Mario Party 6 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Mario Party 6 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Mario Party 6


Play as Toadette

Put 30 Stars in the Star Bank to unlock Toadette.

Clockwork Castle board

Put 100 Stars in the Star Bank to unlock the Clockwork Castle board.

Restart turn

If something happened that you did not like during your turn, reset the game or pause and quit. Reenter party mode to restart the turn. This is useful if Bowser steals all your coins.

Microphone fake out

To fake out your friends when playing with the microphone, say the command without pressing the button on the microphone.

Control dice in Solo mode

Say a number before rolling the die to increase the chance of that number appearing.

Sluggish Shroom

When you use the Sluggish Shroom, press A when the number is before your desired number. For example,if you want a “10”, press A when the “9” is on the dice. If you want a “1”, Press A when “10” is on the dice.

Drop blocks in Shut Your Mouth

Say “Zero” to drop blocks on enemies.

Flipping your car in Tricky Tires

Drive your car into one of the block people (gray people). Go full speed when you hit from the sides. Your car will flip over. You will see the wheels stick up from the ground, and you can still move. You will also see your shadow. Note: This trick requires a lot of practice and it is very difficult to complete.

Monkey bombs in Word Herd

At anytime say “Ukiki”, which will make the monkey throw bombs just like in the Sonic games. Note: This can only be done three times per game.

See the epilogue in the Miracle Book

View all pages in the Miracle Book.

GameCube appearance

In the orb hut (the tree place), when you buy things you can see a Nintendo GameCube.

Backwards pages

In the opening sequence, when the pages in the book turn, they will turn backwards. Note: This will also happen in the Book Of Knowledge.

Character actions

Say the names of various characters at the main selection screen to call them out. For example, say “Ukiki” to make Chipchip jump from the water.

    Say “Brighton” to have Brighton wave at you.

    Say “Fly Guy” to have some of them fly across.

    Say “Goomba” to have them run across.

    Say “Twila” to have her acknowledge you with her staff.

Character appearances in Verbal Assault

Say the following names and the corresponding character or object will pop out:

    “Bullet Bill”
    “Cheep Cheep”
    “Fly Guy”

Easy Stars

Use the following technique to accumulate Stars and open mini-games easily: Select “Start a game in Party-mode”. Select your playing area, keeping in mind that some have items that will decrease/steal stars. For example “Towering Treetop” works just fine, whereas “Castaway Bay” tends to yield fewer due to Bowser taking them. It is recommended that you “Play a 50 turn game” in which “Bonus Stars will be handed out at the end of the game”. This will minimize the number of times you will need to repeat the process to obtain the most Stars. Handicap each player to start with nine Stars. Once again, this is not required, but will further minimize the number of times this procedure needs to be repeated. Once the game starts, immediately press Start to pause game play, and configure it for all CPU-controlled players (usually also set for the hardest IQ, so they actually move during mini-games (as opposed to remaining motionless without accumulating stars/coins/bananas, etc.; as they may if set for “weak/normal”. The following settings are suggested (but not required) to expedite the process, as well as open mini-games:

    Mini-game instructions are set to Skip instructions.
    CPU Mini-game setting is set to Skip CPU Duel mini-games.
    Playable mini-games are set to All Games*.
    Rumble Feature is turned off. (optional)
    Message speed is set to fast.
    The Mic is turned off.

The game will now play with all-CPU players, accumulating Stars and opening mini-games without your interaction. Return in a few hours when the game is finished. Repeat this as necessary to obtain Stars and purchase items in the Star Bank. Note: “Faire Square” seems to provide the most opportunities to obtain Stars, due to that gambling options available. Also, the CPU players have a very-high percentage of wins on the gambling games with “Brutal Difficulty” IQ setting. That said, “Brutal Difficulty” should be purchased as soon as it can be, and used instead of “Hard” for the CPU IQ. This will build Stars even faster, especially on “Faire Square”.

Additionally, in story mode, play the Snowflake Lake (snowy) level. Each time you finish, you will get 20 Stars in the Star Bank. If you put the bonus on, it will be 23 Stars in the Star Bank. Note: This can work when you put on any amount of turns from 10 to 50. You will even get the Stars even if you do not finish first.

Easy mini-games

In certain mini-games that requires reflexes (for example, Sunday Driver, Insectiride, etc.), pause the game when it shows the button to press. Note the button, then press it as soon the game is resumed. This is useful for making records on Sunday Drivers. Additionally, when playing in solo mode you will most likely get a Sluggish Shroom, which makes the dice block roll slower. When you get to the last six spaces, use it and hit the block one number lower than the desired number. You should land on the rare mini-game space.


Four player games

    Blooper Scooper: Your wooden ship breaks by a giant Blooper and you must swim furiously to avoid getting captured. Do not touch hazards like barrels or crates or the giant Bloopers arms or you will be stunned. Either the last player standing wins or if time runs out whoever is alive wins.

    Catch You Letter: This is a Mario Party 6 version of Flower Shower mini-game from Mario Party; except when you hold a letter you must give it to the Shy Guy that is running all over the place. You can only hold one letter at a time. Pink letters are worth 3 points. The one with the most points wins.

    Circuit Maximus: You and your opponents must run around an electrical tower while trying to dodge amps. If you touch an amp, you will be shocked. The first one to the goal wins.

