New Release Dates for NARUTO: Ninja Destiny and The World Ends with You

New Release Dates for NARUTO: Ninja Destiny and The World Ends with You


Naruto is on its way to the DS on February 26.  The game will be a true 3D fighter for the DS; this is a first for the series.  The game will take full advantage of the dual screens by capturing all of the action on the top screen and have the user select power-ups and items on the bottom screen.  You’ll also be able to challenge your friends to head to head battles via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.  It sounds as if the title is going to be pretty good whether you like Naruto or not.  The following is an overview of the upcoming title including key features.

NARUTO: Ninja Destiny brings 3D NARUTO fighting to the Nintendo DS for the very first time. Featuring scenes, characters, and storylines from up to the 140th episode of VIZ Media’s hit TV series SHONEN JUMP NARUTO, the game improves upon the Japanese original version with additional characters, content, and a much-improved frame rate. Aspiring ninjas can unleash powerful jutsu and take advantage of items to brawl their way to victory against 16 different characters. Dual-screen combat will allow fierce battles to unfold on the top screen while special power ups can be strategically unleashed by using the Touch Screen for fast, frenetic action. Easy to pick-up and hard to master, players can endeavor to become a proficient ninja master by chaining together a string of deadly combos. NARUTO: Ninja Destiny offers an intense single-player story and versus mode, along with multiplayer combat in wireless battles.


• Most advanced 3-D fighter for the Nintendo DS – Players can play as their favorite ninja and compete in head-to-head battles to deplete opponents’ health with kicks, punches and combinations.

• 16 Characters – Game characters include Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Gaara, Neji, Rock Lee, Might Guy, Shikamaru, Itachi, and Nine-Tailed Naruto.

• Unique power-up system – 15 different power ups are thumbed using the DS’ touch capabilities to replenish health or chakra, prevent the enemy from executing jutsu, increase attack power and more!

• Multiple game modes – Players can play in story mode, multi-player or battle a friend in versus mode.

• Wireless two-player action – Wireless multiplayer allows two players to compete against one another.

Check out our preview HERE for more info about the game!

Also, Square Enix has set a launch date of April 22, 2008 for their brand new action-RPG called The World Ends with You.  This title will release exclusively for the Nintendo DS.  The title has already released in Japan and will set gamers on a quest in modern day Tokyo.  The game takes major influence from Japanese popular culture and trends in order to immerse players in a very realistic RPG world.  Square Enix promises that the game takes full advantage of the DS’s unique capabilities. The title is rated “T” for Teen and will retail for $39.99.  The following is detailed story information along with the key features of the title:

The story begins as Neku Sakuraba, an unsociable 15-year-old boy, unexpectedly wakes up in the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, Japan. While trying to piece together his rude awakening, he receives a strange text message warning him that he will cease to exist unless he accomplishes a certain mission. Although he barely has time to grasp what is happening to him, he commences his assigned task in the mysterious streets of Shibuya.

Features distinctive modern art style created by a team of artists led by Tetsuya Nomura, world-renowned character designer of the upcoming FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS project which includes FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII.

• Innovative Stride-Cross Battle System allows players to control two characters simultaneously, unleashing special attacks with the stylus.

• Collect a vast array of custom-designed pins, each with a powerful psychic ability that can be activated with the right touch or sound command.

• Customize characters with Shibuya’s coolest fashions and exchange items with other players via Mingle Mode.

• Experience an amazing soundtrack combining a fusion of musical influences from hip-hop to rock to electronica.

• Battle with up to three friends in Tin Pin Slammer, an exciting and fast-paced mini-game, via local wireless connection.

Check out our preview HERE for more info about the game!

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