Mario Kart Wii Details

Mario Kart Wii Details


Famitsu and IGN have confirmed a number of details surrounding Mario Kart Wii.  The famed cart racer will be Nintendo’s next big first party title once Smash Bros. Brawl has been fully rolled out.

Famitsu latest issue states that there will be 32 courses, with 16 remakes of old courses, and 16 completely new courses.

The new courses will include Mario Circuit, Momo Country, Kinopio Factory, DK Snowboard Cross, Coconuts Mall, Kinoko Canyon, and Luigi Circuit.

Many of these courses will incorporate mid-air tricks. This is a brand new feature for the Mario Kart series.  It seems to have replaced the triple power slide of Double Dash.  Landing a mid-air trick will give you a turbo boost upon landing.

Multiplayer will be huge.  You will be able to join 12-player races with your friends, fellow countrymen, or get matched to competitors from around the world.

There will also be the inclusion of the “Mario Kart” channel.  It looks as though leader boards and records information will be available for view.  Hopefully Nintendo read my news piece from two weeks ago and will include world championship tournaments and leagues for both racing and battle modes!

You’ll also be able to customize your online avatars by uploading your Miis.  It should provide a very fun and personalized racing touch.
Additionally, you can download top-players’ race “ghosts.”  They’ll teach you the best lines and hone your feeble abilities.

There is no word yet as to whether a battle component will be available online.

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