New technology allows people to play games and drive*

New technology allows people to play games and drive*


Objects in mirror are not as they appear, thanks to a futuristic system that will forever alter what you see out of your car window.

Imagine driving through a prehistoric landscape filled with carnivorous dinosaurs. Or traveling through space in your own fighter pod, shooting down enemy spacecraft. It’s all possible, from the comfort of your own car – while you’re driving. It’s the ultimate virtual reality experience, and it’s all thanks to the WildShield.

The WildShield system consists of a digital, plasma-film coating that can be applied to all of the windows on your vehicle. With the use of a high powered processor, the plasma screen displays digital renderings of your surroundings. Totally and complete. Virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. This means that instead of driving through the boring prairies, you can cruise through an incredible alien landscape. Cars on the road can become monsters, spacecrafts or even members of Rush. You can even turn the system into a videogame and shoot at annoying vehicles that are in your way. All of this without endangering you or those around you.

CEO, William Wilknot of Vision Pop Entertainment says that the WildShield is totally safe, fun and practical. He explains that the majority of accidents are caused when drivers become bored or distracted while driving. The WildShield is intended to focus your concentration exclusively on what’s happening in the outside world – even if it is fantasy.

“The WildShield can drastically alter the perception of your world. You can drive through prehistoric times complete with roaming dinosaurs, or soar through outer space in your own virtual UFO,” explains Wilknot. “The WildShield system uses global positioning satellite technology as well as advanced computer recognition detection to render actual objects in the environment and turn them into fantastical creations of the owners’ imagination. We do offer templates and pre-rendered themes for those with little creativity.”

Wilknot goes on to explain that the graphics you see are composites of your actual surroundings. That means that if there is a car in front of you, it will be displayed as a particular graphics relevant to the theme. He claims that the system will always show you something where a particular object actually exists so that you don’t accidentally drive into something in the real world. Even if you destroy vehicles with your laser blasters, they will still appear as an outline. If the system detects any kind of failure, it will automatically and instantly revert to the standard view of reality.

The special plasma screen is thin and transparent, like a plastic film. It’s placed on the inside of your car windows and is wired to a CPU inside your trunk. The entire system is controlled by command buttons installed on your steering wheel. You can change the landscape to various themes, trigger soundtracks and sound effects, and activate shooting games. It’s believed by the industry that this concept will force drivers to pay attention to their driving simply because they will be engaged and stimulated.

Wilknot concludes, “With the WildShield, you can even configure your rearview mirror so that when you look into it, a more handsome version of yourself will be seen staring back.”

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