My E3 2014 Hopes and Wishes List

My E3 2014 Hopes and Wishes List

We are about three weeks out from E3, the biggest video game conferences the world knows, and people are understandably getting excited. A lot of games have been confirmed to be showcased on the show floor. However, what about the games that haven’t been announced? What about the games that we are hyped for, but that have been held back from the public spotlight? We are frothing at the mouth for just a tiny bit more info, yet we have no idea whether or not we will actually see them on the show floor. A man can dream though… so this is my E3 2014 wish list.

Persona 5

Atlus is going to be at the show, we already know that, but I have no idea if their newest Persona title will be there. We have next to no information about the game. All we have is a teaser showing off chairs attached to balls and chains and the words “You are slave… Want emancipation?” It would be nice to learn ANYTHING else about the game at this year’s show.

Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale is usually at E3 but their booth is small and tucked away in the indie and small company section. That being said, they do give out zombified turkey legs and beer. But I’m not interested in food this year. I want to know more about what they are doing for their new licenses. I can’t wait to see what they are going to do with Borderlands , especially if this means I get more loot in Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre Sequel . I also am absolutely giddy about the new Game of Thrones game, but like Jon Snow, I know nothing.

Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3

Square-Enix hasn’t really impressed me these last few E3s. Lightning Returns was an abysmal entry to the Final Fantasy series and the Square-Enix booth tended to skew toward licensed properties from other developers than in-home games. However, after the success of Bravely Default , Square-Enix has pledged to get back to its roots and make awesome JRPGs. So hopefully they will finally have a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV (or Final Fantasy Versus XIII or whatever you want to call it.) Also, Kingdom Hearts 3 was pegged as one of the PS4’s big exclusive titles, but all we have seen so far is a trailer showing Sora’s face. It would be nice if we got to see some actual gameplay from that project as well.

My E3 2014 Hopes and Wishes List

The Last Guardian

It’s not quite Half-Life 3 , but it’s getting there. Sony’s The Last Guardian has kept fans of the Team ICO games on the edge of their seat for years now. The game has been in development since 2007, back when I got my first job as a games journalist! Wide eyed gamer teenagers have grown up, gone to college, and gotten jobs in the time that this game has been in development. Are we ever going to get more info about this boy and his adorable pet gryphon?

Killer Instinct Season 2

Now that Iron Galaxy, the creators of Divekick , have taken over development on Killer Instinct , I’m interested to see what they can do. What classic characters will be returning? Will we see Cinder? Riptor? T.J. Combo? New characters all together? We will have to wait and see!

The Big Console Exclusive Sequels

Little Big Planet 3, Uncharted 4, Halo 5, Gears of War 4, and any new Nintendo sequels like Zelda or Metroid would all be welcome additions to the show floor. It’s still early in the next generation of consoles, so exclusives really do have a chance of selling people on a new console buy.

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