NIS America Announces Three More PS3 Titles

NIS America Announces Three More PS3 Titles


NIS America, the North American branch of Nippon Ichi software, has just announced three new titles for PlayStation platforms. Many of you may remember Nippon Ichi as the company that created such cult classic strategy RPG hits as Disgaea, Makai Kingdom, and Phantom Brave. These games focused on randomly generated dungeons, a near-infinite capacity for leveling and progression, and a goofy anime plot and art style. Their upcoming releases seem to share these elements.

The first announced game is called Mugen Souls. It’s a classic turn-based RPG that will drop for the PlayStation 3 sometime this fall in North America and Europe. The game features an anime art style, though the game’s environments are rendered in full 3D. Enemies can be defeated to gain XP, enlisted to become allies, or even turned into items. The battles involve chaining together combos to regularly max out the damage counter at 9,999,999 or higher. The more times you max out the damage counter, the bigger your damage bonuses. Nearly everything in the game is customizable from character classes and jobs to body parts and facial expressions.

The next title is called Legasista, which will be a 2D overhead traditional dungeon crawler. It will release for the PS3 and PlayStation Network this August. It involves taking a team of three characters into randomly generated dungeons. You can freely customize your characters personalities, appearance, and fighting capabilities. There are six different classes in the game and characters of all classes will have to work together to surpass the dungeons pitfalls. You can even load in art from outside the game to make your own custom character sprites.

Finally, they announced The Witch and the Hundred Knights, a 3D action RPG that looks similar to a Diablo or Baldur’s Gate. The game will release sometime in early 2013 and will allow you to control a party of 100. Yes, that’s 100 knights all at once. Each knight can equip multiple weapons and can chain attacks together to deal massive damage.

We will bring you more details on all three of these projects as they become available.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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