Michael Mays Appointed to VP of Silicon Knights

Michael Mays Appointed to VP of Silicon Knights


Michael Mays has been given the nod by Dennis Dyak and the crew at Silicon Knights to show them the money!

“A skilled financier” with over 20 years of executive experience in the U.S. and Canada, Michael Mays should bring his formidable fiscal chops to the beloved yet recently beleaguered game development studio.

For the last decade, Mays has been a CFO in various industries for several leading international companies, including Allied Research International Inc., CTS Partners, and Control Delivery Systems. Before that he worked with KPMG as an accountant and with BioSafe/WSI, putting together mergers and acquisitions.

Could Silicon Knights be looking to pick up some new talent and resources?

Press Release:

February 9, 2009 – Silicon Knights, makers of groundbreaking video games, has added to its guild of talent with the hiring of Michael Mays as company Vice President. Mays will work closely with President Denis Dyack to drive the company forward by fostering continual growth for Silicon Knights, as well as the games industry in Ontario and the Niagara Region. Only weeks into the job, Mays was able to participate in a Silicon Knights tradition of awarding real hand-made, battle-ready, ornate swords to those individuals who have been at Silicon Knights for 10 years. This year, 9 people were awarded swords for their excellent work and dedication to the company and its products, which brings the total of sword-wielding knights to 19 and shows the immense loyalty that Silicon Knights fosters.

“The sword ceremony only confirmed for me what I already knew – Silicon Knights attracts talented individuals that are devoted to being at Silicon Knights and to creating groundbreaking video games,” said vice president Michael Mays. “I am very excited to be working for one of the largest independent game developers in the world.”

A skilled financier, Mays’ almost 20 years in the financial sector, based in both the U.S. and Ontario, positions him well to help Silicon Knights flourish in 2009 and beyond. For the last ten years, Mays has been a CFO in various industries for several leading international companies, such as Allied Research International Inc., CTS Partners (where he was also a Principle), and Control Delivery Systems. Mays started his career at KPMG as a senior accountant and moved up quickly to supervising senior accountant. After KPMG, Mays spent four years at BioSafe/WSI as a corporate controller, where he created the company’s mergers and acquisition department.

“Michael’s arrival at Silicon Knights marks a step forward in the development of our business. His keen business acumen and financial knowhow makes him the perfect leader for us and for working with the Ontario government to help build the video game industry presence in the Niagara Region and Ontario,” said Denis Dyack, President of Silicon Knights. “Michael brings a fresh and knowledgeable perspective on business growth and partnerships, and I am pleased to be working with him to expand the company and move our guild forward.”

About Silicon Knights

Based in St. Catharines, On, Silicon Knights® is an interactive entertainment company comprised of a guild of talented individuals dedicated to creating groundbreaking video games. The company’s aim is to completely engage and immerse gamers by combining the very best elements of technology, art, audio, game play, and story. It is responsible for creating such groundbreaking video games as Too Human™(2008) with Microsoft on the Xbox 360, Metal Gear Solid®: The Twin Snakes (2004) and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (2002) with Nintendo for the Nintendo GameCube™ and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain™ (1996) for the Sony PlayStation.

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