Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Launch Will Be Disappointing

Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Launch Will Be Disappointing


Earlier, Microsoft announced that it plans to release the Xbox 360 worldwide in a matter of weeks. The task is not as easy as Microsoft may have predicted.

“If we knew what we were getting into, we might not have done it,” Microsoft Vice President Peter Moore commented.

J Allard, Xbox Corporate Vice President, confirmed that there will be “some disappointment” among retailers and consumers. “We decided we’re going to take a little bit of heat on allocations, frankly, in all the territories rather than take a lot of heat in one or two territories.”

The problem Microsoft is running into is developing silicon techniques and including the most advanced technologies into the system. The company is continuing with the global launch, but is warning consumers that it may not go smoothly.

“So, we’re not saying Europe comes four months later, we’re saying Europe comes now, but with that combining it with the physics properties of the silicon means we’re going to have some disappointment in terms of what we can provide to retail and ultimately to the consumers this year. But that’s okay, because we want to get the market started. We want to get started on a worldwide basis, we want to do the right thing for gamers, for our publishers and for consumers,” Allard explained. “Do I think [the launch] will go flawlessly? I don’t, but I think it’s the right thing to do. It’s never fun to work really really hard and then get heat from the media, for retailers, from the consumer because we didn’t have enough of the things or because something wasn’t quite as perfect as we’d like it to be in our execution, but the team signed up for it because it’s the right thing to do. We’re hoping though. We’re not going to sacrifice quality to do it. If something’s not ready we’ll hold it back…I mean these games are not far from being done, and if they’re three weeks after the launch or they’re on launch day, I don’t think it makes a significant difference.”

“We’re going to ship all around the world; how we’re going to do that, I don’t know. We’re going to rent every 747 we can find. Games will arrive with a thousand bugs and get into the certification process, they make it or they don’t. It’s no big deal if a game take another week. The consumer will get a strong line-up,” Moore commented.

At least that’s what Microsoft thinks. I may know a few gamers who have been waiting long enough for their launch games, but we will see how much heat Microsoft takes for this. Stay posted to Cheat Code Central!

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