Nintendo DS Sells More than All Home Consoles Combined in June

Nintendo DS Sells More than All Home Consoles Combined in June


According to Nintemndo, “Handheld systems and games are proving very successful.” With the latest numbers that released from NPD, we’re in no position to argue.

In the US in June, 766,000 thousand DS and DSi handhelds were sold – that’s outrageous! Below you’ll find several more astounding sales figures, all showing the depth and breadth of Nintendo’s domination.

Press Release:

July 17, 2009 – In the United States in June, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems combined to sell more than 766,000 units, more than all current-generation consoles combined, according to the NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States. U.S. consumers purchased more than 424,000 Nintendo DSi systems and more than 342,000 Nintendo DS systems in June.

Wii marked its 21st consecutive month as the top-selling U.S. home console, with nearly 362,000 sold. Consumers also snapped up nearly 374,000 Wii MotionPlus accessories, including nearly 205,000 packaged with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 from Electronic Arts and 169,000 additional accessories sold on their own. The Wii Sports Resort game launches July 26 and comes packaged with Wii MotionPlus.

“More consumers continued to gravitate toward products that offer quality experiences and great value for the whole family,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Consumers again selected Nintendo systems for those experiences, particularly our hand-helds.”

Four games published for Nintendo platforms finished in the top 10 best-sellers of June in the United States. These include EA Sports Active at No. 3 with more than 289,000 sold, Wii Fit at No. 4 with more than 271,000 sold, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 with Wii MotionPlus at No. 7 with nearly 205,000 sold and Mario Kart Wii at No. 8 with more than 202,000 sold.

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