How to Give Someone Robux: Step-by-Step Instructions

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How to Give Someone Robux: Step-by-Step Instructions

Roblox Corporation’s Roblox is one of the most popular online game creation tools available, empowering millions of players worldwide to test their skill at developing their own virtual worlds within the platform and gaining plenty of popularity in the process. The game itself is free-to-play, though there are premium memberships players can purchase that grant them increased access to advanced creation options. Aside from the game being free-to-play, several parts of Roblox require the use of an in-game currency. Robux, Roblox‘s in-game currency, is used for a variety of purchases on the platform, with the most common one being cosmetic options.

Given how community-driven most of Roblox is, one of the most common conundrums players come across is needing to gift Robux directly to other players. There are currently no officially sanctioned means to give another player Robux. However, there are some creative workarounds players can use to sidestep this restriction. As it turns out, the easiest ways to give another player Robux are baked directly into Roblox‘s in-game economy.

Option 1: Gift Cards

The first, and arguably easiest, way to give another player Robux is through the use of a gift card. Both physical and digital Robux gift cards are available at a variety of retailers. Assuming that players don’t have the ability to physically meet with another player and gift them Robux, it’s still incredibly easy to give another player some Robux using a digital gift card.

Robux gift cards come in denominations ranging from 800 Robux ($10) to 57,700 Robux ($500). Using Amazon as an example, use the following steps to purchase a Robux gift card and then gift the currency to another player:

Step 1: Head to a Digital Retailer (Amazon) and search “Robux Gift Card”

Assuming you’ll be using Amazon as a default digital retailer, head to Amazon.com and enter “robux gift card” into the search bar as seen here:

Amazon search bar

After searching for “robux gift cards” in the Amazon search bar, you’ll see plenty of different denominations come up in the results.

Amazon search results

Step 2: Select a Denomination

Once you’ve searched for the Roblox Robux gift card, select the desired amount. The lowest possible denomination is 800 Robux ($10) and the highest is 57,700 Robux ($500), with plenty of varying options in between. Select the amount you wish to send to another player and add it to your cart.

Step 3: Purchase the Gift Card

With the correct denomination gift card in your cart, select to check out and complete the checkout process on Amazon.

Step 4: Access the Gift Card PIN on Amazon

After successfully checking out and purchasing the gift card on Amazon, follow these steps to access the Gift Card PIN:

  • Click on “Orders” under “Your Account
  • Find the order for the gift card and click “View Order Details
  • Click “Go to Games Library” and then “Access Your Content
  • Amazon will display the Gift Card PIN and instruct you to copy the code to apply it to your account.
  • Copy the code to your computer’s clipboard for the final step.

Step 5: Send the Gift Card PIN to the recipient in a message on Roblox

With the PIN for the gift card copied, open a message to the player you wish to send Robux to inside Roblox. Send the player a message with the notification that you’re sending them Robux, and paste the Gift Card PIN into the message. Make sure that no one else sees the Gift Card PIN, otherwise, they could redeem the funds for themselves.

Option 2: Donation Items

If purchasing a gift card isn’t an option or doesn’t appeal to you, there are other ways to gift friends and fellow players Robux within the game’s economy. One such method involves players creating simple items and setting a price for that item that other players can purchase in the community-created content marketplace. Keep in mind that Roblox Corporation will take a 30% cut of any funds players receive for player-created content they sell on the platform.

Step 1: The Other Player needs a Premium Membership

In order for this method to work, the intended recipient of the Robux needs to have a Premium Membership. A Premium Membership will allow them to create content and sell it on the Roblox platform. Note that a Premium Membership is $4.99 per month and can also be purchased using Robux.

Step 2: The Other Player needs to create a simple Item

Here is where the other player/recipient of the Robux will need to do just a bit of work. Ask them to create a simple clothing item. This can be a simple one-color shirt, T-shirt, or pants. They can do this using the following steps if they don’t know how:

  • Log in to Roblox
  • Click “Create
  • Click “Avatar Items
  • Click “Shirt“, “T-Shirt“, or “Pants
  • Drag and drop the clothing to “Upload Asset

Step 3: They upload the Item to the Roblox Catalog

After creating the item, the Other Player will need to upload it to the Roblox Catalog to make it available for sale. If they don’t know how they can complete this step using these instructions:

  • Find the item under “My Creations
  • Enter a name for the item
  • Click the button to Upload (requires 10 Robux)

Step 4: Agree on a price for the Item with the Other Player equal to the amount of Robux you plan to gift

Once you communicate to the Other Player how much Robux you plan to give them, they can set the price of the item to that amount. Again, keep in mind that sending Robux to another player this way results in a portion going to the Roblox Corporation. Accordingly, the Other Player will only receive 70% of the agreed-upon amount of Robux.

