Metal Gear Unlocks New Scene, Avengers Items Coming to Fortnite

Metal Gear Unlocks New Scene, Avengers Items Coming to Fortnite

Metal Gear Solid V Players Unlock Denuclearization Scene (via Kotaku )

Nuclear weapons are a pretty big deal in the Metal Gear Solid games, and Metal Gear Solid V contained a feature where the global community of players could work together to eliminate nukes owned by other players.

On most platforms, the number of nukes remained high, but the number of nukes apparently reached zero in the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Interest in this goal had waxed and waned over the five years since the original game’s release, and Konami seemingly stopped caring about the event. Interest could also have been affected by the fact that the unlockable cutscene had already been seen due to both glitches and hacks in the past.

The community also suspects that hacks are what made it so difficult to achieve total denuclearization in the first place. Whatever the case, the cutscene has now, finally, been officially unlocked. Some players are wondering if new content will be unlocked as a result of denuclearization. There does seem to be some evidence on that front. Unfortunately, we won’t know anything until Konami completes their investigation of the achievement to verify that the number of nukes truly did reach zero.

Avengers Items Coming to Fortnite (via IGN )

One of Fortnite’s coolest events to date was the Avengers crossover where players could occasionally take control of the ultra-powerful villain, Thanos. For that reason, you may not be surprised to hear that the upcoming betas for Marvel’s Avengers will also be getting a tie-in of sorts.

Players who complete the beta and complete a few in-game challenges will earn access to a new pickaxe for Fortnite that looks like the Hulk’s hands. Players will also be able to unlock a version that looks like the hands from the Hulkbuster armor.

Pre-order customers will be able to access the PlayStation 4 beta for Marvel’s Avengers will arrive on August 7. The pre-order beta for the Xbox One and PC will follow, opening on the August 14, and a completely open beta will be made available on August 21.

New Red Dead Online NPC Protects Animals With Violence (via PC Gamer )

As part of Red Dead Online ’s Naturalist Update, players can elect to either hunt or protect animals. It would seem that many of the game’s players are electing to align themselves with Gus Macmillan, a big game hunter. Harriet Davenport, a conservationist, is unlikely to get along with such players.

Mostly, she’ll just lecture characters and repeatedly dose them with a sprayable potion which, well, isn’t nice. Meanwhile, Gus rewards hunters with cosmetic items.

The update itself is substantial and includes over 800 clothing items, tracking abilities, and a slew of new goals. The Naturalist update is available for download now.

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