Madden NFL 07 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Madden NFL 07 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Madden NFL 07


Super Bowl XLI Gold card

Enter ” RLA9R7 ” as a code to unlock the Super Bowl XLI Gold card.

Super Bowl XLII Gold card

Enter ” WRLUF8 ” as a code to unlock the Super Bowl XLII Gold card.

Super Bowl XLIII Gold card

Enter ” NIEV4A ” as a code to unlock the Super Bowl XLIII Gold card.

Super Bowl XLIV Gold card

Enter ” M5AB7L ” as a code to unlock the Super Bowl XLIV Gold card.

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Aloha Stadium Gold card

Enter ” YI8P8U ” as a code to unlock the Aloha Stadium Gold card.

1958 Colts Gold card

Enter ” B57QLU ” as a code to unlock the 1958 Colts Gold card.

1966 Packers Gold card

Enter ” 1PL1FL ” as a code to unlock the 1966 Packers Gold card.

1968 Jets Gold card

Enter ” MIE6WO ” as a code to unlock the 1968 Jets Gold card.

1970 Browns Gold card

Enter ” CL2TOE ” as a code to unlock the 1970 Browns Gold card.

1972 Dolphins Gold card

Enter ” NOEB7U ” as a code to unlock the 1972 Dolphins Gold card.

1974 Steelers Gold card

Enter ” YO0FLA ” as a code to unlock the 1974 Steelers Gold card.

1976 Raiders Gold card

Enter ” MOA11I ” as a code to unlock the 1976 Raiders Gold card.

1977 Broncos Gold card

Enter ” C8UM7U ” as a code to unlock the 1977 Broncos Gold card.

1978 Dolphins Gold card

Enter ” VIU0O7 ” as a code to unlock the 1978 Dolphins Gold card.

1980 Raiders Gold card

Enter ” NLAPH3 ” as a code to unlock the 1980 Raiders Gold card.

1981 Chargers Gold card

Enter ” COAGI4 ” as a code to unlock the 1981 Chargers Gold card.

1982 Redskins Gold card

Enter ” WL8BRI ” as a code to unlock the 1982 Redskins Gold card.

1983 Raiders Gold card

Enter ” H0EW7I ” as a code to unlock the 1983 Raiders Gold card.

1984 Dolphins Gold card

Enter ” M1AM1E ” as a code to unlock the 1984 Dolphins Gold card.

1985 Bears Gold card

Enter ” QOETO8 ” as a code to unlock the 1985 Bears Gold card.

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1986 Giants Gold card

Enter ” ZI8S2L ” as a code to unlock the 1986 Giants Gold card.

1988 49ers Gold card

Enter ” SP2A8H ” as a code to unlock the 1988 49ers Gold card.

1990 Eagles Gold card

Enter ” 2L4TRO ” as a code to unlock the 1990 Eagles Gold card.

1991 Lions Gold card

Enter ” J1ETRI ” as a code to unlock the 1991 Lions Gold card.

1992 Cowboys Gold card

Enter ” W9UVI9 ” as a code to unlock the 1992 Cowboys Gold card.

1993 Bills Gold card

Enter ” DLA3I7 ” as a code to unlock the 1993 Bills Gold card.

1994 49ers Gold card

Enter ” DR7EST ” as a code to unlock the 1994 49ers Gold card.

1996 Packers Gold card

Enter ” F8LUST ” as a code to unlock the 1996 Packers Gold card.

1998 Broncos Gold card

Enter ” FIES95 ” as a code to unlock the 1998 Broncos Gold card.

1999 Rams Gold card

Enter ” S9OUSW ” as a code to unlock the 1999 Rams Gold card.

QB On Target card

Enter ” WROA0R ” as a code to get the QB On Target card. This card makes your Quarterback have 100% accuracy for one half.

Mistake Free card

Enter ” XL7SP1 ” as a code to get the Mistake Free card. This card makes it impossible for you to throw an interception or fumble the ball for one half.

Lame Duck card

Enter ” 5LAWO0 ” as a code to get the Lame Duck card. This card forces your opponent to throw nothing but lob passes for one half, which allows the defense more time to react to the ball, and leads to more deflections and interceptions.

