Lost Planet 2 Confirmed

Lost Planet 2 Confirmed


Last week Capcom announced that they would be announcing their latest title via Xbox LIVE this week.

Today, a 10 minute trailer was launched on the online service that confirmed the development of Lost Planet 2.

Producer Jun Takeuchi presented the surprisingly lo-res trailer. From the looks of things, Lost Planet 2 will still be a third-person shooter, but E.D.N.III, previously a frozen waste, has been terraformed into a world full of unique environments.

Also, rather than focusing on just one character or one group, multiple factions will be represented and incorporated into the campaign.

Competitive multiplayer action will once again be featured, but this time players will also be able to play cooperatively through the campaign. According to the devs, battling the Akrid with a buddy should be excellent.

Finally, a revamped version 2.0 of Capcom’s MT Framework engine is being used to develop the game. Despite the poor quality of the trailer’s resolution, we could already see the quality oozing from the title, especially considering nearly all the footage was compiled from in-engine, actual gameplay.

Capcom has promisd a press release on Wednesday, February 25th.

Below you’ll find the trailer in its entirety:

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