Modern Warfare 3 Gets New Game Modes

Modern Warfare 3 Gets New Game Modes


So far, Infinity Ward has been pretty good about patching bugs and fixing exploits in Modern Warfare 3. But, typically, when they announce a new patch, it’s not really met with much enthusiasm from the community. It’s hard to get excited about nerfed guns and barely noticeable tweeks. But, today’s patch is something that fans can actually get excited for.

The biggest change, says the developer, is the addition of community playlists. These playlists will house popular and/or unique private match modes, allowing players to use them while leveling up.

Several new modes have already been announced, including:

Drop Zone : Both teams will continuously fight over a specific point on the map. Once a player occupies that point, a care package will drop every 15 seconds. However, these packages, just like most care packages, can be stolen by the other team. Collecting these drops is the only way to earn air support; all of your other pointstreaks will be turned off.

Hardcore HQ Ricochet : The headquarters game mode is getting a hardcore treatment.

IW also announced that all hardcore modes will be switched over to the Ricochet variant. This is the developer’s response to the rampant team-killing that’s been happening in hardcore mode. Now, if someone shoots a teammate, they will simply kill themselves.

These new features should be available the next time you launch MW3. Though, you’ll have to download the patch first. So be patient.

By Josh Engen

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