Grid Legends Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Official artwork for Grid Legends.

Grid Legends Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

The Grid series has been entertaining racing enthusiasts and gamers since 2008. The fifth and latest entry, Grid Legends, ups the ante with more than 130 tracks and over 100 cars for players to drive. If you’re a fan and are on the hunt for cheat codes to give you an edge or simply let you have some extra fun in-game, read on. We’ve got everything you need to know about Grid Legends cheat codes right here.

Grid Legends Summary

A screenshot of Grid Legends

Grid Legends is a racing game developed by the studio Codemasters. It was released in February 2022 for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. It marks the fifth title in the long-running Grid racing franchise and boasts a myriad of cars and race tracks for players to enjoy. In-game locations include street venues in cities around the world, along with ones that are based on real-life race tracks like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Grid Legends Premise

The premise of Grid Legends takes inspiration from the Formula 1: Drive to Survive Netflix documentary series. It’s the first game in the Grid franchise to feature a story-driven career mode. This story mode, titled “Driven to Glory,” revolves around an anonymous racer known as “Driver 22.” The player assumes the role of this unnamed driver, with the character’s enigmatic and silent nature allowing gamers to imagine themselves within the game.

As is typical with racing games, players advance through the career mode by competing in and winning races. Along the way, they will unlock new vehicles and upgrades as they face new challenges. There are also multiplayer and free-play modes, and gamers can also design their own race tracks (another first for the franchise).

Grid Legends Main Characters

A screenshot of Grid Legends featuring an empty racetrack at night time

The anonymous and silent Driver 22, representing the player, is the protagonist of the game. However, there are other characters present throughout the story mode as well. The game features professional actors portraying these characters using motion capture and virtual set technology. Actor Callum McGowan appears as long-running Grid character Nathan McKane, making his first-ever physical appearance.

Other noteworthy characters players will encounter throughout Grid Legends include Ravenwest Motorsport owner Ryan McKane, portrayed by Joseph Millson; top Voltz Racing driver Valentin Manzi, played by Ncuti Gatwa; number two Ravenwest driver Lara Carvahlo, played by Nicole Castillo-Mavromatis; and Yume Tanaka, the top Seneca driver and Driver 22’s teammate, portrayed by Natsumi Kuroda.

Grid Legends: Video Games in the Series

Grid Legends is the fifth entry in the series, which debuted in 2008. Here’s a list of all of the Grid games in order of release date, along with the platforms for each installment:

  • Race Driver: Grid (2008) – Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS
  • Grid 2 (2013) – Windows, PS3, Xbox 360
  • Grid Autosport (2014) – Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Grid (2019) – Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia
  • Grid Legends (2022) – Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Grid Legends Cheat Codes

A screenshot of Grid Legends gameplay featuring two cars on a dirt track

Grid Legends does not officially support cheat codes, as is the case with most modern games. However, you can install a cheat engine for the game that unlocks cheat codes and other hacks. These cheat engines can help you progress through the game faster by giving you money or unlocking content so you can skip the grind. They can also unlock other features and power-ups, such as unlimited boosts.

Two very popular Grid Legends cheat engines are Plitch and Wemod. Plitch has more cheat codes available for Grid Legends, but only if you upgrade to the premium (paid) software. Otherwise, Wemod may be a better choice if you’re only looking for a free cheat engine. It gives you unlimited money, which is only available with Plitch Premium. However, Plitch has more cheats for Grid Legends overall, provided you’re willing to pay.

Note that these cheat engines are only available on the Windows PC version and require that you download and install them yourself. As always, make sure you know what you’re doing and proceed with caution. Only download mods and cheat engines from trusted sites and know the risks. An improperly installed game mod can result in glitches, crashes, lost saves, and other problems.

Grid Legends FAQs

A screenshot of Grids Legend gameplay featuring race cars rounding a bend

Is there a way to get money fast in Grid Legends?

Aside from cheat engine codes, the only way to get the money and mileage needed for upgrades in Grid Legends is to finish races. You’ll get plenty of cash as you play through the game normally. That said, getting enough money to unlock everything can become a grind. There are a few tips completionists can use to speed the process along, though.

First, you can extend the length of races, ensuring you don’t have to constantly go back and re-do races to get the mileage needed for upgrades. It’s also a good idea to turn damage off (or make it only cosmetic), so you won’t get knocked out of races or have to pay for costly repairs. You can also set the in-game AI to easy so you can blow through races quickly and rack up credits. However, we warn you: This may get boring!

Remember, too, that you also get credits and mileage for completing custom races. Using the race creator tool is a great way to earn cash and level up the mileage on cars you want to upgrade. Finally, don’t forget to upgrade your teammate and mechanic skill trees. This costs money, but there are upgrades here that can save cash in the long run.

How many game modes are there in Grid Legends?

Grid Legends has three game modes: Career, Story, and Social. Story mode features the main plotline of the game and the aforementioned characters. Career mode is the best way to level up your driving abilities. Finally, Social mode is the multiplayer suite that lets you hop online and race against your friends and other players.

How high can I level up in Grid Legends?

Players start at level one and can level up to 99 throughout the course of the game. Beyond this, there are also three additional “prestige” levels for you to unlock.

What are the best cars in Grid Legends?

There are more than 100 vehicles featured in Grid Legends, from modern and classic race cars to rally cars and even trucks! There are a ton of great cars, but they’re naturally not all equal. It’s also debatable which cars are truly “the best,” as this will depend on your own skill and racing style. However, a few of the absolute fastest vehicles in Grid Legends (based on finish times) are the Porsche 917/30, the Renault R26, and the McLaren M8D. These speed demons boast not only incredible velocity but also great handling, making them standout performers.

Is there any DLC for Grid Legends?

As of this writing, EA has released four add-on packs for Grid Legends. Classic Car-Nage added a new storyline and a Demolition Derby mode featuring old-school vehicles. The Enduring Spirit DLC adds the new Endurance mode, a new side-story, four new cars, and a new track. Rise of Ravenwest introduces a classic track from Grid 2 and several new cars. The fourth DLC, Winter Bash, adds new drift courses and three new vehicles. All DLCs also feature new cutscenes featuring characters from the main game.

Grid Legends is the largest and most expansive game in the franchise yet. It offers a great range of cars to drive and a stunning array of racing venues, giving fans of the series plenty to chew on. Although it doesn’t support traditional cheat codes, PC players can still install a cheat engine to speed things up. However, even without cheats, we think it’s worth it to play through the game normally and experience Grid Legends as it’s meant to be played. So, hop in, start your engines, and enjoy the ride!

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