Once the price is set, the Other Player can toggle the item for sale and set the price, making the item available to you and millions of other players.

Step 5: Buy the Item

To buy the item, use the following steps:

  • Log in to Roblox
  • Click “Marketplace
  • Search for the item name or for your friend’s username
  • Click on the correct item in the search results
  • Click “Buy
  • Click “Buy Robux and Item

Your friend/the Other Player will receive the set amount of Robux they’re charging for the item, with 30% of the proceeds going to the Robux Corporation.

Option 3: Creating a Game Pass

A third option for giving someone Robux is similar to the Donation Item method but doesn’t require a Premium Membership. If the Other Player creates a simple game using one of the many game creation templates on Roblox, they can generate passes for that game world and sell them for a specific amount of Robux. Similar to the Donation Item method, Roblox Corporation will take 30% of the total for any content sold through the platform.

Have your friend complete the following steps to send them Robux for a Game Pass:

  • Log in to Roblox
  • Click “Create
  • Click on any game or experience or make one from scratch using one of the simple templates
  • Click “Associated Items” in the left-hand menu
  • Click “Passes
  • Click “Create a Pass
  • Upload an image for the pass (can be any image)
  • Enter a name and description for the pass
  • Click “Create Pass
  • Click on the pass that was just created and then click “Sales
  • List the game pass for sale and have them set the price to the amount that you wish to send them in Robux

Once your friend/the Other Player has toggled the switch to put the game pass up for sale for the agreed-upon amount, you can search for the game your friend made and purchase it using the same steps as the Donation Item method. Again, remember that Roblox Corporation will earn 30% of the sale, reducing the total amount of Robux your friend will receive.

Option 4: Group Funds

The final option for sending another player Robux involves utilizing the Group Funds feature. If you are part of a group that you both maintain and manage (or even if you want to simply create a group and have a friend join), you can each create items or game passes and distribute the proceeds from their sale to the group instead of individually. Note that it does cost 100 Robux to create a group.

Step 1: Create a group (if one doesn’t already exist)

Use the following steps to create a group from scratch if you and your friend/the Other Player are not already part of a group:

  • Log in to Roblox
  • Go to roblox.com/groups/create
  • Enter a name and description for the group
  • Use any image for the group icon
  • Select either “Anyone Can Join” or “Manual Approval
  • Pay 100 Robux to create the group

Step 2: Make sure the Other Player is part of the group

Depending on whether you selected “Anyone Can Join” or “Manual Approval” when creating the group, your friend will either be able to join immediately or after you’ve approved their membership. They will need to complete the following to join the group:

  • Log in to Roblox
  • Click “Groups
  • Click “More Groups
  • Search for the group name
  • Click the correct group and then click “Join

Step 3: Visit the Creator dashboard

Once both players are part of a group, visit the Creator Dashboard by going to create.roblox.com

Step 4: Create an item or game pass

Once inside the Creator Dashboard, click “Group Creations” and then select the correct group. After selecting the correct group that contains both you and your friend, create any piece of clothing or a game pass using the same instructions outlined above. Make sure that you select “group donation clothing item” or “group game pass” when creating. Note that Roblox Corporation will still earn 30% of the proceeds of the sale.

Step 5: Buy the item or pass

Once the group item has been created, use the following steps to successfully buy the item and have the funds go to the group:

  • Log in to Roblox
  • Click “Marketplace
  • Search for the group item name
  • Click the correct item in the search results
  • Click “Buy

Step 6: Distribute funds to your friend in the group

After buying the item or game pass, the funds used in the purchase will now be available for distribution in the Group menu. To send these Robux to your friend/Other Player who is in the group with you, complete the following steps:

  • Log in to Roblox
  • Click “Groups
  • Click on the correct group
  • Click on the “” button
  • Click “Configure Group
  • Click “Revenue
  • Click “One Time Payouts
  • Click “Add Payout Recipients
  • Enter your friend’s/the Other Player’s Username
  • Enter the amount of Robux you wish to transfer (cannot exceed group funds)
  • Click “Distribute
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