Need For Speed Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Need For Speed Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Need For Speed


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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding part for the listed price:

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Part Price Requirement
Air Filter
Stock 0 Default
Drop in Filter 370 Default
Short Ram Air Intake 920 Rep Level 2
Cold Air Intake 1,750 Rep Level 24
Cooling System
Stock 0 Default
Intercooler w/h 26×6 560 Default
Intercooler w/h 31×8 1,380 Rep Level 17
Intercooler w/h 31×10 2,630 Rep Level 31
Intercooler w/h 34×10 4,500 Rep Level 43
Intake Manifold
Stock 0 Default
Aftermarket Edition 320 Amy’s missions
Large Throttle Body 1,520 Amy’s missions
X-Large Throttle Body 3,350 Amy’s missions
Fuel System
Stock 0 Default
Aftermarket Fuel Pump 1,130 Default
High Performance Fuel Injectors 2,750 Rep Level 9
Fuel Rail Kit 5,250 Rep Level 19
Standalone Fuel System 9,000 Rep Level 48
Forced Induction
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC1-A-Tuner Default
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC2-A-Pro Rep Level 10
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC2-B-PRO Rep Level 10
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC2-C-PRO Rep Level 10
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-A-HYBRID Rep Level 25
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-B-HYBRID Rep Level 25
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-C-HYBRID Rep Level 25
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-D-HYBRID Rep Level 25
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-E-HYBRID Rep Level 25
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-A-RACE Rep Level 40
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-B-RACE Rep Level 40
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-C-RACE Rep Level 40
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-D-RACE Rep Level 40
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-E-RACE Rep Level 40
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-F-RACE Rep Level 40
Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-G-RACE Rep Level 40
Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V1-TUNER Default
Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V2-PRO Rep Level 10
Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V3-HYBRID Rep Level 25
Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V4-RACE Rep Level 40
Electric System
Stock 0 Default
Aftermarket Wiring 1,580 Default
Wire Tuck 3,850 Rep Level 41
Stock 0 Default
Multi-Spark Ignition System 250 Amy’s missions
Multi-Spark High Performance Ignition 830 Amy’s missions
Multi-Spark Race Ignition 2,000 Amy’s missions
Stock 0 Default
ECU Flash 900 Default
Plug ‘n Play ECU 2,200 Rep Level 29
Standalone ECU 4,200 Rep Level 46
Engine Block
Stock 0 Default
Elite Tuning Hooned Block v.1 1,290 Default
Elite Tuning Ported Block v.2 3,140 Rep Level 6
Elite Tuning Sleeved Block v.3 6,000 Rep Level 20
Elite Tuning Ported and Sleeved Block v.4 10,290 Rep Level 30
Elite Tuning Ready Built Block v.5 16,430 Rep Level 38
Elite Tuning Elite Prepped Block v.6 24,850 Rep Level 45
Elite Tuning Race Prepped Block v.7 36,000 Rep Level 50
Cam Shaft
Stock 0 Default
Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.5 240int/211exh 720 Default
Aftermarket Camshaft Elite 4 243int/283exh 1,760 Rep Level 4
Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.3 263int/310exh 3,360 Rep Level 11
Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.2 308int/277exh 5,760 Rep Level 34
Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.1 312int/283exh 9,200 Rep Level 42
Cylinder Heads
Stock 0 Default
Polished Cylinder Heads 1,000 Amy’s missions
Hooned Cylinder Heads 2,670 Amy’s missions
Ported Cylinder Heads 5,500 Amy’s missions
Exhaust Manifold
Stock 0 Default
EL Manifold 960 Default
UEL Manifold 2,580 Amy’s missions
Race Manifold 5,330 Amy’s missions
Titanium Manifold 9,700 Amy’s missions
Exhaust System
Stock 0 Default
Catted Race Exhaust 900 Default
Decatted Race Exhaust 2,200 Rep Level 15
Decatted Non Resonated Exhaust 4,200 Rep Level 35
Full Race Exhaust 7,200 Rep Level 44
Stock 0 Default
Clutch w/ 0.4s Gear Change Time 865 Default
Clutch w/ 0.3s Gear Change Time 1,080 Default
Clutch w/ 0.2s Gear Change Time 1,835 Rep Level 26
Clutch w/ 0.1s Gear Change Time 2,590 Rep Level 37
Clutch w/ 0.05s Gear Change Time 3,350 Rep Level 49
Nitrous System
Time Refill Nitrous 5lb Capacity 2,125 Default
Action Nitrous 5lb Capacity 2,125 Default
Action Nitrous 10lb Capacity 4,750 Rep Level 5
Time Refill Nitrous 10lb Capacity 4,750 Rep Level 5
Time Refill Nitrous 15lb Capacity 7,500 Rep Level 36
Action Nitrous 15lb Capacity 4,500 Rep Level 36
Stock 0 Default
Semi Adjustable Suspension 515 Amy’s missions
Adjustable Suspension 1,120 Amy’s missions
Fully Adjustable Suspension 1,560 Amy’s missions
Stock 0 Default
Semi Adjustable Differential 520 Default
Adjustable Differential 1,250 Rep Level 13
Fully Adjustable Differential 2,160 Rep Level 23
Stock 0 Default
E/T-G1-BLNCD-GRP 120 Default
E/T-D1-BLNCD-DRFT 120 Default
E/T-D2-MID-DRFT 215 Rep Level 3
E/T-G2-MID-GRP 215 Rep Level 3
E/T-D3-PLUS-DRFT 330 Rep Level 14
E/T-G3-PLUS-GRP 330 Rep Level 14
E/T-G4-XCESS-GRP 455 Rep Level 22
E/T-D4-XCESS-DRFT 455 Rep Level 22
E/T-D5-XTREME-DRFT 570 Rep Level 33
E/T-G5-XTREME-GRP 570 Rep Level 33
Stock 0 Default
Semi Adjustable Brakes 560 Default
Fully Adjustable Brakes 1,985 Rep Level 21
Stock 0 Default
Semi Adjustable Handbrake 540 Rep Level 8
Fully Adjustable Handbrake 1,135 Rep Level 18
Sway Bars
Stock 0 Default
Semi Adjustable Sway Bars 530 Rep Level 7
Adjustable Sway Bars 1,140 Rep Level 28
Fully Adjustable Sway Bars 1,570 Rep Level 47


