Nintendo Roundtable Recap; 3DS and Upcoming Zelda Discussed

Nintendo Roundtable Recap; 3DS and Upcoming Zelda Discussed


Nintendo had lots of things to say yesterday in their press conference, but there wasn’t enough time. The gaming giant finally spilled the beans about the 3DS and the next Zelda, and we went to Nintendo’s round table later in the evening to find out more about the new handheld and its upcoming software.

Not surprisingly, Shigeru Miyamoto was there to tell us all about it, and we have to say, he sounds convincing!

The gaming legend – who invented Mario, Donkey Kong, and, of course, Zelda – shared his excitement with us and other journalists, informing us about the tremendous 3D capabilities of the handheld. First of all, the 3DS is able to reproduce images with a 3D perception without the need of glasses, and their video of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time showed us just that. It’s indeed a treat to see what that little device can do!

He also proudly demoed Nintendogs + Cats and talked about a project they’ve been working on for a long time, Steel Diver, which was originally a project for the DS. Another game he really wanted to bring to the 3DS is Star Fox, and it’s looking great so far.

Before moving on to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, he also mentioned the 3DS’s face recognition capabilities, which are even applied to Nintendogs.

About Zelda, he apologized for the trouble on stage and confirmed the game’s just fine, as we’ll be able to see once we get our hands on it. The story this time around features a Link who actually lives in the sky, but he ends up going to the world below to save it from trouble. They decided to redesign the visual style of the game to make it more vibrant than Twilight Princess.

Then, they let everyone ask a few questions, where we learned things like the next Pikmin is still being made. Also, they promise enough variety between puzzles, battles, and exploration in the new Zelda.

Look for the hands-on preview later this week here at CheatCC, and if you’d like to find out more about the 3DS, which you should, don’t miss our 3DS hands-on impressions !

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