Mortal Kombat XL May be Headed to PC After All

PC Mortal Kombat fans have it rough. The PC version of Mortal Kombat X was released and then left behind. While console versions went on to receive multiple DLC packs and, ultimately, the comprehensive Mortal Kombat XL , NetherRealm seemed to put the PC community toward the bottom of its priority list before scratching them off entirely. It’s been long-conceded that NetherRealm was content to let the PC version rot in its original, bare-bones state.

That might not be the case, though. Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon posted a Twitter poll to survey interest in Mortal Kombat XL on PC. Over 10,000 votes were registered with some 48% asking for the game. Boon noticed, saying, “Over 10,000 of you voted. Looks like you guys really want a PC MKXL and some character love/buffs! We hear ya!” While it may seem to some about seven months too late, PC Gamer notes that, according to Steam Spy, over half a million people still play Mortal Kombat X on Steam. That number represents huge potential revenue for NetherRealms, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to go through with this. Would you buy it?

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