    Freeze Frame: You have one shot to snap a picture. You must try to snap as many Goombas as possible. The person with the most wins.

    Granite Getaway: When you enter a cave, a giant boulder drops down and starts chasing you. Run, and whoever makes it out without getting squished wins.

    Mowtown: You are mowing someone’s backyard lawn with grass that has not been cut in years. You and your rivals must cut their grass. The one who gets the most grass clippings at the end of the time limit wins.

    Odd Card Out: You are in a studio-like location with three giant cards with a button icon atop of each one. Press the button for the card that is different from each other. Get it wrong and a Thwomp crushes you and you will lose a turn. Get two correct first to win.

    Smashdance: You are in a weird jungle surrounded by sixteen slow blinking tiles. The person who Ground Pounds the most wins.

    What Goes Up…: At daytime you must climb on to Paratroopas. The person at the highest point wins. At night, it is the complete opposite. The first player or CPU to the ground wins.

1 vs. 3 games

    Ball Dozers: Everyone is on a pachinko machine. Each player has a hammer. The solo player breaks pegs with the hammer to make a ball roll down to the goal. The team of three does the same thing, just with a bigger ball. The first ball to the goal wins.

    Crate And Peril: The three players are captured in the solo player’s box and are trapped with some pegs and two spiny shells. The solo player tilts the box so the spiny shells move and tries to hit the other three players.

    Pop Star: One player has a hammer and the three other players Ground Pound to try and pop the balloon in the background. The solo player presses A rapidly. The first team to pop their balloon first wins.

    Stage Fright: Three players try to shoot balls at the solo player, who is dodging them until the time limit expires. If one of the three players shoots their teammate, they will become temporarily stunned.

    Sink Or Swim: The solo player drops mines at the other players, who are trying to swim away from them. If the three players stay in the water too long they are forced to go up for air, making them easy targets for the solo player.

    Snow Brawl: This is a 5 vs. 3 snowball fight with the first team as player one and four monkeys (or Shy Guys at night), and the second team with the three other players. The three players must player one to win, and can hit the monkeys or Shy Guys. The solo player’s team must freeze the three players. One hit and you are iced.

2 vs. 2 games

    Burnstile: Each team is on a different platform floating on lava and has a spiky turnstile. You and your team nyst dodge the spinning turnstile. The last team standing wins.

    Clean Team: There are spats of mud on the windows of a hotel. One person foams the muddy windows and the other person wipes the foam off. The first team to clean all the windows wins.

    Garden Grab: You and your teammate must pull a giant carrot out of the ground. You start off by taking turns pressing different buttons. After a few buttons, you must rapidly press a random button. The first to pluck the veggie is the winner.

    Pixel Perfect: You and your teammate must copy a design on the large board in the center. Try not to Ground Pound each other. The first team to get two correct first wins.

    Rocky Road: Your average Sunday drive gets interrupted by giant rocks. You must hop out of the car, break the rocks, and get back in. The first team to get to the end wins.

Battle games

    Insectiride: You must pick a bug-themed car with different button combinations and have to press buttons to make it to the finish line. The first one there wins.

    Strawberry Shortfuse: Twelve monkeys each have a platters. Six have cakes and six have bombs. You must figure out which monkey has the cake and choose it. Anyone who gets a bomb is out. The last one standing wins.

    Wrasslin Rapids: You are punching and kicking your opponents off a raft floating on a water ride. Try to dodge nuts and incoming cannon fire. The last player standing wins.

Duel games

    0-Zone: You and your rival ground pound steel plates in this game. You must get three 0s before your rival does. Get an X and you will be stunned.

    Boo’d Off The Stage: Giant pink boos will try to capture you. You must dodge Boos to survive. If you touch a Boo, the other player wins.

    Full Tilt: You and your rival must run on a tilting path and try not to fall. The first one to the goal wins.

    Pitifall: This is a game of pure luck. You only have to pick a rope. You and your rival will swing on the rope they have chosen and try to land on the platform safely. If no one picks the correct rope, a Fly Guy will rescue one of them.

    Trick Or Tree: Four shady tress shuffle and dance around. When they stop, you must guess which one is the tallest. Pick the tree taller than your rival’s to win.

D.K. games

    Banana Shake: You must shake bananas off the trees and dodge hammers. Press B to avoid hammers, but do not avoid the bananas. If you are playing a board map, D.K. will reward you with one to three coins for each banana.

    Pier Factor: Choose a barrel and watch as you roll down a colored pier collecting bananas automatically. Your barrel will move to other pier parts, losing great opportunities.

    Tally Me Bananna: Jump from barrel-to-floating barrel catching bananas. Do npt fall in the water. Use fallen rivals as stepping stones.

Bowser games

    Dark N Crispy Bowsers In The Darkness: You must dodge Bowser and his flames for thirty seconds to win. Do not fall off the ledge or you are out. If you are playing a board map, Bowser will take coins or orbs from the loser(s).

    Dizzy Rotisserie: You are clumsy and dizzy in Bowser’s main lair. You must tilt the Analog-stick to learn which way is straight and walk to the only exit that will close in 30 seconds. If you are playing a board map, Bowser will take coins and orbs from the loser(s).

    Pit Boss: If you do not like to touch pointy objects, it would be a good idea to run away from Bowser’s three rolling spiked balls. You will win when the balls stop moving and if you survive. If you are playing a board map, Bowser will take orbs or coins from the loser(s).

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