Easy Madden Tokens

Use the following trick to get easy Madden Tokens in Two Minute Drill mode. Go to the roster of the team you are going to use and raise their stats so that their entire offensive line, fullback, and halfback are very good. Then, decrease the speed and awareness for the defensive players on the team you are going to play against. Next, go to Two Minute Drill mode and set the difficulty to All-Madden. If you plan to run against the defense, try a HB Toss to run on the outside. If you pass, throw Hail Marys the entire time. Your receivers that are good should beat the defensive backs, especially if you make them very tall and skinny.

Set the game difficulty to “All-Madden”. Then, go into the AI settings and set all of the human stats (QB Accuracy, O-line, Pass Blocking, etc.) to the maximum. Next, set all the CPU stats to the lowest. Set the quarters to five minutes and choose a team with a good running back, such as Denver, Seattle, or Washington. It will still be difficult to pass even with the CPU stats are as low as they are. You should be able to get well over 500 rushing yards and 700 Madden Tokens per game.

Enable any one of the codes for a card several times. Then, go to the card screen and sell the cards you just obtained. You will get 25 Madden Tokens for a card.

Easy interceptions

While on defense, switch to one of the safeties in a zone coverage and pick up on a receiver. Stay about five to ten yards away from the receiver. When the quarterback throws the ball to that receiver, run towards the receiver. Press Y when you get in front of the receiver, just as the ball is getting there.

Better lead blocking

The trick to effective blocking is learning when to use the different blocks. Impact Blocks (C-stick Up) are more effective if you have a size advantage against the player you are blocking, while Cut Blocks (C-stick Down) are more effective if the defender is bigger than you. Turn Blocking works best for offensive linemen when they are trying to create an interior hole for the running back. If you get beat and you must resort to dirty tactics, try Holding (L).

Better running

When running the ball, the Highlight Stick is the best way to beat a defender in the open field. Press Up on the Highlight Stick to cause the ball carrier to play to their strengths and attempt to either power through or quickly shake past the defender. Press Left, Right, or Down on the Highlight Stick to make the ball carrier do a quick juke move in the specified direction. These moves are great for keeping your opponent guessing.

Cut Moves (L and R) are a quick way to change the direction of the ball carrier without having to lose too much speed. If you are running in a certain direction and the defense is closing in, cutting in a different direction can be a good way to get past the defenders. These moves are best done by quicker running backs with high agility ratings.

When the running back has the ball in the backfield, you can use the Cut Moves (L and R) to get through the holes in the offensive line. These moves are called Behind the Line Jukes, and they can only be performed when the ball carrier is approaching the offensive line. These moves allow the ball carrier to turn his hips and squeeze through small holes in the offensive line that normally he would not be able to get through.

Avoiding injuries

When you think one of your players may be injured on offense, hurry the play up and they will usually get back up.

Recommended defense

If you choose a 4-3 or 3-4 defense against any team, select a play in which you blitz all your linebackers and have your defensive backs cover the receivers. This works a lot of the time. You will usually average at least five sacks per game.

Try blitzing on first and second downs but not on the third down. Your opponent may be used to rushing his throws and throw the ball right into your coverage.

Get any player in Franchise mode

Use the following trick to obtain almost any player desired. Go to the desired player in the “View Roster” menu. Make sure there are more than enough players in the position he is in. Go to “Edit Player” then “Information”. Change his position to something that would make him overall bad. For example, make Ladanian Tomlinson a linebacker. Go to “Trade Player” and trade someone with a higher rating than him for that player. Once you get the player on your team, change them back to their original position.

In order for this trick to work you must turn off the trade deadline at the beginning of the season. Before you play your last game of the regular season in week 17, look at the standings (records) of the other teams. Find the team with the worst record. The team with the worst losing record has the first pick in the upcoming draft. Go to the trade player screen and propose a trade for your first round pick for their first round pick. The CPU should always accepts the trade. You can do this for your other picks as well. When you reach the NFL draft in the upcoming off season, you will have the first pick even if you won the Super Bowl in the prior season.

Fantasy draft

Do not draft a running back because Reggie Bush will not be selected until the ninth round. You can choose him late and he will be very good. If you do the highlight stick, he is unbeatable. As for your first draft pick, pick a quarterback. Make sure he is ranked at least 94 overall. Even a perfectly created quarterback will not get you Brady Palmer or Peyton Manning.

