Ninja Gaiden 3 Online Passes Having Issues

Ninja Gaiden 3 Online Passes Having Issues


If you recently picked up a copy of Ninja Gaiden 3, you may find that you can’t access the game’s online features.Gamers everywhere are reporting that NG3’s online passes simply aren’t working. Originally, many fans believed this was because they had picked up their game at midnight, but the problem has persisted.

Team Ninja issued this statement on their Facebook page:

We are aware of the issue with the Online Pass for Ninja Gaiden 3 and are working to resolve the issue. For those of you with the PlayStation 3 version of the game, the online pass will be redeemable by 4pm Pacific time. For those of you with the Xbox 360 version, we are currently working with Microsoft to resolve the issue and we will keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this matter.

As you probably already know, Online Passes are used to prevent used game owners form accessing a game’s multiplayer components without paying some sort of fee directly to the developer. However, in this situation, passes are locking out legitimate paying customers. Sure, it’s an error, but you still have to ask if the added “security” is really worth the damage done to loyal and faithful customers.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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