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Home Is Where Your Car Is (5 points): Acquire your spot in the garage.
    Guidance From Amy (10 points): Compete against Amy’s high horsepower contacts.
    RWB (30 points): Meet the legendary builder Nakai-San.
    Iconic Builder (40 points): Become a Build Icon.
    I am speed (10 points): Beat Magnus’ record time.
    Urban Outlaw (30 points): Beat Magnus’ personal challenge.
    Fulfilling The Need (40 points): Become a Speed Icon.
    Training Wheels Off (10 points): Learn to drive with style.
    Single Take Star (30 points): Complete a single-take of Ken’s Gymkhana.
    The Hoonigan (40 points): Become a Style Icon.
    Unstoppable (10 points): Beat the Outlaw’s “2 roadblocks in a pursuit” challenge.
    Surprised? Me Neither (30 points): Uncover the truth about the Outlaw.
    Above The Law (40 points): Become an Outlaw Icon.
    One For All… (10 points): Find yourself a crew.
    Choo Choo! (30 points): Complete the drift train mission with the Risky Devil crew.
    … And All For One (40 points): Reach the top with your crew.
    The Ultimate Icon (100 points): Become the Ultimate Icon.
    Early Days (30 points): Reach REP Level 10.
    Getting Noticed (40 points): Reach REP Level 25.
    Can I Get Your Autograph? (100 points): Reach REP Level 50.
    Tuned for Excellence (10 points): Win any event with a tuned car.
    Social Scene (15 points): Get called out by other racers 50 times for your skills.
    Triple Crown (20 points): Win three events in a row.
    Beyond Extreme (45 points): Tune a car to max drift or grip settings.
    Full Power (45 points): Equip top end performance parts to each category of a car.
    Full House (35 points): Fill each spot in your garage.
    Building Your Stable (15 points): Purchase another car for your garage.
    That Perfect Moment (35 points): Max out all 5 scoring styles in a single moment.
    No filter (5 points): Take your first snapshot.
    Serious Fun (100 points): Complete 15 daily challenges.

The following trophies require the “Legends” bonus downloadable content:

    Hit The Ceiling (80 points): Reach REP Level 70.
    Eddie Is Back (80 points): Complete Eddie’s Challenge.
    Zero To Hero (80 points): Win an event in Eddie’s Car.

The following achievements require the “Living Game” bonus downloadable content:

[lasso rel="amzn-razer-blackshark-v2-and-usb-sound-card-multi-platform-headset-for-esports-pc-mac-playstation-4-switch-xbox-1-smartphone-50mm-drivers" id="177836"]
    Fanboi (80 points): Put Ken’s or Morohoshi’s car in your garage.
    Iconoclast (80 points): Win events driving Ken’s and Morohoshi’s cars.
    Mental Unblock (80 points): Get a 350000 Drift Score in Mental Block with Ken’s car.
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