Killzone Mercenary DLC Introduces Offline Multiplayer

Killzone Mercenary DLC Introduces Offline Multiplayer

Guerilla Cambridge’s tech director Matt Porter announced on Tuesday, April 15 that the PlayStation Vita title Killzone: Mercenary will be receiving an offline multiplayer mode with the game’s latest DLC, “Botzone Soldier Training Pack”.

With Botzone, you’ll be able to play all of Killzone: Mercenary’s eight maps offline in both the Mercenary and Geurrilla Warfare gamemodes, against up to a total of seven AI soldiers. As the host of the offline match, you have jurisdiction over the number of teammates and enemies that join in battle.

Botzone also brings new skills to the bot AI, who will challenge you with Vanguard usage, zip line navigation, interrogations, rescues, capsule hacking and valour card collection. The Ai is also touted to use many of Killzone: Mercenary’s loadouts to stop you. You’ll also be able to obtain multiplayer trophies while offline, too.

The actual multiplayer of Killzone: Mercenary will also be receiving a mandatory 23Mb update that sorts out collision issues in some of the maps (549Mb if you have not previously downloaded the game’s other updates).

Botzone Soldier Training Pack will be available for purchase via the PlayStation store for £1.99, or your regional equivalent.

During a panel at this year’s Game Developers Conference, Guerrilla Games’ lead engineer Michal Valient gave a few interesting insights to the image quality of Killzone Shadow Fall , such as around 40,000 polygons per character model. Killzone Shadow Fall’s first paid DLC , titled the “Insurgent Pack”, was also released on Tuesday, April 1 in the US and in the UK on Wednesday, April 2, for €9.99 / $9.99 respectively.

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