses until they are all dead. Remember to use R2 to trigger the focus ability. During the third phase, let the enemies kill you.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Done (Platinum): Collect all of the other trophies.

Additionally, there are 14 secret trophies:

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    Extinguished (Gold): Defeat Surtr.
    Gramr Released (Gold): Pull Gramr out of the Tree.
    Into the Mountain (Gold): Enter Helheim.
    Master of Illusion (Gold): Defeat Valravn.
    Source of the Darkness (Gold): Meet Hela for the first time on the Bridge.
    Stories From the North (Gold): Collect all of the Lorestones.
    Tamed the Beast (Gold): Defeat Fenrir.
    The Fight Begins (Gold): Reaching the Gate for the first time.
    The Final Battle (Gold): Confront Hela.
    Cure For the Plague (Silver): Complete the Swamp Shard Challenge.
    Different Perspectives (Silver): Complete the Tower Shard Challenge.
    Escaped (Silver): Complete the Labyrinth Shard Challenge.
    Trust Your Senses (Silver): Complete the Blindness Shard Challenge.
    Warrior (Silver): Escape the Sea of Corpses.
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