Last FFXIII-2 DLC Lands Today

Last FFXIII-2 DLC Lands Today


Final Fantasy XIII-2 read as an apology to gamers who felt they were spurned by Final Fantasy XIII’s overly linear nature, vague combat and droning, rambling plot. It’s a shorter, tighter game with more freedom regarding both exploration and combat. Most importantly, it actually has people to talk to, other than just your fellow party members.

It also has DLC. The last chunks thereof are hitting today, comprising both gameplay and cosmetic content. Please note that some SPOILERS may follow!

  • Snow’s Story: Perpetual Battlefield hits for $3.99 and includes the eponymous character as a combatant to face. Defeating him nets him as a playable party member.

  • Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess retails for $4.99 and is designed for play after one completes the main game, comprising Lightning’s fight against Caius. Afterward, Lightning will be available to players as a party member.

  • A Wondrous Wardrobe is, at $2.99, a collection of sixteen outfits for Mog the Moogle.

  • And, at $2.99 (each), players can get a Black Mage outfit for Noel or a White Mage one for Serah.

    And, with that, Final Fantasy XIII-2 takes its final bow. Hopefully you feel a sense of resolution, but, if not, at least you can dress up your Moogle. Right?

    By Shelby Reiches

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