In the first round if you cannot get your desired QB or there is no one better than a 90 overall, take Champ Bailey. In the second round, take Steve Smith or any of the top WR desired. In the third round, take Polamalu or Steve Hutchinson. In the fourth round, take a MLB, preferably Jonathan Vilma because he is young, very good, and usually ends up an elite LB after a short time. In the eighth round, draft Reggie Bush. He is very fast, young, and will improve a lot in short time. Also try to get Manny Lawson (change to DE), Dbrickahshaw Ferguson (OT), Michael Huff (FS), Tye Hill (CB), and Lecharles Bentley (Center). This results in a fairly balanced team.

When you play Franchise mode, in the off-season usually the CPU releases one amazing player and a group of good players. For example, after your first year usually they will release Terrell Owens (97), Ed Reed (99), or Justin Griffith (97). Instead of going for other good players, offer the “superstar” released in that off-season a lot of money on the first day, then try to get some good players. Usually if you offered the “superstar” enough on the first day, he will sign with you immediately. You can then focus on good players. Also, when you are re-signing players or getting them in free agency and you want to save salary, offer them all seven years and your salary will go up.

Use Performance Institute more than once per week in Superstar mode

Use the Performance Institute on the day of a game. Save the game to a memory card, then remove the memory card. Next, simulate the game, then exit the game without saving. Insert the memory card back in and load your superstar. You will be able to use the Performance Institute again while still retaining the benefits gained from the last time you used it. Repeat this process as many times as desired to raise all Performance Institute stats. -From: Brian Hernandez

To use the Performance Institute more than once in one week (assuming if your agent lets you use it), first go to your schedule and simulate up to the day that you have your game. Then, go to the Performance Institute and do your normal drill. Go to your schedule and start your game; however, when you get to the kickoff, quit and go back to the Performance Institute. You should be able to attend once more (before the game).

Easy Influence and Role points in Superstar mode

When you finish a game in Superstar mode do not save or turn off the system. Do all the practices and gameplans and start the next game. Do the coin toss and choose to receive or kick or direction depending on coin toss. When you get to the screen with the play the coach picked for the kickoff, pause the game. Save the game and then turn off the system. When you turn the game on and load Superstar mode, you should have all of your Influence and Role points from the previous game. For example, if you finished game 1 with 100 influence points, you will have 100 influence points at the start of game 2 to build on.

Easy kicker and punter stats in Superstar mode

Use the following trick to get more field goals and punts. If you are a punter, put him as a QB, then set Punt on your audibles. If you are a kicker, put him as a QB, then set Field Goal on your audible. Call the audible as soon as the offensive line is formed. You can now get more field goals from your opposition’s 42 yard line forward. If the ball is spotted on the 50 yard line, you will shoot from about 15 to 18 yards further back than what is already an NFL record.

Easy kicker and punter Influence points in Superstar mode

Do the following to get Influence points for touchbacks from kickoffs and punts for a Superstar punter and kicker, and to make sure that your touchbacks will be credited to your Hall Of Fame resume as well as your stats line. Do not just kick the ball out of the endzone so that the returner cannot catch it. Make sure the returner catches the ball and kneels down. Also, even when you can back up a promise and win the game, never arrange media with the agent if you want to maintain a positive ego and avoid becoming a “lone wolf”. However, being a “lone wolf” is useful for transforming a pocket QB to a makeshift scrambling QB.

Choosing correct parents in Superstar mode

When starting Hall Of Fame mode, certain parents will give you large boosts in key stats. If you want a receiver that is very fast, choose a Hall of Fame WR father with the “He was the Randy Moss of his time” note. Your player should have 95 or higher speed. If you want a fast quarterback, look for a Pro Bowl or Hall of Fame QB father with the “He was the Michael Vick of his time” note. Your player will be very fast and have good throwing power. Note: If you choose a father with the “He was his era’s Tom Brady” note, he will be very slow (55 or less speed) and not be able to outrun anyone.

If you want to get a fast running back, look for a father who is a U.S.A. sprinter. It might cost you in other areas, but you will get 94 rated speed. Do not change any body features even though you are short.

Better agent in Superstar mode

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Answer the interview questions as a team player. Then when you hire an agent, more of them will want to sign with you.

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