People Love Star Wars: The Old Republic

People Love Star Wars: The Old Republic


BioWare recently sent out some interesting stats about their recently released MMO: The Old Republic. Obviously we all knew that TOR would be a pretty popular little title, but if these numbers are accurate, it’s the fastest growing MMO in history. I think Blizzard’s staff just collectively peed their pants.

  • Over 60 million in-game hours — roughly equivalent to watching all six

  • Star Wars movies over 4 million times.

  • Over 850,000 Sith Warriors and over 810,000 Jedi Knights created.

  • Over 260 million quests completed.

  • Over 44 million PvP battles.

  • Over 9 million space combat missions completed.

  • Over 3 billion NPCs killed.

    The most impressive of these statistics is the hours spent playing. On December 23, BioWare said that roughly 28 million hours had been spent playing the game, but 5 days later, that number has more than doubled. Obviously Santa was kind to Star Wars fans.

    Hopefully BioWare is happy with the numbers. After all, making an MMO is no small task. In fact, Lead Writer Daniel Erickson recently talked about how much work it actually entails. In an interview with msnbc.com, Erickson said that it’s “ten times bigger than any game we’ve ever done before. It’s pretty much as big as every game we’ve done before put together.” When added up, the total man-hours is equivalent to roughly 60 years. “It would have taken one person their entire natural life to write [the game]” Erickson said.

    Sadly, I’m there are a few Star Wars fans who would love to spend 60 years doing nothing but thinking about Star Wars.

    By Josh Engen

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